Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 185 (18th November’s Episode) (35th of this FF)

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Episode No: 185
Episode Date: 18th November 2016

Scene 1: Shraman’s Room
The episode begins with Shravan coming into the room and finding a worried Suman.

Shravan: What happened? You seem to be worried.

Sumo: Nothing, Shravan.

Shravan: You can’t lie to me, something must have happened.

Sumo: Shravan, actually Kamini Chachi came here a while ago.

Shravan: Kamini Chachi? What was she doing in our room at this time?

Sumo: Shravan you were right about Chachi, her intentions are not right.

Shravan: Why? Did Kamini Chachi say anything bad to you, wait I will talk to her.

Sumo: No, Shravan. Kamini Chachi didn’t say anything bad to me, she just told me about you and Aditya matter in the bachelor party.

Suman tells everything to Shravan.

Shravan: How did she get to know about all this?

Sumo: I have no idea she told me she overheard but it seems she was lying. I don’t know what’s going on her mind?

Shravan: This Kamini Chachi… She still keeps on instigating people. She haven’t change yet.

Sumo: Shravan may I ask you something?

Shravan: Ask.

Sumo: When you know Kamini Chachi instigates so much why don’t you tell dad or Lalaji about it?

Shravan: Sumo, you thought I didn’t ask dad about it? But later I realised why he doesn’t take any action. He doesn’t want this family to break. He wants to keep this family big and united. He wants to carry out this tradition carried by our ancestors. And if dad gets to know about all this, this family will break, and dad will be upset. And you know I can’t see dad upset.

Sumo: This much you love your dad?

Shravan: Yes, so much that if anyone says against my dad I won’t tolerate that. I love him the most and I trust him the most. Sumo, I also love you and trust you but yes there is one more person I love and trust more, and that’s dad. Hope you…

Sumo: Shravan, I know what the value of parents mean. Doesn’t mean that as my parents passed away as a kid I won’t respect the value of parents!

Tears drop from Suman’s eye while saying this.

Sumo: Shravan, I really miss my parents a lot.

Suman hugs Shravan and cries. Shravan consoles her.

Shravan: Enough of crying! No more tears, and yes it’s late now we should go to sleep now.

As they were about to go to sleep, Suman phone rings out.

Sumo: Nanu?

Shravan: Nanu’s call?

Sumo: See I forgot to tell Nanu that you came.

Shravan: Don’t tell him I want to surprise him in the phone.

Sumo: Okay fine. Now at least let me pick up the call.

Suman picks up the call and keeps it on loudspeaker mode.

Sumo: Hello, Nanu?

Nanu: Suman beta, how are you?

Sumo: Nanu, I am fine, how are you?

Nanu: As I am always.

Suman and Shravan smiles.

Nanu: Acha beta, when is Shravan coming to India?

Suman gestures Shravan to come. Shravan comes, and Suman passes him the phone.

Shravan: You asked about me and here I am?

Nanu: Shravan beta! You already came to India! When did you come? You didn’t even tell me?

Shravan: I came yesterday midnight. Actually Nanaji my training ended that’s why I immediately came back.

Nanu: Good! You have come India at the right time!

Shravan: I didn’t get you.

Just then Ramnath calls Suman out,

Ramnath: Suman beta!

Sumo: Looks like Dad needs something. Shravan you continue speaking with Nanu, I will be back.

Suman goes, Shravan switches off the loudspeaker mode and speaks with Nanu.

Shravan: Nanu, is everything okay?

Nanu: Everything is fine, and please do meet me tomorrow.

Shravan: Okay Nanaji.

Nanu: And don’t forget to bring that paper, I forgot to ask you the other day. As I need to speak something regarding that. It’s very important.

Shravan: Okay Nanaji.

Nanu: Have you done the work I told you to do?

Shravan: Yes Nanu I got it done even before leaving for London. But I forget to gave it back to you as it was all of a sudden.

Nanu: Oh yes I forgot.

Shravan: What is it Nanaji?

Shravan whispers to Nanu.

Shravan: Nanu, Sumo is here.

