Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF)Summary of Story so Far of this FF

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So basically as you all know EDKV ran for 155 episodes, and as I mention in my ff, the story in my ff is the continual from 152 episode onwards.
So basically whatever happened in episode 152-155 in EDKV nothing such happened in my ff.

And I have already written 24 episodes of this ff which means Episode 152-175 in my style.

As I said I am going to post a story so far, Kahani Ab Tak Ki Segment here is the segment.

I am posting two types of Summary. One is the weekly based summary and one is the overall summary. The weekly based summary is the summary of every 5 episodes and the overall summary is the overall summary of Episode 152-175

Episode 152-155
Shravan and Suman are still at loggerheads with each other even after their wedding, and they fight even at the smallest reasons. Shravan buys a chamber on his own near PCT to prove Suman that he can be self-independent and he even tells Ramnath who pretends to be happy with it, but he gets thinking. Shravan and Suman both still have a soft corner for each other which is indicated when Suman helps Shravan clean up his chamber with her staffs. But they both still fight with each other even over Suman’s tattoo.Shravan’s soft corner is also shown when Shravan gets worried when he assumed and misunderstood once that Suman was committing suicide, and then they both come across a picture which refreshes their childhood memories with Aaru, their Friend the only one who knew about Shraman’s friendship in school.
Best Episode of the Week:-
Episode 153, 5th October’s Episode

Episode 156-160
Suman gets to know that Aaru, Shraman’s Friend is coming from Dubai and she gets happy and tries to convey the news to Shravan when they were refreshing their childhood memories. Aaru tells Suman not to tell Shravan after they both meet each other and bring him to her party to surprise him. Suman does so for Aaru, and Shraman and Preekar goes for Aaru’s party where Shravan meets Aaru. There Shravan and Suman dance with each other in the party due to Aaru’s insistence. Later, Aaru gets to know that her NGO will be demolished and she seeks for Shravan’s help to fight her case. But as the case is complicated Shravan refuses and Suman persuades him and he finally agrees and fight the case for Aaru. Meanwhile, Ramnath gets to know about Shravan’s chamber and he thinks Suman is separating Shravan from him due to Kamini’s influence.
Best Episode of the Week:-
Episode 157, 11th October’s Episode

Episode 161-165
Shravan finally wins the case of Aaru and Aaru’s land gets saved from being demolished. Seeing Shravan win such a a big case, Ramnath begins to realise the fact that Suman was right. To celebrate Shravan’s win Malhotras goes for a dinner .Seeing Shravan’s dedication, Suman decides to give Shravan and her friendship another chance. She asks for friendship from Shravan which he clearly denies as he is afraid to trust her again. But even then Shravan still helps Suman when she receives a massive order for PCT, which was suddenly pre-pone in one day. So Shravan calls Malhotras and Tiwaris to help Suman out and he also helps out. Suman realises Shravan still cares for her and she request him for friendship again which he denies again and he finally accepts until he saw a couple getting separated. They share some friendship moments.And then, Ramnath plans for Shraman and Preekar’s reception and they get prepared for it and initially were unhappy with it. Suman gets a shock when Shravan deceased. he wasn’t happy with their marriage in the reception .
Best Episode of the Week:-
Episode 162, 18th October’s Episode

Episode 166-170
Shravan declares he wasn’t happy with their marriage cause it happened all of a sudden and he gets married with Suman taking the seven rounds, which makes Suman very happy. Shravan and Suman’s friendship and nok jhok continues as they relish all their Best Friend and childhood moments again. Meanwhile, Preekar also gives a good news for Preeti’s pregnancy, which makes the entire family happy seeing Kamini and Lalaji happy, Ramnath wishes that Shraman will give them good news soon and he and Nirmala will bless them too, and starts to miss Nirmala. Suman tells Ramnath to tell Shravan the truth which he denies. Diwali party takes places , where Shraman and Preekar share some romantic moments, and Suman making Ramnath realise his mistake. Ramnath fully tells he is afraid to lose Shravan and Suman gives him time and encourages him to tell Shravan when he can. Later, Preekar declares about sending Shraman to honeymoon.
Best Episode of the Week:-
Episode 169, 27th October’s Episode

