ek duje ke vaaste….friendship or love? Episode 12

Hi guys…. Sorry sorry sorry sorry… for posting late…. I forgot in my exam schedule n I’m busy in my school trips packing but I specially took time out of all that to keep U all posted…. Hope U forgive me

Well guys not fair I’m getting soo less comments…. Not fair…. Should I stop the series???

U know I’m completely broken down after d show has ended… but d good thing is that I heard that edkv2 is also coming

Now I’ll stop my chitchat n start the episode… hope U all like it

Recap….. shravan n adi fight….

Both of them R fighting very badly n sumo is crying…..
Meanwhile Aditya takes knife in his hand n bangs it into shravan’s hand…

Sumo….. shravan……. Runs towards him…. R U fine?? Show me ur hurt…
Shravan…. Its ok sumo… Ho otherwise he’ll do something to U also…
Sumo is at the side… just then Nirmala enters n is shocked wat Aditya had done to shravan….
Nirmala…. Aditya hv U lost it??? Just leave from here n never show me ur face n also to tiwari family
Or anyone else..
Nirmala too leaves…..
Sumo takes shravan to her room n starts to clean d wound n applies medicine on it….
Shravan…. Sumo I’m fine…. Don’t put d medicine. I’m seriously fine
Sumo…. Shut up n sit down silently….
Sumo is applying while shravan is continuously looking at sumo… when sumo notices that…. They share an eye lock… shravan eas about to kiss sumo just then dabbu enters n takes shravan with him

Its wedding time….

Shravan is mesmerized seeing sumo as his dulhania

Precap…. Wedding… n romantic first night

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  1. Sandra Antony

    please don’t stop writing the series
    its very good ad interesting
    please continue

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved it keep writing dear ?

  3. Loved the episode…. It was too good… Keep writing… Don’t stop
    Excited after reading d precap… Romance in d first night… Can’t wait…. Please post as soon as possible… Well uhh can’t wait… Good luck… Post soon

  4. Tiara..
    Ek tho tum late aayi ho…aur upar we ff stop karney ki soch rahi ho..this is not fair ya..
    I missed ur ff..??
    Pls..don’t stop it..
    Vaisey bhi..show mey tho humey shraman k baadh vaali..cute nokhjhok ego aur self respect wali..ladaayiyaan..aur romance..aur bhi bahut kuch miss kar gaye…?????
    Aur vo sabh my tumharey ff sey expect kar rahi hoon..pls don’t stop it dear..its a humble request ??

    1. I truly agree with sona…. Who all agree please reply

  5. hi
    hoe r u
    it was awesome
    pls pls don’t stop writing

  6. im new read the all part love the story update soon

  7. Tiara

    Guys please don’t make me senti… but i’ll need enthusiasm from U all too so that I can post or continue this series

  8. Ariana

    Hey!!! Don’t stop the ff. It’s going wonderful and finally the most awaiting moments r here. I’m very very very excited for the next part. Pls post soon. This time no delay

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