Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 191 (28th November’s Episode) (41st Episode of this FF)

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Episode No: 191
Episode Date: 28th November 2016

Scene 1: Malhotra Residence
The episode begins with Suman sleeping on the sofa and she wakes up as she finds Nirmala coming out of the room.

Sumo: Maa?

Nirmala: Beta, I am going to meet Aditya for a while. After all he is also my responsibility too. I have to speak with him also. And you take care of Shravan. He is sleeping. And feed him something he must be hungry.

Suman nods. Nirmala leaves.

Suman goes to the kitchen to cook food for Shravan, and then she goes to serve food to Shravan.

Scene 2: Shraman’s Room
Suman goes in their room to find Shravan. She is surprised to find Shravan not there.

Sumo: Shravan? Where is he?

Suman keeps the food on the table and goes to find Shravan.

Sumo: He must be in the washroom.

Suman is surprised to find the washroom.

Sumo: Shravan, where have he went?

Scene 3: Malhotra Residence
Suman searches for Shravan in another room, and then she gets super worried not finding him in the entire house!

Sumo: Shravan!

Suman tries to find Shravan everywhere, but doesn’t find him. She gets really worried.

Sumo: Shravan!

And then she looks all around, Lalaji and Varun comes there.

Lalaji: What happened Suman beta?

Sumo: Shravan, where is he?

Lalaji: He must be in his room, sleeping.

Sumo: No! I found him everywhere but he is yet to be found!

Lalaji and Varun gets surprised.

Varun: Then when he went?

Everyone tries to find Shravan, but no one finds him. Ramnath finds out about this and he gets worried too.

Pushkar realises something is wrong. Kamini and Preeti are with him.

Pushkar: What happened?

Sumo: Nothing Pushkar.

Pushkar: Don’t lie, I am sure something is wrong.

Sumo: Pushkar! Shravan…I am not able to find him in the house anywhere.

Pushkar: What do you mean? He have must went somewhere.

Kamini: Yes maybe he went with Nirmala Bhabi.

Sumo: No Chachi its not like that. In fact Maa told me to cook food for Shravan and feed him as she is going to meet Aditya for a while!

They all are worried, Pushkar comes to Ramnath,

Pushkar: See! See what have you done!

Preeti: Pushkar?

Pushkar: Preeti let me speak!

Ramnath looks on, Pushkar shouts on Ramnath

Pushkar: What you did was…I can’t believe the fact you could stoop this low that you even used mine and Preeti’s love to separate Bhaia and Sumo! I can’t believe this! I just can’t believe this! I feel ashamed that I made you my inspiration and called you Sir!

Ramnath looks on sad.

Preeti: Pushkar, it’s enough now whatever happened we can’t change it. Yes what Bade Papa did was completely wrong. And relax, you are still recovering.

Pushkar: Preeti let me speak. If you told the truth earlier, nothing such would have happened.

Sumo: Pushkar we don’t have time for these, right now it is important to find Shravan and nothing else.

And then, Pushkar remembers something,

Pushkar: Bhaia, must have gone somewhere. The driver must have know where is he?

Pushkar calls the driver. The driver picks up the call.

Driver: Hello?

Pushkar: Driver do you know where is Shravan Bhaia?

Driver: I just recently dropped him in the farmhouse a while ago.

Pushkar: Farmhouse? Which one?

The driver tells Pushkar and then Suman realises and gets what farmhouse the driver is talking about.

Pushkar keeps the phone, and Suman runs.

Pushkar: Sumo, where are you going?

Sumo: To the farmhouse.

Pushkar: Should I go?

Sumo: No you let it be! I go there.

Suman goes to the farmhouse.

Scene 3: Farmhouse
Suman reaches the farmhouse and finds the car.

Sumo: I knew it was this farmhouse!

Suman goes to the farmhouse, and tries to find Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan! Where are you?

Suman tries to find him.

Sumo: I know very well you are here!

Just then Suman gets the call of Pushkar,

Pushkar: Hello Sumo you got Bhaia?

Sumo:I just came here and I am sure he is here! I am finding him.

Suman goes to the room where the terrace was and she gets shocked. Suman gets shocked and stunned and shouts.

Sumo: Shravan!

The phone drops from her hand.

Pushkar: Hello Sumo! What happened? What happened to Bhaia! Hello!

The phone gets cut,

Pushkar: Hello!

Pushkar realises the phone call got cut.

Preeti: Pushkar what happened?

Pushkar: Bhaia… oh god we have to go to the farmhouse now.

Varun: Pushkar I also come along.

Lalaji: I think we all should go there.

Everyone rushes to go to the farmhouse. Ramnath is about to go,

Pushkar stops him.

