Should Ek Duje Ke Vaaste end or not?

Hello guys,
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste airing on Sony Tv from 29 February 2016 is soon going to end, but still we have chances of saving it…we have been using #dontendEDKV from many day now it’s time to show how many care abt it really..

Here is a summary of the unique love of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste:
The show is set in Delhi and revolves around Shravan Malhotra andSuman, a young and beautiful girl, who believes in being independent and has a huge self-respect, runs her own small venture (Central Tiffin Service) in Delhi.

After her parents early demise, her grandparents, uncle and aunt raised her. This indebtedness turns Suman into contrastingly submissive women each time she is found within the boundaries of her home.

But in the world outside home, she is still the “in-control-of-everything” Sumo that she has been since childhood.

Currently in the story Sumo and Shravan have married each other and I think we would like to see more of them.

We all know namik , our very cute vandy bhabhi and all are trying and supporting us to save EDKV… I honestly have never seen any cast of the shows’ doing this when their show is going off air… I hope we all save our very own loved EDKV


  1. Hsismsna

    Yarrr….EDKV should not end…it’s my Favourite…kitne dino baad kuch hatke dekhne ko mila tha….nahi toh vahi roz roz ka saas bahu wala drama….Plzzzzz….Do not end this show in such ubrupt manner!!!!!

  2. Ireena

    i just wanna take the moron to lesson who pressed the button of NO….😠😠..we r dying over here…and he/she press no!!!!😠😠😠

  3. Aishani Purkayastha

    Who the hell pressed No😣😬…. If you don’t like the show then don’t vote plzz… It matters… Here we are dying in fear of what will actually happen!! I LOVE EDKV and the sumo and Shravan very much… Plzz don’t finish it soo soon… There’s a lot left and there’s a lot that can be done!! Plz plzz plzz Save EDKV…. PlZ!

  4. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Well EDKV should not end but it is ending and I guess we can’t do much abt it. As fans, we tried our best nd supported with the best of our ability but things r already fixed and nth can b done. So I guess it’s better the accept the fact and make a wonderful farewell for EDKV cast.

  5. Nidhi Victor

    Please do.not end edkv
    Its one of the best shows in history of indian tv and unique story. We request you sony and PH to plz not finish it .we want to see more.of it.

  6. Susmita M

    It can’t end as of yet! It has both audiences and a a lot more storytelling… lots of unresolved issues between characters, & if ended abruptly, it will be incomplete!!!

    This show deserves more time!!! Requesting the makers and the channel to give it another chance!!

  7. Vaishali

    Maine shrvan ki persnality dekhakar loyar banane ka faisla liya hai our shrvan ke dilogue se mera confidence badhata hai dont end edkv

  8. Minakshi

    It’s my favorite shiw by far yar please for gid sake dontendedkv we’re madly in love with this series. Please don’t do this.

  9. Minakshi

    It’s my favorite show by far yar please for god sake dontendedkv we’re madly in love with this series. Please don’t do this.edkv became integral part of our lives.. Atleast give them 3-4month extention.

  10. Reeba

    Plz plz plz don’t end this beautiful show like this I luv EDKV very much..and I want to request peeps who doesn’t like our show kindly do not vote or vote in our favour bcz it means a lot for us..

  11. Anwesha Stf

    there are many things left to watch…so it needs few more times to resolve all unreconsile problem…so pls dont end EDKV

  12. Miru

    It shouldn’t end this way. Just end a love story on a happy note midway doesn’t justify , the plot should hv proper development. V hv most of d time witnessed both shravan & Sumo upset ,whenever some good thing happened , the situation even become worse, now it’s time v want 2 see both of dem happy, dancing, enjoying , celebrating, both lived pathetic life & to end just come happy, this is not done v hv seen stubborn, egoist Shravan, his charecters another caring , loving side should grow properly& needs time, v want to C our shravan an ideal hubby ,caring his wife like other protagonists of daily soaps, guys let him repent, understand gradually. Pls don’t end d show, so much is left pls.

