Ek duje ke vaaste ff season-2 epi-8


The episode starts with Shravan and suman fight in hospital.. In the mean time. Kamini nicely takes key from suman bag.. Suman sees this and acts as nothing happened.. Kamini tells I am hungry and she leaves from there hiding key.. Shravan thinks she is always hungry!! Suman tells she has taken keys from my bag. He gets shocked and asks what? Suman tells yes. She tells let us go to house. Shravan nods and they both comes to house. Kamini gets shocked seeing them.. She gives them tea. Suman and shravan leaves to upstairs.

Suman fixes her mobile near bed and tells shravan now she will be caught..Kamini waits down..shravan and suman comes down and tells her we are going to walk on lawn and they leaves from there..Kamini thinks this is nice time..i need to take money and run from here..Kamini comes there and takes money and smiles and smells it and laughs and closes it…Shravan and suman comes there with police..kamini gets shocked..she keeps again there itself..Suman comes there and shows video to police..they arrests kamini and they leaves from there..Shravan smiles and hugs suman and tells u have great mind..i am lucky to have u as my wife..she smiles and tells wait let them go..Kamini sees them happy and tells i won’t leave u to stay happy..she leaves from there..

9months leap;..

Suman shouts in hospital.shravan prays for her outside..doctor asks for shravan help..he comes there and helps suman to push baby..he cracks some joke..suman gets angry and pushes baby out..shravan smiles.doctor tells u are genius and smiles at him..Shravan takes baby..doctor tells she is girl..he smiles and kisses on baby head and tells u r name is suman..Suman asks why u wanna keep my name?he tells then only i can scold u always..she takes pillow and throws on his face..Shravan tells just joke..he gives baby to nurse..she takes it.Shravan asks suman wish..she thinks for a while and tells my house..he asks what?She tells i need the house when i used to play when i am 5yrs..old..my daughter also should enjoy it..Shravan smiles and leaves..suman takes baby and plays with her.

Shravan comes to khosla and gives money and gets house..he signs in papers..khosla sees money and smiles..Shravan takes papers and comes to that house..he calls workers and tells them to get ready this house..tmr..they all leaves.Shravan comes there and tells sorry to suman that he refused to give house..suman gets sad..she tells it is ok..Suman plays with child.Shravan comes there and hugs her and tells let us make new memories and not old..suman tells that is also correct.

Next day shravan drives car..he changes road way..suman asks where we are going?shravan tells wait..he goes inside the house..suman smiles and comes in..she touches see saw and all things and smiles,.,,Shravan opens the door all friends preeti,pushkhar and all tells surprise,,she comes in and hugs them,Naming ceremony starts…Shravan tells name of child is suman,.,

suman smiles..he takes her aside after telling name of child on ears..he tells many will tell once a girl give birth to baby.her face will become dull but u r face is glowing and comes close to kiss her but she pulls him and comes to baby..shravan plays with it..he keeps child on bed and he and suman sits each side..shravan takes selfie,with child…suman kisses on shravan cheeks…selfie..and finally they both kiss on both side of baby..


hope u all liked it..Abhi spl thnx to u becoz u commented on all epi of my ff..thnx soon next track i will start later…It is horror track..u can’t except this type of story..so get ready i am thinking about it.half completed soon i will come back bye

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. nice ff.. nxt horror?? waw waiting … 🙂

  2. woooooooooooow narendran its awesome superb very nice yaar I loved it.wonderful job hats off!

  3. Wow naren just finished reading all the episode … It’s fabulous story yar with very happy ending???…… Hey am imagining how would b shravan n sumo’s baby… Was??? ur a wonderful writer as I always says… I entertain people by ur writing…God bless u…

  4. Opss u entertain…..

  5. Wow…that was so cute story…?
    There was no such drama in it…I loved the story…shraman scenes were awesome…
    Wow…iam very much excited for your next ff…horror??wow,…double excited….??

  6. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx guys soon I will post horror track.

  7. Superb yaar….. I read all part of season 1& 2 in 2 hrs only… Really good..plzz comr back soon with season 3…

  8. Naru bhaiaaaaaaaa sorry for the late comment ur ff is too good and evergreen so sad it ended u added nice and cute shraman scenes so cute and shraman’s baby’s name suman awwwww so cute , wow horror I love horror come back with season 3 ASAP n I know u r busy with ur other ff but I will be waiting 🙂

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