Pushkar: You just stay here!

Kamini: Pushkar, please don’t say like this. Ramnath Bhaisaab, his? His Shravan’s Father. Let him go! I understand what’s going through him now! Even I did mistakes!

Pushkar: Mistakes? What do you mean by you did mistakes!

Kamini tells everything to Pushkar and others. They get surprised.

Kamini: It’s my fault. I have made things worse and now I realised my mistake. Shravan and Suman were good enough to forgive me.

Pushkar: Maa, I didn’t expect this from you!

Vandy: Pushkar, now we don’t have time for all these. We have to go to the Farmhouse as soon as possible.

They all go for the farmhouse.

On the other hand,
Scene 4: Farmhouse
Suman rushes to Shravan as she finds him about to jump from the fence to end his life, and Suman holds his hand, Shravan is about to fall, and he gets saved by Suman.

Shravan: Sumo! Why are you saving me! Let me die! I deserve to die!

Suman rotates him and gives him a tight slap! Shravan holds his cheek! Suman is fully teary-eyed. Music plays.

Sumo: You enjoy seeing me in pain right!

Shravan: Sumo?

Sumo: How could you! How could you think to end your life! Do you have any idea what would have happened to me if anything happened to you!

Shravan: Sumo, I have always hurt you, why are you saving me!

Sumo: Because I love you. You don’t?

Shravan: Yes I do, I do I love you too but I can’t hurt you.

Sumo: Why are you ending your life for that?

Shravan: Let it be Sumo. I deserve it. A few days back Pushkar was fighting between life and death only because of me! And then Maa, I hurt her so much the last 11 years for something she didn’t do! The only thing I know is to hurt people!

Sumo: No Shravan is not like that?

Shravan holds Suman tightly.

Shravan: Who said? And you! I have hurt you the most right! At least you…

Shravan cries and Suman hugs him from behind.

Shravan moves away from and looks at her.

Shravan: You were so hurt! The US thing, I insulted you so much in that reunion party you almost with an accident and your family couldn’t go US. And then, the PCT thing. I was almost getting your PCT closed, followed by what hurt me the most! Your accident!

Suman cries.

Shravan: If I want I could have told you about the manhole, but I didn’t and you meet with an accident.

A tear drops from Shravan’s eyes.

Sumo: You suffered so much ! And then that Aditya matter, I instigated him so much that he even almost went to…

Suman cries even more.

Shravan: And at last, after our marriage I still hurt you a lot, you were good enough to accept our friendship and love, but I as always rejected. I did accept later on which was the rare right things I did in life.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: Why? Why do you want to save me?

Shravan looks on.

Shravan: I have hurt so many people in my life, the only thing I know how to do, that’s why others leave me. And dad, oh sorry the Mr. Ramnath Malhotra, I trusted him the most and loved him more than my life and what did he do! Deceit! Such a big deceit! He kept me in dark for 11 years and installed all the hatred for my Maa and later on you which you both didn’t deserve at all?

Shravan looks away from Suman.

Shravan: I can’t even speak looking at you properly.I have always said all women are same and disrespected them! But I was wrong. Some men are the worst. They only know how to take advantage. I am ashamed to call myself a man. The only thing I know how to do is to disrespect and insult a woman. I deserve a very big punishment! So the best is just to end my life! At least I will stop hurting the wrong person in that way!

Suman pats Shravan and Shravan looks at Suman,

Sumo: Okay fine, Go! Go and end your life I won’t stop you!

Shravan looks on, and he is about to go,

Sumo: I hate myself. I curse myself. I am the worst. No one loves me.

Shravan: No Sumo, is not like that. Don’t stop me. If you think you can stop me in this manner you are wrong!

Sumo: You have said a lot, now let me say.

Suman looks on.

Sumo: No one can change the fact I have equally done wrong too. As a teenager I always took advantage of you and only cared about my so called self-respect. And then even after 11 years, I failed to understand you. I should have understood you went through so much pain, but I ended up giving you even more pain! I am the worst!

Shravan: No don’t say like this!

Sumo: First Mom and Dad left me alone in this world, and now you are also leaving me. No one loves me, that’s why whoever I love always leave me in the end forever, I deserve to die.

Shravan: Sumo, Stop It! Enough!

Sumo: No let me speak. I am just a loser a big loser. I have only hurt others and only care about my self-respect. I hate myself. I just hate myself.

Shravan: Sumo, will you stop it or?

Sumo: It’s okay Shravan no need to defend me. I needed this. Today you showed my value. I don’t deserve anything, no one likes me. That’s why bad things happen with me, if not you won’t have think to leave me. So I should leave the world too!