He switches back to the loudspeaker mode.

Nanu: Suman beta, I was telling Shravan that you will come here tomorrow.

Sumo: Nanu, is everything okay?

Nanu: Everything is absolutely fine.

Sumo: Then?

Nanu: Since Shravan came back, why not you bring Shravan, Ramnath, and rest of them for lunch at Tiwari Killa tomorrow?

Sumo: Okay Nanu, I will bring them for lunch tomorrow. You don’t worry.

Nanu: See you tomorrow beta, now go to sleep it’s late.

Sumo: Let me go and tell everyone about the lunch thing tomorrow.

Suman goes again.

Shravan: (in his mind). Why Nanaji needs that paper urgently? Never mind I will ask him that tomorrow.

Next day morning,
Shravan and Suman are sleeping, just then Suman sees a nightmare.

Sumo: No….no….please don’t leave me! No…no….

Shravan wakes up and finds Suman saying something in her sleep. He gets surprised.

Shravan: Sumo? Sumo are you okay? Sumo…

Suman wakes up as Shravan wakes her up.

Shravan: Sumo?

Suman finds Shravan and hugs him.

Shravan: Sumo, what happened?

Suman is crying non-stop.

Shravan: Sumo tell me what happened? You must have seen a very bad nightmare. Calm down.

Shravan finds water and makes her drink a glass of water, and rubs her back.

Shravan: Relax! Just relax!

Suman calms down.

Shravan: Now tell me what happened?

Sumo: I saw a very bad nightmare. I saw that I am alone, and white cloth…

Shravan: I didn’t get you?

Sumo: Someone left.

Shravan: Who left?

Sumo: Someone I saw white cloth covered and it was a….. a dead body. I don’t know who died ? Shravan I am very scared. I am feeling very uneasy. What if…..

Shravan: No, Sumo nothing will happen. And it’s just a nightmare so relax.

Sumo: No Shravan, I have a very strong feeling something very bad is going to happen. And it’s morning, and it is said that whoever have nightmare in morning it turns out to be true.

Suman cries.

Shravan: Sumo…Sumo….Sumo!!!

Suman gets silent as Shravan shouts on her.

Shravan: Nothing will happen. No one will die! Relax! Now go to sleep.

Sumo: It’s morning now. I can’t sleep anymore, that nightmare…

Shravan: Sumo, forget about it, and yes we have to get ready and go for lunch at Tiwari Killa, did you forget?

Sumo: Okay I will get ready.

Shravan: And smile?

Shravan makes sure Suman smiles and she smiles.

Shravan: Much better. Now quickly fresh up.

Scene 3: Tiwari Killa
The entire Malhotras come to Tiwari Killa, and Mamiji greets them.

Mamiji: I am so happy all of you came. Come in. Why are you all standing here?

Shravan whispers to Suman.

Shravan: Are you okay?

Suman nods.

Shravan: Mamiji where is Nanu?

Mamiji: Upstairs.

Shravan: Okay I go and meet him. I have some work with him.

Shravan goes upstairs.

Scene 4: Tiwari Killa
Mamiji is seen serving Kamini lunch.

Kamini: No no that’s enough.

Mamiji: What enough? You are my daughter’s mother in law you should have more food.

Mamij serves her more food.

Sumo: Mamiji this much? I say give more.

Mamiji: Suman is absolutely right.

Kamini angrily looks at Suman.

Mamiji serves Vandy food.

Kamini: Areh wah Vandy puttar, Samdi jii is giving so much food you are not denying. How about your diet? Usually you are so diet conscious.

Vandy: Mummyji, today I decided to cheat with my diet. Just for one day I will eat more. By the way Suman and Manju Aunty cooks so well. Yummy!

Mamiji: Areh nahi Vandana Puttar, that Is cause Suman taught me how to cook that’s why.

Vandy: Vandy, Aunty not Vandana. Call me Vandy. And yes your food is so yummy at least better than Mummyji.

Kamini gets stunned, and Vandy is enjoying the food non-stop.Suman tries to laugh.

Just then Shravan comes downstairs with Nanu and makes him sit.

