Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 184 (17th November’s Episode) (34th of this FF)

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Episode No: 184
Episode Date: 17th November 2016

Scene 1: Shraman’s Room
The episode begins with Suman getting ready in the morning and Shravan comes and hugs her from behind.

Sumo: So you woke up?

Shravan: What to do I was so tired!

Sumo: You should have slept more.

Shravan: What to do, you didn’t let me sleep.

Suman blushes. Suman looks at the vermillion and is about to apply it, she smiles looking at Shravan.

Shravan: Now why are you looking at me like this?

Suman passes him the vermillion.

Shravan: This?

Sumo: Sindoor. This is sindoor.Mamiji says that a husband should apply this on his wife’s forehead. This sindoor has a different value. And it is said that when a husband does so, this keeps their marriage bond stronger.

Shravan: But I already applied this on your forehead the day we got married?

Suman nods no.

Sumo: Actually according to Mamiji, she said that it is better that a husband should apply sindoor on his forehead everyday, if not he will…

Suman gets really worried.

Shravan: What happened Sumo? You are saying something, if not what…

Sumo: If not…

Suman hugs Shravan. Shravan looks on.

Sumo: Shravan I can’t live without you. I just can’t say that what will happen. I can’t even imagine what will happen to me. No!

Shravan: Oho, my wife got emotional. Where is the strong Sumo I know?

Sumo: I maybe very strong Shravan but when it comes to you I become very weak.

Shravan: Oh so you are saying that I am your weakness?

Sumo: In other words, yes, but what to do? I love you so much.

Shravan: But you know what? You are my strength. My Sumo. And I love my strong Sumo.

Sumo: How to tell you Shravan that my weakness is my strength?

Shravan: No need to tell me. I don’t care what others say, but I am sure that we both love each other. You don’t love me?

Sumo: Of course, I love you Shravan and not only one time I can say this 1000 times that I love you Shravan.

Title track music plays. Shravan takes some sindoor and applies on Suman’s forehead.

Shravan: I love you too Sumo, love you so much.

Suman and Shravan hug each other.

Sumo: See in this pretext, I forgot to share a good news with you?

Shravan: That I am going to become a father?

Suman gets stunned. Suman hits Shravan.

Sumo: What Shravan! You are just crazy!

Shravan: Then what else is the ‘good’ news?

Sumo: Shravan, you know you were right.

Suman hugs Shravan.

Shravan: That you are pregnant?

Sumo: Shravan, you again started!

Shravan: Then tell me?

Sumo: Shravan I was saying that you were right that I will be able to repay off my mom’s debt. And I finally managed to do that. Yesterday, I was doing accounts and I realised I finally managed to accumulate 20 lakhs in my PCT savings and I paid off the entire debt!

Shravan gets really happy.

Shravan: Really? Are you serious?

Suman nods.

Shravan cups Suman’s face.

Shravan: See I told you, I told you that very soon you will repay off your mom’s debt! And that you may even do this within two months.

Sumo: Yes Shravan, you are right. What to do! There was a time I thought I won’t be able to do this in this life, but you encouraged me.

Shravan: And it was me who made you go through that phase? Sumo I don’t know why I did so, I feel so guilty.

Sumo: Now you won’t say anything further. Enough of bad memories! Now we will cherish these good memories that we are having now. You know Shravan, these two months I missed you so much!

Shravan: But I didn’t miss you?

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: I was joking.

Sumo: Okay, now it’s time for breakfast, and also I can’t wait to see other’s reaction upon seeing you.

Shravan: Right.

Sumo: I quickly go and prepare breakfast.

Suman goes,

Shravan: And yes I want another good news from you soon that one that Preeti gave to Pushkar!!!

Sumo: Shut up crazy man!

Shravan smiles.

Scene 2: Malhotra Residence
Pushkar and Preeti are coming downstairs, Preeti is quickly climbing down the stairs.

Pushkar: Areh Preeti, be careful.

Pushkar holds Preeti’s hand.

Preeti: Pushkar…

Pushkar: Are you going for some race or what?

Preeti: I was just climbing downstairs and nothing else.

Pushkar: But be careful, you are pregnant.

Preeti: Don’t worry Baba, nothing will happen to me.

Pushkar puts his hand around Preeti’s neck.

Pushkar: You know I missed you so much these 5 days, when you were away at your house.

Preeti carasses Pushkar’s face.

Preeti: Even I missed you a lot, my dear husband.

