Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 183 (16th November’s Episode) (33rd of this FF)

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Episode No: 183
Episode Date: 16th November

Scene 1: Tiwari Killa
The episode begins with Mamiji feeding Preeti and Daboo.

Mamaji and Nanu are sitting in the sofa and talking.

Nanu: Really after Damadji, and Rachana have shifted to Benaras, for Damadji’s veneration in different temples, I am missing them so much.

Mamaji: Right!

Preeti is eating.

Preeti: Maa, I will miss the way you feed me again.

Daboo: Areh don’t worry Preeti dii, Pushkar Jiju is there na?

Preeti: Daboo! Really Suman didi said right you seem to talk too much these days!

Mamiji: Oh from Suman, I remembered when is she coming?

Preeti: Dii is on her way, and after she comes we will go back.

Just then Suman comes in,

Preeti: Now there she is!

Mamiji: Suman beta, come and have some food.

Mamiji feeds Suman,

Sumo: Mami, today I won’t only have food from your hand, I will also have sweets from your hand.

Mami: Sweets? I didn’t get it?

Suman comes to Mami and holds her hand.

Sumo: Mami, remember that time when my mom took some debt from you all.

Mamiji caresses Suman’s face.

Mamiji: Suman beta, nothing like that. And whatever I said and taunted you, I was crazy that time. But I forgot how you did so much for us starting from morning to night, and juggled between your PCT and household. More than me, you handled this household.

Sumo: Mamiji?

Mamiji: Now you won’t mention about the debt ever in this house.

Mamaji and Nanu listens to that and they get surprised.

Sumo: It won’t even be mentioned, now I won’t give you any reason to mention about that debt, because Mamiji

Suman makes Mamiji forward her hand and gives her 20 lakhs cheque.

Sumo: Here is your 20 lakhs Mamiji, now my mom’s debt has been settled. Now really there won’t be any mention about this debt in this house.

Mamiji: No, no Suman beta I can’t accept this cheque. You are like my daughter, how can I take money from my daughter?

Sumo: Okay Mamiji, don’t take it as a mother, but I can give it to Daboo as a sister right?

Mamiji looks on.

Sumo: When my mom was in bad times, you helped her by lending her money, and now for Daboo’s bright future please take this, and I believe in equal rights. If I didn’t give you this money, I will regret my whole life, and if my mom was alive she would have definitely repay off all your debts, but as a daughter I had to complete what she left incomplete. So please Mamiji accept this. Please don’t snatch this opportunity to fulfil my dream. This is my big step towards making my PCT successful too, after all this was the reason why I opened PCT.

Mamiji looks at Mamaji and Nanu, Nanu nod his head to show his agreement, and she unwillingly takes it. Suman smiles.

Nanu comes to Suman. Nanu puts his hand on Suman’s hand.

Nanu: You fulfilled what my Priya left incomplete. I am very proud of you Suman beta. I don’t know how should I even thank you for this.

Sumo: I can do anything for my Maa.

Suman gets emotional. Mamiji folds her hand.

Mamiji: I am so sorry beta, for all these years. But I have realized all my mistakes.

Suman seperates her hand,

Sumo: Just now you called me your daughter, so how can I let my mother do this to me?

Mamiji and Suman hug each other, and they get emotional. Nanu and Mamaji gets emotional too.

Daboo: I also want to join.

Daboo also hugs them.

Preeti: Me too.

Suman, Mamiji, Daboo and Preeti share a cute hug.

Nanu: You all forgot me?

Sumo: Nanu you also come here? Mamaji you also.

All of them share a hug.

Scene 2: Malhotra Residence
Suman and Preeti reaches Malhotra Residence. Pushkar gets happy seeing Preeti, and Ramnath is doing some work sitting in the dining table.

Pushkar: So both the sisters are finally here?

Sumo: We can come whatever we want to!

Ramnath: So how was your stay Suman Beta?

Sumo: It was good.

Ramnath: How are you Preeti beta?

Preeti: I am fine Bade Papa.

Pushkar: Suman and Preeti you both stayed for very less days there, you could have stayed for more days.

Sumo: Okay Preeti, looks like your husband is not happy to see us here. Let’s go back.

As Suman was about to take Preeti back, Pushkar quickly holds Preeti’s hand.

Pushkar:No, no! Let’s go upstairs, Preeti I have some work.

Preeti: But Pushkar?

Pushkar: Let’s go, and yes carefully.

Pushkar makes Preeti climb the stairs, Suman smiles seeing them.

Sumo: This Pushkar is totally crazy! And my PrettyPreeti too naive!

Suman comes to Ramnath,

Ramnath: Beta how have you been?