  13. Isha

    No, it should not end this way. It should atleast go for 3 more months. if it is a issue, then please bring season 2

  14. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    It’s not only a show but more than a show of course EDKV should not end. And what is the reason for the ending? The actresses’s health issues but now she is fine so why can’t they just continue the show if they don’t wanna continue EDKV at least extend it for a month or two. EDKV have so many online fans and also have a role in sony’s popularity but i hate the fact Sony foresee EDKV well initially it was still fine as Sony did give repeats but now no repeats and till EDKV doing decent compared to most Sony shows that’s not fair they should give EDKV more time
    And well the poll says it all 93% people want the show to go on what else they want

  15. Payel Ghosh

    Please this is our earnest request don’t end the show..there is so many things to unbox.. Our so much loved show can not be finished in an abrupt note.. Don’t let us down..

  16. Saim

    Yr ye koi puchne ki bat h. Most awaited track abhi ana tha or fans pagal thy edkv k is moment k lye. Jb se ye news mili h khana bhi nhi khaya jata theek se. I’m suffering from a constant headache literally. Not lying.

  17. Minarva Panda

    EDKV Wonderful. Seriel…Love it watch again & again……can’t miss a single part or dialouge.Everything is Special moments in this seriel.#DontEndEDKV.plzzz request

  18. Minakhi

    This show is Life For me.I Can’t even think that …Show is going off air By Pressure Of Channel nd PH (Don’t know the Real reason)But now Nikita Dutta is All fine Soo It’s better for Channel Nd PH to Consider This show …..Fans R Requesting nd Begging ….If Channel Won’t listen this than No doubt they will surely loss their viewers forever ..This is the limit of partiality 😠 …………At this moment there is Soo many Things Left in This show nd Sudden End Will surely Give Fans Very bad Taste of A Great Show ….I hope Channel Will Give Extensions for Some Monts………and Who r Those Bl**y people pressed No …..????😠 Haters Just Stay Out of this Poll 😠😠😠

  19. Moon

    please don’t end EDKV … our fav show… theres a lot lot lot left in the show… listen the voice of ur audience and make us happy by not closing the show… heartily request.. we t used yo see our ShraMan’s fighting, nok-jhok, love…. now please don’t break our heart.. thousands of people and young hearts r waiting for a good news… save our show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

  20. Ratipriya

    Plss don’t end this show .. it is my life’s best show ever . The actors are soo fantastic and marvellous. .. plss it’s a request not to end this show …it is not the fault of the actors if they become ill .. Pls it’s a humble request not to end this show

  21. Gayatri Guha

    Please don’t end EDKV. Since March, 2016 I have been watching this unique show on Sony Channel. I love this show so much that I can’t do without it. The story-line, acting, execution etc. r mind-blowing. It’s creating magic. Please continue this show…there r so much left in d show to reveal yet. The channel n d makers may discuss all options for keeping d show alive. Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to vote.

  22. pilu

    अगर ऐसे हो रहा है तो दुःख की बात मेरे और बाकी के फैंस के लिए। वही दूसरी ओर बात यह है कि ‘क्या आगे किसी नये शो में निकिता दत्ता और नामिक पॉल की जोड़ी दिखेगी’, किसी और नए रूप में की नहीं, वैसे मुझे दुःख तो बहुत हो रहा क्योंकि मेरे लिए यह बेस्ट बेस्ट बेस्ट शो था सोनी चैनल पर और पता नहीं सोनी वाले या डायरेक्टर साहब ऐसा क्यों होता है या होने जा रहा “जब आपका यह सीरियल सफल होने जा रहा अपनी बुलंदियों पर है, इसका मतलब की आपको अपने प्रिय फैन्स की जरा सी भी क़द्र नहीं, यह सीरियल इत्ते दिनों से सूमो और श्रवण के बीच नोक-झोक दिखाते रहा और अब अचानक कुछ दिनों में रोमांस करा कर जल्दी जल्दी खत्म यह एकदम गलत है बिलकुल गलत इसके लिए भी ज्यादा टाइम या दिन मिलने चाहिए हम सब फैन्स को