Pushkar holds Preeti’s belly.

Pushkar: Baby, Papa even missed you too.

Preeti blushes.

Preeti: Even baby missed you a lot.

Pushkar: Wow Preeti today I can see a glow in your face, it’s because you saw my face today that’s why.

Preeti: Liar! Today I applied a new face wash that’s why.

Pushkar laughs.

Pushkar puts his hand around Preeti’s shoulder and they come downstairs. He makes her climb down the stairs. And they both get shocked as they see Shravan and Suman at the dining table.

Shravan: Continue. Continue your romance Chotte, we won’t disturb you both.

Suman smiles as she applies butter on the bread and passes it to Shravan.

Pushkar: Bhaia? You and here? Weren’t you in London for training?

Shravan: My training got over so I decided why not I surprise all of you?

Pushkar and Preeti gets happy.

Pushkar: Wow Bhaia what a surprise!

Preeti: It was a really good surprise indeed!

Pushkar and Preeti comes and sits down too.

Preeti: Jiju good you came if not Dii would have non-stop scolding me the whole day.

Sumo: Yes whole day I will complain about you, not only whole day every hour I will complain about you. So what if Shravan came, I am not scared of anyone, I will still scold you.

Preeti gets shocked.

Pushkar: Oye Sumo! You don’t dare scold my wife okay! Let me see how can you scold her in front of me?

Sumo: Acha Bachu! Now you seem very daring? Let me see what you can do?

Pushkar: Sumo, you!

Just then Vandy, Varun, Kamini and Lalaji comes downstairs too,

Vandy: Mummyji when did you reach Delhi? You didn’t even call us?

Kamini: Vandy Puttar, I called you but you didn’t pick up the call.

Vandy: Oh sorry I was sleeping.

Kamini: It was good that Preeti picked up my phone if not we would have been stuck outside the door early morning.

Varun: But dad weren’t you both suppose to come at the afternoon?

Lalaji: Yes, but we started our journey earlier and there was no traffic jam at all that’s why we reached really early like  7am.

Kamini: And you all were sleeping.

Lalaji: I wonder what have been cooked for breakfast today. I am already very hungry.

They get surprised as they see Shravan.

Vandy: Shravan!

Kamini: Shravan…when did you come?

Sumo: Kamini Chachi when did you both come?

Preeti: Dii actually Saasu Maa and Sasurji was suppose to reach today afternoon, but they started out their journey earlier and reached here at 7am. I was awake that time so that’s why I opened the door.

Pushkar: Preeti woke me up when mom and dad came, but Bhaia really I agree with mom, when did you come?

Shravan: Yesterday midnight, all of you were sleeping so I didn’t disturb you all. Sumo and dad were awake so they got to know about it.

Kamini: But beta how about your training?

Shravan: My training got over that’s why I came back to India,

Lalaji: Good you came if not Bhaisaab and your wife were missing you so much,

Shravan: But where is dad?

Just then Ramnath comes from outside,

Shravan: Dad, you went outside?

Ramnath: Yes beta, I had some work that’s why I had to go out in the morning.

Pushkar: Bade Papa, you could have told me I would have done that.

Ramnath: No, the work was such that it won’t have been done without me?

Shravan: What work was it dad?

Ramnath: Just some work beta.

Lalaji: Bhaisaab you came at the perfect time! We all were about to have breakfast together!

Ramnath: Then I came at the perfect time!

The entire Malhotras eat breakfast together.

Shravan: This is one of the things I missed the most while I was in London, having breakfast together.

Ramnath: Then beta, cherish these moments who knows when we will get to have breakfast together happily like this again?

Shravan: Dad why are you saying like this?

Ramnath: Nothing beta.

Suman knows what Ramnath meant and she feels bad.

Sumo: (in her mind) Is Dad going to tell Shravan the entire truth today? I need to speak to him.

Scene 3: Ramnath’s Room
Ramnath is seen sitting in the room tensed and Suman comes to him.

Sumo: What happened Dad you seem very worried these days?

Ramnath: No, no everything is fine.

Sumo: I am observing you from last few days. But today you look worried. What happened? Is everything fine?

Ramnath: I don’t know. I just don’t know what to do beta. On one hand Shravan, and on another hand Nirmala.

Sumo: So you were thinking about that?

Ramnath: Don’t worry beta, I have promised that I will tell the truth as soon as I get the opportunity and very soon I will tell him the truth too. I have to tell him.