Nanu: Today, I will enjoy food with everyone.

Everyone is eating. And after a while everyone finishes the food.

Nanu: Ramnath, I didn’t speak to you with many days. So let’s talk.

Ramnath: Sure Tiwariji.

Nanu and Ramnath talks with each other. Lalaji speaks with Mamaji. Everyone is talking.

Kamini: Okay so I cook very bad, that’s what you are trying to say.

Vandy: Mummyji, when did I say that? By the way when do you even cook? But Manju’s aunty’s food is so yummy!

Kamini: Let me do one thing. The jewellery I kept I was planning to give it to you. Now I will give to Preeti.

Vandy: No Mummyji!

Kamini: Yes Puttarji!

Here Suman is helping Mamiji washing the dishes.

Mamiji: I was so afraid that no one liked my food. But everyone loved my food. Even that Vandana who eats less, she also enjoyed my food.

Sumo: Mamiji call her Vandy, if not she will complain.

Suman and Mamiji laughs. Just then Daboo comes,

Daboo: Mummy help me in Hindi homework.

Mamiji: Tell your dad.

Daboo: Dad is talking. I need your help.

Mamiji: Daboo beta I have so much work.

Sumo: Daboo, I will teach you Hindi.

Daboo gets happy.

Daboo: Really Suman didi!
Sumo: Yes really!

Sumo: Mamiji I will teach Daboo. You don’t worry.

Mamiji: That’s better.

Scene 5: Daboo’s Room
Suman teaches Daboo Hindi. Shravan is looking for Suman and finds her teaching Daboo Hindi.

Shravan: She is acting as if she is a great teacher. Couldn’t be a great student, and this madam passed her Hindi only because of me.

Suman is telling Daboo, and then Suman looks at Shravan and Shravan messages her.

Shravan(message): You are teaching Daboo Hindi? Not bad. Poor Daboo. He doesn’t even know his Suman didi used to pass in Hindi with very much difficulty.

Suman checks the message and angrily looks at Shravan.

Daboo is reading.

Daboo: And then Champu’s friend fooled the bear.

Daboo: Suman Didi who is Champu?

Suman looks at Shravan.

Sumo: Daboo, Champu is a tall guy who claims he to be great but addresses Bhukkad as Bhukkari.

Shravan looks at them surprised.

Daboo: But Champu is a kid, how did he become a guy?

Sumo: Daboo… Champu is indeed a kid. A kid who is also known as Chasmish.

Daboo: But Champu doesn’t wear Chasma?

Sumo: That’s why he is known as Champu.

Daboo: Champu reminded me of Shravan Jiju. When Champu will grow up, he will be like Shravan Jiju.

Sumo: Now you got it!

Daboo: I got so confused.

Shravan goes from there.

Shravan: God Bless Daboo’s Hindi marks.

It’s evening,
Scene 6: Tiwari Killa
The Malhotras leave except for Shraman and Preekar.

Everyone is eating.

Daboo: Shravan Jiju, may I ask you something?

Shravan: Ask.

Daboo: Who is Champu?

Shravan coughs. Preekar tries to laugh as they know what’s going on.

Mamiji: Here is some water, beta.

Shravan drinks water.

Shravan: Daboo that I don’t know who is Champu but yes I definitely know who is Behenji.

Suman coughs. Preekar can’t control their laughter.

Daboo: I know that Champu has a friend. From where did Behenji come? Champu has a sister also? I didn’t know that.

Shravan gets shocked, Suman gets shocked too.

Shravan: No! Champu has no sister!

Pushkar tries really hard not to laugh, Preeti gestures him to stop. Mamiji doesn’t understand what is so funny about it.

Daboo: Then who is Behenji? Who has sister?

Shravan: Champu’s friend! Champu’s friend have a sister.

Pushkar whispers to Preeti.

Pushkar: So now you became Champu’s friend. Not bad.

Preeti: Shh! Pushkar! What must elders be thinking?

Nanu: Okay enough of Champu story now let’s eat.

They all eat. Suman serves Nanu and Shravan, and Preekar serves each other.