Shravan: Sumo, this is emotional blackmail!

Sumo: Yes, I only do bad stuffs, I am very bad. Very very bad. All I know is how to hurt people, that’s why I can never….

Suman feels dizzy, she holds her head and faints. Shravan gets shocked and holds her.

Shravan: Sumo? Sumo? What happened? Wake up.

Shravan tries to wake her up, but she is still unconscious.

Shravan: Sumo!

Shravan lifts Suman in his arms and puts her on the bed.

Pushkar and others reach there and Pushkar hears Shravan upstairs and goes upstairs.

Shravan: Sumo! Wake up please!

All are surprised.

Preeti: Dii! What happened to her?

Vandy finds a glass of water and passes to Shravan who sprinkles water on Suman’s face but she is still unconscious.

Shravan: Someone call the doctor!

Varun calls the doctor.

The doctor checks Suman. Everyone is waiting downstairs worried.

Shravan: It’s all because of me. If I didn’t fought with her, she would have been alright.

Preeti: Jiju nothing will happen to dii, don’t worry.

Just then Nirmala comes,

Nirmala: Shravan! Pushkar? What happened to Shravan!

Shravan finds Nirmala and hugs her.

Shravan: Maa!

Nirmala: Beta, are you okay?

Shravan: Maa, I am fine but Sumo…Sumo is not fine.

Nirmala gets surprised.

Nirmala: What happened to Suman?

Shravan narrates the story and breaks down.

Nirmala: Suman is right! How can you think of ending your…

Nirmala cries and Shravan is still crying.  Nirmala gives him a glass of water to calm him down. Ramnath sadly looks on.

Nirmala: Beta drink water! Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Suman!

Pushkar: I don’t even know what’s happening and Bade Papa and Maa? See what happened due to both of you!

Kamini and Ramnath feels bad.

Shravan: Chotte, Chachi has realised her mistakes and she forgave us. And yes Chachi has done mistakes, but at least she didn’t stop so  low like Mr.Ramnath Malhotra! What he did was wrong!

Shravan angrily looks at Ramnath. Kamini comes to Preeti.

Kamini: Preeti puttar forgive me for what I did

Preeti: MummyJi nothing like that!

Kamini: Preeti Puttar thank you so much beta! I am so sorry but today I am proud of my son’s choice!

Kamini looks at Pushkar.

Kamini: Pushkar Puttar forgive me.

Pushkar: If Bhaia can forgive you why can’t I? Maa…

Kamini hugs Pushkar and Preeti. Vandy and Varun and Lalaji joins them. Shravan smiles a bit. Nirmala smiles.

Just then the doctor comes downstairs,

Shravan: Doctor what happened to Sumo? Is she fine?

Doctor: Don’t worry Mr.Malhotra your wife is absolutely fine!

Shravan breathes a sigh of relief everyone gets relived.

Doctor: But you must take extra care of her.

Shravan: Doctor, is everything okay?

Doctor: Yes everything is absolutely okay! In fact there is a good news!

Shravan: I…I didn’t get you, Doctor!

Doctor: Actually the thing is Suman is 6 weeks  pregnant! She is going to become a mother!

Shravan gets emotional hearing that, others get really happy.

Doctor: Congratulations, Mr.Malhotra. Now you have to take really good care of your wife and the unborn baby.

Shravan gets teary-eyed and smiles.

Doctor: Here is some medicines, and Suman must come for check up every month till her delivery. And if you need anything do call me.
I should leave now. It’s late.

The doctor leaves, and everyone congratulates Shravan. Nirmala caresses Shravan’s face,

Nirmala: Now my son is going to become a father too!

Shravan smiles. Ramnath is also very happy.

Pushkar: Wow Bhaia now you are also going to become a father, and then we will take care of our babies together. Congratulations PrettyPreeti you are going to become a Chachi!

Preeti: And you are going to become a Mausa!

Lalaji: When Shravan’s baby will come in the world what will he call you both Mausa-Masi or Chacha-Chachi.

Preeti: He/she will call me Mausi.

Pushkar: No way he will call me Chachu and you Chachi.

Preeti: Pushkar, he/she will call me…

Kamini: You both stop fighting, and Shravan Puttar you should go and see Suman puttar! After all she gave such a good news!

Shravan: Should I go?

Lalaji: Why are you looking at us? Just go upstairs!

Shravan happily runs upstairs and opens the room, and finds Suman who is siting on the bed and  smiling. Shravan gets happy seeing her.

Shravan comes to her.

Sumo: Shr….Shravan?

Shravan places his finger on Suman’s lip.