Sumo: Dad, I already said when you are ready only then tell him the truth, and you can take the time. And the last two months, even maa understand.

Ramnath: No, no Suman you won’t understand what the problem is?

Sumo: Dad, you gave me the status of your daughter I at least deserve this much right to know what’s your problem? And I promise I will try my best to help you if I can.

Ramnath: Beta, the thing is actually…

Just then Shravan comes

Shravan: Wow, so now you both are chatting with each other without me.

Ramnath and Suman looks at Shravan,

Shravan: What dad, I have come from London after two months and you are suppose to converse with me not your daughter-in-law?

Sumo: Dad, looks like someone is getting jealous.

Shravan: No, I am not getting jealous. I am just saying.

Sumo: When did I say it’s you getting jealous, I was saying someone is getting jealous.

Shravan: Oh so now, you are teasing me.

Shravan comes and sits with them.

Shravan: Now if you would give me permission dad, may I join you both?

Ramnath smiles.

Ramnath: Of course beta.

They three converse and smile. Kamini fumes seeing this.

Kamini: (in her mind) I thought that this Suman will distance Shravan and Ramnath Bhaisaab, but nothing such is happening, infact the opposite is happening. Looks like I have to do something now.

Scene 4: Shraman’s Room
Suman is combing her hair and Kamini comes in,

Sumo: Kamini Chachi, you and here? At this time?

Kamini: Yes beta, actually I came here to speak to you about something.

Sumo: Tell me.

Kamini: Actually beta, I don’t have any intentions or I didn’t mean to make anyone’s loss. But I couldn’t stop myself from telling you.

Sumo: Don’t worry Chachi just tell me, what’s the matter?

Kamini: I don’t know how to tell you. But I have to tell you, now that you and Shravan are happily married , and it have been some months since you both got married and I felt now is the perfect time, and you have to know this.

Suman gets surprised.

Sumo: Know what?

Kamini: Actually beta, before yours and Shravan’s marriage you were supposed to get married  with Aditya. But then after what Aditya did with you was wrong!

Suman gets surprised seeing Kamini talking about Aditya.

Kamini: I know you forgot that incident and have moved on, but there is a truth hidden between this incident?

Sumo: What kind of truth? I didn’t get you, Chachi.

Kamini: Actually, it was Shravan who provoked Aditya to do so.

Suman is stunned.

Sumo: But Chachi? Shravan? Why will he tell Aditya to do so? Before he was my husband , he is my best friend. I know him very well.

Kamini: No, you are getting me wrong. I said Shravan provoked him, not tell him. I mean that actually in the bachelor’s party, what happened was?

Kamini tells her whatever she heard Nirmala telling Ramnath in the restaurant the other day.

Kamini: I know you would be hurt upon hearing this, but I had to tell you the truth.

Sumo: Look Chachi, I know that already. I know what Shravan told Aditya in the bachelor party the other day. I know the entire truth.

Kamini gets surprised.

Kamini: You know the truth?

Sumo: Yes, because the day I got married with Shravan in the court, Aditya already told me the entire truth on how he was provoked, but do you know what Aditya did?

Kamini: What?

Sumo: He kidnapped Shravan the day we got married in the court and then…

Suman tells her everything.

Sumo: But yes later, he realised his mistake and apologized. Even I was really angry with Shravan initially for what he did, I didn’t want to forgive him at all. But after seeing his care and concern for my family, I knew he deserved another chance.

Suman holds Kamini’s hand.

Sumo: Look Chachi, everyone does mistake in life, and yes Shravan has suffered so much 11 years ago. And the way he grew up like this, yes what he did was wrong, but he himself was so guilty about this. Now Shravan is my husband and I knew he deserved this chance.

Kamini is shocked.

Sumo: Okay, it’s very late now Chachi, you should go to sleep.

Kamini is about to leave,

Sumo: And yes Chachi, please think one more time before provoking others.

Kamini leaves the room without saying anything.

Sumo: (in her mind) I won’t let you do anything such that will break this family apart.

The episode ends with Suman’s determined face.

Precap: Suman gets a very bad nightmare and she gets scared and wakes up crying. Shravan consoles her and Suman tells her that she feels something very wrong is going to happen.

Hey all, so as I promised here is Shraman’s romance, hope you all liked it. Well there will be some Shraman scenes in tomorrow’s episode too, but at the same time there will be a very big twist which will change Shraman’s life next week. And yeah Nirmala track will also unfold that week too. Will say more about next week’s episode tomorrow.

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