Ek duje ke vaaste ff season-2 epi-6

Hope u all enjoyed the epi..

The episode starts with Shravan kisses on suman cheeks..She gets nrevous..he ties her hand against the wall. and kisses her..He brings her to bed..he offs the light..she blows the candle..He comes near her and sits suman keeps hand on his shoulder and removes his shirt..He pulls her closer…………..

Next day Shravan opens his eyes..he sees suman holding his hand and smiles and kisses on her head.Suman gets up and sees time and gets up and sees shravan without dress…she closes his eyes..He moves her hand from her face and tells i am u r husband and asks her how is my six packs? She prays god..Muruga..muruga.. He comes close and kisses on her cheeks and tells her not to take any words and tells her to get ready.Suman leaves with smile on her face.Shravan takes dress and wears it and comes to watchman and takes paper and asks him about kamini..he tells she did not come.Shravan thnx and tells him to see and leave anyone inside.

Shravan comes there and reads papers..Suman comes there with Tea and gives to him..He drinks and says very nice..She falls down..he gets shocked and takes her to hospital.Doctor tells that suman is pregnant..He smiles and hugs him and gets sweet box and comes there and feeds food to all..

Kamini comes there and thinks this is correct time if i go he will accept ,me..Kamini comes there shravan gives sweet and sees her face and tells her to leave and tells i am in good mood..Shravan pulls her down..Kamini gets hurt,..she leaves.Shravan comes to room and sees suman tensed and asks her what happened? He feeds her sweet. she takes vomit in his hand..he washes it..she tells sorry..he tells it is ok.

He asks her what?She tells pls forgive kamini becoz one new baby is coming so we need elder blessings!!!!!!!Shravan tells as per u r wish..Shravan calls kamini she takes it and asks what?Shravan tells her to come to house today night..kamini smiles and cuts the call and tells now my plan worked from now on..shravan money will be mine and not suman or his baby..she smiles evilly

Precap: Kamini comes to house..shravan and suman comes inside..kamini takes aarthi before they comes in……….

Hope u all liked this i have decided to end this in 15epi becoz i don’t like to draggg bye Abhi..i had written this epi for u becoz u cried on comment on previous epi so only i wrote this epi with much difficulty..bye abhi

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. First of all…thanks a lot for posting it as per my wish..thanks a lot?
    ..it was really awesome….romantic.,.
    Awww..shraman r gonna have a baby….yo…i hope that Kamini will not do anything to that baby…waiting for the next episode..??

    1. it is ok..abhi thnx for the comment..if u did not requested me i would not have posted this epi today..

      1. Awww…for that a special thanks to u…

  2. I really liked it…shravu is so romantic..?

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx sumo.. For the comment

  3. Its so cute…sumo shouldn’t have trusted Kamini..hope everyone will be safe…?

    1. thnx kriti for the comment

  4. It’s awesome naru Bhaia loved everything about this episode and hate this kamini

    1. thnx akka finally commented!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WONDERFUL EPI superb narendran

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