Episode 171-175
Ramnath declares that Shraman will go for honeymoon and it is planned that they will go to Goa for honeymoon. Ramnath wanted to send them to London for honeymoon, which Suman denied. Shravan didn’t like that and later he realised that Suman didn’t want to go overseas for unnecessary costs and the oath she took to repay her mom’s debt from Nanu. Shravan agrees to go Goa by train. Preeti tells Suman to confess his love to Shravan as she gets to know Suman is yet to confess her love for him. Suman imagines teenager Shravan encouraging her to do so and she decides to confess her love. Suman and Shravan spend some romantic moments at Goa. Meanwhile Ramnath as per Suman’s request meets Nirmala and tries to apologise and persuade her to comeback which she easily doesn’t agree. Suman and Shravan gets closer in honeymoon and Suman gets to know about Shravan’s dream to pursue law in London for which he have to take a training there for a month and later pursue the course after 2-3years. Suman decides she will confess before he leaves, and she fulfills Shravan’s wish by dressing up as teenager Suman (in uniform) and even made him do so and saying about their friendship which was the dream of Shravan when he was a teenager.
Best Episode of the Week:-
Episode 175, 4th November’s Episode

Episode 152-175 (Entire FF)
Shravan and Suman are still at loggerheads even after marriage but despite that they both still care for each other. Shravan proves to Suman that he can be self independent too. They meet their childhood Friend Aaru, the only one who know about their childhood friendship and Shravan gets into a situation where he had to fight a tough case for Aaru. Suman and Shravan help each other in their work, like Suman bringing evidence on time and Shravan bringing Malhotras and Tiwaris to complete Suman’s order in one day. They both give their friendship another chance though Shravan was initially reluctant. And then they both get remarried with rituals and they both assume that the other one still consider each other as best friends whereas they both actually love each other. In pretext of childhood memories and Diwali Shravan and Suman gets close to each other.

Ramnath also have a change in heart seeing Suman’s care for the family and Preekar becoming parents and Lalaji-Kamini grandparents and he begins to miss Nirmala. Ramnath apologises to Suman, and he decides that as soon as he muster courage he will tell Shravan everything. Shravan and Suman goes for honeymoon sent by Preekar where they get closer to each other and Suman decides to confess her love to Shravan after Preeti and teenager Shravan encourages her to do so. They share more moments in Goa for their honeymoon, Suman gets to know about Shravan’s dream to pursue a course of law in London and she decides to confess her love as soon as possible.

Suman surprises Shravan as they both get dressed like they were as teenagers as school students and Suman portrays a scene where she as teenager declares her friendship with him as a teenager infront of everyone(like their schoolmates) which was Shravan’s wish which makes Shravan Super happy. And in Monday’s episode she will confess her love from him? What will be his answer?

For that do check out Maha Episode of EDKV which is Episode 176 (6th November’s Episode) (25th and 26th of this FF) which I will post tomorrow night.

TOP 8 Best Episodes of the FF:-
(no specific order)
Episode 153, 5th October’s Episode
Episode 157, 11th October’s Episode
Episode 162, 18th October’s Episode
Episode 163, 19th October’s Episode
Episode 169, 27th October’s Episode
Episode 170, 28th October’s Episode
Episode 171, 31st October’s Episode
Episode 175, 4th November’s Episode

I wanted to post this yesterday but I was so busy due to my job as I had a shift yesterday and I came back home at 1am. I have an off today so I posted this but I am still busy today as I will be going for a family birthday party today ?. But yeah Maha Epi will be posted tomorrow. And i couldn’t edit this summary properly since m Super busy ???

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  1. you did a great job by doing this summary . i enjoyed reading all the episodes and the last scene (so far updated) sumo hugs shravan and tells i love u ……………………………………………….
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    LOVED IT 🙂

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    At first so so sorry I couldn’t comment on the previous episodes but I read them and they are l, they are , they are oh god! U made me speechless by your writings. They were just fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Shraman’s frndship and nok- jhoks and cute moments??
    Let’s c what will shrvn do when sumo confesses her love 4 shravn?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

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  7. Wow what a great thing this is the best serial ever

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