Sumo: Good dad!

Ramnath: This house looked very silent after you and Preeti left, and no one was at home only me, Pushkar, Vandy and Varun. And Pushkar was here for me.

Sumo: I have realised dad that you have not been taking care of yourself all these days, only work and work.

Suman arranges his papers.

Sumo: Now go upstairs and sleep, and Pushkar is there also, Varun Bhaia too.

Ramnath: No, no beta let it be it have been my habit.

Sumo: Now I get it! Your son has totally went on you.

Ramnath: No, no beta, don’t say like this. There is huge difference between me and Shravan. Shravan is a good person just like his mom, but due to me, his attitude and everything changed but you brought my old Shravan back,

Sumo: No dad, not entirely. Even today Shravan holds grudges against Maa and have some misconception.

Ramnath: Once he comes back I will tell him the entire truth.

Sumo: Are you sure?

Ramnath: Yes

Sumo: But Shravan, he… He will get shattered knowing this, I don’t even know if I should support the truth or love?

Ramnath: Anyways the truth has to be out one day.

Ramnath gets sad, and Suman gets emotional. She wipes her tears.

Sumo: See in all these I forgot to give you very important news!

Ramnath looking surprised.

Ramnath: Why? What happened?

Sumo: Dad, I have finally repaid off my parent’s debt 20 lakhs through my PCT savings, now I can work in peace. My dream has been fulfilled.

Ramnath gets happy.

Ramnath: That’s really a good thing beta! I am really happy for you! I knew you can do it!

Suman smiles, and Ramnath blesses her.

Ramnath: May God bless you!

Suman smile.

Ramnath: Did you tell Shravan about this?

Sumo: See in this pretext, I even forgot to tell Shravan.

Scene 3: Shraman’s Room
Suman happily goes upstairs and she is about to take her laptop.

Sumo: Oh yes I forgot at this time Shravan must be training, so he will only pick up my calls, let me tell him about this,

Suman is about to call Shravan, and Shravan calls him. Suman picks up the call.

Sumo: Shravan, how do you know I was about to call you?

Shravan: What?

Sumo: Good you called I have something to tell you.

Shravan sounds worried.

Shravan: Even I have something to tell you.

Sumo: Shravan… is everything fine?

Shravan: Sumo, actually the thing is, actually…

Sumo: Stop talking in rounds and suspense; tell me clearly what the matter is?

Shravan: Sumo, actually I am going to Paris.

Sumo: That’s a good thing for how many days?

Shravan: Not days, Suman years. 2 years!

Sumo: Oh I get it now, so the London training the course is held at Paris instead of London right?

Shravan: No Sumo, I didn’t mean by that two years, I mean by this two years. I have to pursue some law practice measures in Paris for these two years for enhancement and only then I am ready for the course for the two years.

Sumo: So you are coming right? After coming to India, you will go, right?

Shravan: No Sumo, you are wrong! Unfortunately! I have to go Paris within 2 days and only after two years I will come back to India!

Suman becomes shocked.

Sumo: What! What a joke!

Shravan: I am serious Sumo, if you don’t believe I can send you proof also.

Sumo: Really you won’t come to India for two years?

Shravan: Don’t tell this to anyone for now. I am only telling you, when the right time will come, only then I will tell everyone.

Sumo: Shravan, really there isn’t any other day?

Shravan: Okay fine, I won’t take this course, I know you are feeling bad, let me do one thing I will refuse them.

Sumo: No you don’t dare do that! Now I am not in mood to talk to you, I will talk to you later, I stayed awake till late yesterday, I am sleepy.

Shravan: Okay have a sound sleep; I will call you tomorrow, as I have to prepare for my flight also.

Sumo: Okay.

Suman keeps the phone and gets really upset. She tries to cry but isn’t able to control her tears, she lies down on the bed.

Sumo: (in her mind) Really I have to wait for him for 2 years. He must be joking.But…10 years wasn’t enough and now again these 2 years?

Suman cries and after that she falls asleep.

Suman wakes up and she realises she was in a very deep sleep.

Sumo: Oh no, it’s 1am now! I took a nap and ended up sleeping. Now how will I sleep the entire night! I am not at all sleepy now.

Suman gets up and she looks at the mirror, she sees her and Shravan’s reception pictures, on the table top, she takes the picture and looks at it.

Sumo: Shravan, I am missing you, please come soon na…

Just then Shravan comes,

Shravan: You called me and I am present.

Suman looks at the mirror and finds Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan!

She realises it was her imagination.

Sumo: Right, now if you cannot come for real, you will come in my dreams only. It seems like this is the only way to talk with you face to face now.

