ek duje ke vaaste….friendship or love? Episode 14


I know I’m dead.. sorry sorry sorry for not posting for so many days almost 2 months… I completely forgot…. Promise this will be a big one…. Sorry Na baba… pls

Here continues d story….
Sumo n rhea R running towards there class as they are getting late.. they reach on time n find that d professor hasn’t arrived..they R relaxed n sit on there seats…. After d lecture they went to the canteen… there as U all know… love birds meet.. sumo n shravan dash on each other.. shravan holds sumo by her waist n they both share a deep intense eyelock… full of love… full of passion.. shravan hd fallen for her… here Aditya m rhea too hd d same feeling for each other…adi had fallen for rhea….
U all must be thinking then how can he fall for sumo??? To know this keep reading my ff… byte guys…..

Shocked???? I told U it’ll be a long one but…. I was just joking guys..
Now our heroes as U know had fallen for our heroines…. They started following them like a puppy.. sumo n rhea had started noticing this…. They hd got angry as everyone had started teasing them… bichare girls…. Now they asked both of them the reply was……I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, skype you … aur agar tumne phir bhi jawaab nahi diya na … I’ll poke you…. On fb… (I now its varun dhawans dialogue but I can’t help it I’m a big fan of him)….. girls were shocked…. Omg R I mad they asked d boys…. Only one reply came from them… in chorus again n its obvio… I LOVE YOU!!!
Please accept my proposal… girls were confused…. What R U talking abt??? R U mad??? Only reply….
Flashback ends….

Guys think will they accept??
Back to present….
Sumo wakes up only to find that she had her head resting on shravans bare chest… n could see her lipstick marks on his necks… she got up n got freshen up… after coming out from a shower she saw him behind her n he hugged her… she said go n fresh up….

Precap… light moments happening between shraman…
Sorry for d short one… but promise u’ll get one more before new year..

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  1. Superb! Too good.

  2. awesome even ia a big fan of varun Dhavan

  3. Rukhsar

    Hy tiara sorry to say but i really forgot the previous parts so can u plz send a summary in the next part and is this one a complete part of some promo bcz its really confusing

  4. Ariana

    awwwww so cute. Finally their moments r gonna start. Eagerly waiting

  5. hey guys this is tiara… rukhsar i’ll surely send a summary of previous parts.. n its a episode.. btw I’ll tell u everything in the summary. and tnx everyone for the comments.. but i need more huh!! ask ur friends to comment

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