      • Vanshika


        |Registered Member

        Hey ireena dii I’ll translate it fr u 😃
        @pilu-if this is really happening it’s a really sad news fr me n all other fans also. D other thing is that in any other show will the couple namik n Nikita b together, in sum other role.. I’m very sad 😢 cos fr me it was d best best best show on Sony channel n don’t know Sony TV manager or director.. What’s happened to them y is this happening when the show was about to reach good high success it’s ending this means that u don’t hv any care abt ur fans the show was showing from long tym the cute quarrel btw sumo nc shravan n nw wen v wanna c sum romance they’re ending it it’s not at all fair.. V should get more tym..
        @Aditi- U r ryt..
        Luv u dii #Don’t End Edkv..

  23. Cherry

    In some many shows, they create useless characters just to keep the show going , here we have so many characters whose stories still needs proper ending.

    Nrimala’s Truth
    Kamini’s hidden motives
    Ramnath’s lies about Nirmala and Suman
    Shravan’s lies to Aditya
    How will suman forgive Sharvan for these lies. What will happen when Nanu comes to know this truth?
    Suman’s and Sharvan’s feeling for each other

    Mamiji’s trip to US
    We still need to meet this Anuj and Aditya’s sister
    Suman’s business

    Please let the show continue at least till the all the characters loose ends are closed and end of the story makes some sense.

  24. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Aditi dear u had called me di earlier in mythological shows to bid bye page I’m nt ur di I’m also 14yrs.. Yup sweetie edkv shouldn’t end at any cost v all r trying best to save edkv if it ends abruptly it’ll be really rubbish of Sony TV.. Seriously I’m saying that the story should go for another 2-3 months to gv a proper ending there’s no sense in ending abruptly without reason..

  25. A person who hates #EDKV

    You ppl seriously think this crap should be telecasted for some more time.. I hate that idiot leads face and that Nikita ..because of her only dream girl became flop..if she can stay healthy why should she do some project she does know to act..

    • Aditi



      Mind ur words..plz if u don’t like EDKV it’s ur opinion but u can’t scold us here. Don’t enter this page if u don’t like the show

    • Anjali

      @hate edkv …you better don’t comment here…its edkvians page not haters like u…n let me tell u no one asked for ur opinion…so better leave…n don’t u utter a single word about lead characters…
      n u called edkv crap…yeah ppl like u deserve ssk, yrkkh, sns. like craps…so better go n watch them…
      no one wants u here 🙂

  26. Meena

    Hi,I can’t express how shocked and disappointed Iam After watching the last few episodes ! If they are going to show more of the (only) hatred between Shravan and Sumo they better end the show as planned!Now I wonder whether Sony TV wants to justify ending the show like this so that people can feel that the show ended and not gone on and on with this !It was so frustrating to see Shrava’s and Suman’s behaviour in the last episodes! Also it is so funny Suman went early in the morning and stayed with Aditya for the whole day!I know Sravan shouldn’t have said about their relationship before the marriage,but we shouldn’t forget Aditya wanted to hear that from either of them only this!
    There are so many unpleasant things(only) happening ,and Iam sure we don’t want to spoil the lovely show we have been seeing for what we was so far by seeing what we dont want to show.A BIG THANk YOU to Sony TV for the decision to end the show.By doing this all the crazy fans ,like me ,are happy the show ended!!!

  27. Anjali

    @aditi….love u dear …u made this page…we’ll never have enough of edkv. 🙂
    hats off to ur effort n everyone’s …love u all edkvians.

  28. Sunanda sharma

    Sony is show they r partial about krpkab sas. Bahu always if Nikita is shooting to Sony k ab kya problem .

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