Shravan comes to Suman.

Shravan: Angry with me?

Suman nods no.

Sumo: No Shravan, I am not angry with you. I understand your dreams are important too, but two years is too much.

Shravan: Then should I pre pone my plan?

Sumo: Meaning?

Just then Ramnath comes in the room,

Ramnath: Shravan beta!

Shravan: Dad!

Shravan and Ramnath hugs each other.

Ramnath: When did you reach here? You didn’t even call us?

Suman gets confused.

Shravan: I have decided that since my training was over yesterday, I immediately booked tickets for tonight, and was thinking why not I surprise you and Sumo?

Suman realises that Shravan came back for real and it was not her imagination. She is taking time to confirm it.

Ramnath: You did the right thing! And surprise, what a pleasant idea!

Shravan: Dad, I missed you a lot these two months.

Ramnath: I missed you too beta! Let me call Pushkar and others.

Shravan: No, no let it be dad! Let them wake up tomorrow and then they will get the shock!

Ramnath: Okay as you say, now it is very late. I think you should go to sleep now and after all it was such a long journey. I also go to sleep now. Suman beta you also sleep.

Ramnath leaves.

Shravan: Sumo, I am going to change and fresh up now.

Suman is standing there yet confused,

Sumo: (in her mind) But he was in London when he called me a while ago! And now…

Suman gets determined

Sumo: (in her mind) Now this imagination is too intense and complicated.

Shravan comes and snaps at her.

Shravan: What deep thought are you in?

Suman gets thinking.

Shravan: Sumo, what are you?

Sumo: I am really Shravan.

Shravan: No, I am not Shravan.

Sumo: I knew it, I knew it was my imagination.

Shravan: Now I have to stamp on your foot also is it?

Sumo: Now why am I even thinking about you? It is so sad, I want to cry.

Shravan: Sumo, no I am really Shravan. What’s wrong with you?

Sumo: No! No! You are just my imagination!

Shravan: Sumo?

Sumo: One more time I am asking you are you really my Shravan?

Shravan: Yes, I am all yours.

Sumo: No, half is you here and half is there in London. There is two Shravan. But unfortunately you are not the real Shravan.

Suman nods no, and Shravan makes her nod yes. Suman now is confirmed he is really Shravan,

Sumo: Shravan, you really came!

Shravan nods and Suman hugs him. Shravan smiles.

Sumo: But Shravan you called me like 5 hours ago! And the London flight takes longer than that so how did you call…

Shravan: I was in transit that time Buddhu!

Sumo: But your Paris course?

Shravan: Paris why will I go Paris?

Sumo: You said that…

Shravan: What Sumo even now you didn’t get it? It was a lie! I wanted a surprise you that’s why I lied about me going to Paris.

Suman gets angry.

Sumo: Shravan!!!! Now I won’t spare you!!! Stop here, right now!!! I will teach you a lesson!!! And how dare you call me a Buddhu!!!

Suman chases Shravan around, and Shravan jumps on the bed, and she also jumps on the bed,

Sumo: How can you lie to me like this?

Shravan: Relax Sumo I just wanted to surprise you, but now you are surprising me?

Sumo: You have any idea how I felt?

Shravan: Sorry baba, now leave me.

Sumo: No!

Shravan throws the pillow at her and laughs, Suman gets angry and she throws the pillow at him too. They both fight until they both lose balance and fall down on the bed. EDKV title plays. They share an eyelock. They lovingly look at each other.

Sumo: You have no idea how much I missed you! How I have spent the two months only I know! Two years would have been impossible for me.

Shravan: I know that very well, I know that feeling very well. That’s why I immediately came back to you Sumo!

Sumo: You know there is so many things I want to tell you.

Shravan: Even I have got things to tell you too. So many things. And yes, you are right you kept one half of me with you, what to do! I couldn’t tolerate staying without you! I miss you too! I love you, I love you Sumo!

Sumo: I love you too Shravan!

Suman and Shravan get close to each other, and they cover themselves in a blanket entirely.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman tells Shravan to apply vermillion on her forehead and they share some romantic moments.

Hey all I really appreciate the fact that you all really liked yesterday’s episode a lot ?. And I will post as per normal tomorrow too. Hope you all will like the upcoming episodes too. Now I am going to watch IPL ??? And don’t forget to comment ?

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  1. Nikita

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    1. Nikita

      Oh it wasn’t small.. I just realized I read it in 2 parts, between 2 tv ads.. so that’s why I read pt 2. Anyways, pt 1 was great as usuall, Nanu and daboo are adorablee.. ♥
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    2. RANdomfANCreationz

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