Shravan: Don’t. Don’t say anything now. Sumo,I…. I don’t know what happened to me that time? Everything…everything around me darkened when I came to know about the truth. I didn’t know what to do! I felt maybe ending my life was the right way.

Suman becomes worried and sad. And she removes his hand from her mouth.

Sumo: Shravan… please. Please don’t say like this, I have also done mistakes but does that mean I should end my life too? No! Right? I know it’s very difficult for you and how you must be feeling, but I just want to ask have you thought about me! And now our baby is also going to come , at least for our baby please don’t say like this!

Shravan: No! I won’t say like that.

Shravan holds Suman’s hand.

Shravan: Sumo, this baby have given me hopes again. Hopes to live again! And yes you are right, I am indeed very selfish not you! I just didn’t know what to do! I was afraid, I was afraid what if I hurt you again! What do I am such a big coward! I didn’t want to hurt you, Maa, Pushkar and others again!

Sumo: Shravan, today make one promise to me. And that is you will never ever leave me again!

Shravan: Sumo, I promise! And I won’t, after all our baby is going to come in this world very soon!

Suman smiles happily and gets emotional.

Sumo: Shravan! I am going to become a mother! I can’t believe this! Our baby!

Suman holds her belly.

Sumo: This feeling itself is so unusual.

Shravan: Yes, I know, now no stress and tension. Only rest, okay! I have already stressed you out.

Suman gets emotional.

Shravan: Why are you crying now?

Sumo: Shravan, Maa. I am missing Maa a lot today, as very soon I myself am going to become a Maa.

Shravan: Sumo, no. No need to get emotional. And now you have to take care of yourself okay?

Shravan cups her face,

Shravan: Sumo, I am so sorry I was so angry that time what to do I was frustrated with everything! I just didn’t know what to do!

Sumo: But Shravan…

Shravan: But you don’t worry, very soon everything will become fine. And then me, you and

Shravan touches Suman’s belly. Suman smiles.

Shravan: And our baby all three of us will stay happily.

Suman gets really happy.

Shravan: Sumo, I can’t believe I am going to be a father. Like all of a sudden!

Sumo: You were the one who was in hurry to become a father!

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Sumo, I can’t wait for 7 months. It’s too long for me! I just can’t wait for the day our baby will be born.

Sumo: Even I can’t wait. But till then,

Suman holds her belly.

Sumo: We will talk with our baby while he/she is in my belly, okay!

Shravan: Okay!

Shravan hugs Suman.

Shravan: Thank you Sumo! Thank you so much for giving me such a happiness! I love you!

Sumo: I love you too!

The episode ends.

Precap: Everyone is happy with Suman’s pregnancy and Shravan is slowly getting out of depression, and Shravan declares he has taken a decision looking at Ramnath. Everyone looks on surprised.

Hey all, so after the weekends now the weekdays is here and I uploaded the episode. I hope you all liked this episode. Actually I really worked hard for this episode I feel I had to edit the episode 10-15 times cause I wanted to write the last few episodes really well. So please do frankly comment.And if there is any problem please do tell me so that I can try to fix it as there are last 4 episodes to go.
And even I don’t feel like ending this fan fiction but what to do, I had to end it and it was a finite story anyways. And I didn’t want to drag the story so that’s why I am going to end it soon. And I am going to write Maha episodes in the last two episodes. I could have done for this entire week’s episode but thing is I have classes and part time job and Mon-Wed I am usually very busy, Thurs-Fri I am more free that’s why I will write the longer episode on those two days.
And I hope you all liked this episode and will love the last 4 episodes too. Love you all ???.

4 episodes to go!!!!
This Thursday and Friday Maha Episode!!!

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  1. Fenil

    Loved it to the core !!

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  4. pl do not alienate Ramnath from the family ; Afterall it was because of him all meaning all… lalaji kamini & esp Pushkar have become what they are now

    Not for one single mistake shd Ramnath be penalised

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Shovis thanks for commenting well u will get to know more in the next epi and Shravan will take time to forgive Ramnath

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  6. shovis is right DO NOT LEAVE RAMNATH ALONE
    Infact Niramal was also having LOT OF SELF RESPECT & EGO. Thats why she left Shravan after Ramnath fought with her
    Ramnath could have married again but chose not to and brought up Sharavan singlehanded

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sarana thanks for commenting yes u r absolutely right Nirmala has also done mistakes and yes Ramnath has also done good things well Shravan blindly believed his dad and such a big truth came out so he will take time to forgive him but don’t worry everything will be fine soon

  7. Berry

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy you liked the epi ? And well so sorry but what to do even i don’t want to end it but classes going on now na that’s why and really means a lot u can imagine the scenes ? Love u too ???

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