Ek duje ke vaaste ff season-2 epi-5


The episode starts with Shravan and suman have knok jhok fights. They both sleeps on bed. Next day shravan gets up. Suman gets up before him and gets ready and. Comes to him and gives him tiffin and wishes him birthday.. He smiles and tells u have already wished me.. Night itself. Suman tells mrng first impression is the best.. Shravan smiles at her and gets up from bed and gets ready and eats tiffin. He bids bye to suman. She also tells bye. He tells I missed something and comes and kisses on Suman cheeks and bids bye and runs from there. Suman also runs. But he leaves in car. Suman smiles… She comes to her room and locks the door.. She sits on bed and thinks about their sweet and cute moments.. Allah warriyan plays..

Shravan comes to office everyone wishes him birthday.. Kamini comes there and wishes him. He ignores her. But she tries to get his attention. He jerks her away and. Calls security and tells him to take her away from here. Kamini pleads him to give one more chance to her. Shravan tells just leave i say. Pushkhar sees this and stops security and takes kamini with him to his house. Preeti gets shocked seeing her and asks why she came here? He tells her to take her inside. Preeti makes her sit on sofa. She takes him aside and. Asks why he brought her? He tells becoz she is my mom.. She made my grown up. He tells her not to say to suman or shravan that kamini is here.. Preeti agree unwillingly.

Shravan comes back to house with tensed face and sits on sofa and throws bag.. Other side. Suman comes there holding tea tray and gives to him. He tells no need suman keeps it on table and cups his face and asks what happened? He tells nothing. She tells him to speak the truth. I knew u cannot tell lie seeing my face. He tells about kamini. She gets shocked.. She tells him to leave that topic.

He tells how can she come here and torture me? He leaves to room. Suman thinks now I should send her away from shravan life.. Such a way.. She should not disturb me or shravan.suman gets up and comes to shravan room and sees him seeing TV. She thinks to cheer him up and runs and takes remote from him. He tells today is my birthday.. She tells for that? He tells her to give it. She tells I won’t.. She runs from there and changes channel. She sees ek tha raja ek thi rani serial.. She takes handkerchief and cries.. Seeing ranaji death.. Suman tells I miss him very much…

Shravan offs the TV and asks what about me? Shravan tells I am hungry.. Where is the dinner? She brings him dinner and gives it to him. He eats it slowly and sees time. Suman smiles while he is eating. He spills food at him. She cleans it. Wind blows. Allah warriyan plays… Shravan shows spoon to suman. She makes him eat.. Tum hi ho plays.. Shravan sees time and smiles and leaves the spoon and leaves. Suman follows him.

He locks her in room. She asks him to open it? He comes there through window.. He comes close and tells it is already 11.58..2min more.. Where is my gift? She gets nervous and tries to leave. But he holds her hand….Bolna plays.. She comes close to him and holds his shoulder and dances for the song.. He sees 1min more. He stops song and comes close and kisses on her cheeks. She gets nervous..

Precap:Shravan kisses her. He takes her to bed. Suman offs the light.. He blows the candle…

Hope u all liked it. From next epi maximum.. Every Sunday epi will be posted I have some problem. So I will catch u every Sunday. Bye. Guys

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Good one.
    Update soon.

  2. Wow…that was so romantic
    ….precap…wow..I really love shraman’s bond in your ff.Its really cute n adorable…??
    Eagerly waiting for next episode ??

    1. Ohhh..i will have to wait one full week to read ur ff??

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Don’t worry today my parents are going out. If I find time I will update my all ff!!!

  3. It’s too romantic…. It’s delight to imagine namik in that way… ?????????

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