After dinner,
Shravan: Okay now I and Pushkar should leave now. And  Sumo and Preeti get ready tomorrow night we will pick you both up after work.

Sumo: Yes that’s better.

Mamiji: Suman beta, Preeti beta recently you have stayed with us 5 days and now? Won’t everyone mind?

Pushkar: Don’t worry Saasu Maa, it’s a matter of night no one will mind.

Shravan: See you all later.

Shravan and Pushkar take the blessings of Nanaji. Nanu bless Pushkar.

Nanu: May God bless you.

Nanaji hugs Shravan.

Nanu: Thank you beta for what you did for me! And stay blessed and happy. May God bless you and give you all the happiness.

Shravan gets thinking.

Shravan and Pushkar leaves.

Suman and Preeti goes out to leave them.

Preeti hugs Pushkar.

Preeti: I don’t know why I feel I will miss you a lot .

Pushkar: So you didn’t miss me at all these days?

Preeti: No Pushkar! When did I say that! I missed you but I don’t know why today it’s a lot.

Preeti is crying.

Pushkar: Prettypreeti is crying?

Pushkar wipes Preeti’s tears.

Pushkar: Enough of crying if not your sister will complain about me.

Take care of yourself.

Pushkar holds Preeti’s belly.

Pushkar: You also take care of yourself,champ!

Pushkar is about to go, Preeti holds his hand.

Preeti: Please don’t go.

Pushkar: Preeti, I am not going far away from you. It is just a matter of 1-2 day.

Pushkar kisses on Preeti’s forehead and goes.

On the other hand,

Sumo: Shravan…

Shravan: You are still worried about today’s nightmare?

Suman nods.

Shravan: Look Sumo, did anything happen?

Suman nods no.

Shravan: Then don’t worry everything will be fine, okay!

Suman looks on.

Shravan: If you need anything do tell me. I will come here as soon as possible.

Pushkar comes to Shravan,

Pushkar: Bhaia, let’s go now. We should leave.

Pushkar looks at Suman.

Pushkar:Oh so Champu Ka Behenji came to wave him bye.

Sumo: Shut Up Pushkar! Let me come home tomorrow and then I will teach you lesson.

Pushkar:Okay okay I will see.

Shravan is about to go, Suman stops him.

Sumo: And yes take care.

Shravan: You also take care.

Shravan leaves. And Suman looks on as they leave.

Music plays as they sadly look at each other. Preeti and Pushkar also look at each other.

Scene 6: In the car
Shravan is driving the car and scolding Pushkar.

Pushkar: Haha today Daboo was so funny. Champu and Behenji. Bhaia such a little kid, apka waat laga diya.

Shravan: Shut up Chotte, very soon you are becoming a father of one. Still you are acting childish.

Shravan: Look Pushkar, Sumo is already furious on you so all the best for tomorrow.

Pushkar: If I stay tomorrow na only then she will be able to scold me.

Shravan: Why are you going somewhere?

Pushkar: Bhaia actually the thing is…

Pushkar gets shocked as he sees a van approaching and about to hit their car.

Pushkar: Bhaia!!

Shravan gets shocked as he sees the car infront but it becomes too late and the car crashes.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman gets shocked to know about the accident as she gets a call. She rushes to the hospital and gets shattered as a dead body is brought out covered in white cloth and she breaks down as she sees the body while lifting the cloth.

Hey all so so sorry for the Super duper late update. Firstly I was busy due to Baishakhi celebrations in the morning and then I suddenly had to last minute work afternoon shift today. I returned back home late night . So so sorry for that. . Monday will update as per normal and if there is any changes to be made in the days I publish the episodes I will inform you all. For now I will still publish the next episode on Monday . And once again sorry for the late update. And yeah I know the last part was really horrifying. Well who died that you will know in the next episode. And yes this fan fiction is a finite series so there is 10-15 episodes left for this which I am yet to decide either 10 or 15 to go. And yes my classes will resume from Monday so i may get a bit late in updating the episode but will still update on Monday as per normal.

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  1. WeirdSister

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