Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 180 (11th November’s Episode) (30th of this FF)

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Episode No: 180
Episode Date: 11th November 2016

Scene 1: In the car
The episode begins with this time, Shravan is driving Suman’s car and Suman is eating cotton candy in the car.

Shravan: After so many days, we enjoyed in the fair.

Sumo: Right,

Shravan: Sumo, I didn’t know that you are still a coward.  Your face when we got in the roller coaster was worth watching.

Shravan tries to laugh.

Sumo: You seem to be enjoying a lot?

Suman hits Shravan. Suman is still having cotton candy.

Shravan: Sumo, I want to taste some cotton candy.

Suman takes some cotton candy and is about to feed Shravan,

Shravan stops the car.

Shravan: No, not like this.

Sumo: Then?

Shravan comes close to kiss Suman. And they both share a kiss. Suman is surprised.

Shravan: Like this.

Suman gets shocked due to the kiss.

Shravan: Why are you acting as if this is our first time?

Suman looks at Shravan shocked, and Shravan winks at her,

Shravan: By the way I liked the taste.

Suman just stares at him stunned and nods.

Shravan continues driving.

Suman: Stop here!

Shravan: Now you want more pecks?

Sumo: Don’t even think about it. I just want to go to the jewellery shop.

Shravan: Okay fine.

Suman comes out of the car.

Sumo: Yo want to come along also?

Shravan: Me? Okay fine.

Shravan also comes out of the car.

Scene 2: Jewellery Shop
They both come to the jewellery shop.

Sumo: Bhaia, can show me the designs of the lockets and chains?

The jeweller does so, Suman sees them. Shravan looks at his phone.

Shravan: Sumo, I will be right back.

Suman nods.

Sumo: Bhaia, I want two bracelets to be designed with initials.

Jeweller: Okay sure, write the names.

Suman does so and she smiles.

Sumo: Please make it by today. Is it possible?

Jeweller: Mam, it will take some time, it may get ready at night like 9 or 10.

Sumo: Okay then I will collect it at around 9 or 10 after my family dinner.

Jeweller: Okay Mam!

The guy takes the paper away, Shravan comes,

Shravan: So done?

Sumo: Yes, let’s go.

They leave.

Scene 3: Shraman’s Room
Shravan is looking at the mirror, and he is dressed in grey t-shirt.

Just then Suman comes, Shravan looks from bottom to top. Suman is dressed in a black saree and her hair bun up. Music plays.

Sumo: Shravan, tie this dori for me.

Shravan: Me?

Sumo: Yes.

Shravan ties the dori for her and smiles as he remembers how he tied Dori for her in Diwali. Suman smiles.

Sumo: By the way how do you know how to tie a dori? I didn’t even tell you?

Shravan: I tied it like a shoelace.

Sumo: Not bad, Shravan. What a technique!

Shravan: Everyone must be waiting for us. Let’s go.

Scene 4: Malhotra Residence
Everyone is waiting for Shravan and Suman.  And they come down.

Kamini: Now, Shravan and Suman are here also? We should go for dinner now.

Ramnath: No one is going anywhere.

Everyone gets confused.

Kamini: But we are supposed to go to restaurant right for family dinner?

Ramnath: Kamini when I said family dinner will take place at the restaurant.

Kamini: I didn’t get you, Bhaisaab.

Ramnath smiles.

Ramnath: Preeti beta, explain what I meant to your mother-in-law.

Preeti smiles.

Preeti: Saasu Maa, Bade Papa meant that we will have dinner here. Like last time there was Preeti Bhoj in mine and dii’s house in the same way there will be Preeti Bhoj here too, in this house.

Kamini: Heh?

Lalaji: That means we will have dinner sitting down together, Preeti beta?

Preeti: Yes, Sasurji.

Everyone gets happy except for Kamini who is a bit surprised.

Lalaji: Then today’s dinner will be fun!

Vandy: Wow that day I really enjoyed Preeti Bhoj and today it will be held in our house too. Cool, right Mummy Ji!
Kamini looks angrily at Vandy and she gets silent.

Sumo: Dad, you didn’t tell me that before, I would have prepared tonight’s dinner?

Ramnath: No, no beta you and Shravan recently got married and before Shravan leaves you both deserve to spend some time that’s why I didn’t tell. Because I know you will stay back and cook, that’s why.

Sumo: But still?

Lalaji: No problem Suman beta, there is still time you can cook dessert if you want to.

Kamini: Why are you disturbing Suman beta, telling her to cook! Greedy man!

Sumo: No, no Kamini Chachi its fine I will manage. And I will be very fast.

Everyone sits to eat together. Preeti is about to sit down,

Pushkar: No, no Preeti you won’t sit down in this condition!

Preeti: But Pushkar, I want to eat with everyone.

Pushkar: I bring a chair here; you sit on that chair and eat.

Preeti: But Pushkar isn’t it strange?

Pushkar: No, not at all, Sumo say something to your sister, she never listens to me.

Sumo: Pushkar is absolutely right, keep quiet and sit down.

Preeti agrees.

Ramnath is looking at the watch.  Shravan sees this.

Shravan: Dad, are you waiting for anyone?

Ramnath sees and he smiles.

Ramnath: There they are.

Shravan smiles as he finds the Tiwaris coming. Suman and Preeti gets happy. Shravan and Suman gets up to go to them.

Sumo: Nanu?

Nanu: Liked the surprise?

Shravan: Nanu you never told us that you will be coming to the dinner too.

Ramnath: Shravan, I have denied Tiwari Ji from telling it is a surprise for you.

Preeti is about to get up,

Mamiji: No, no beta don’t move, and how is my princess?

Preeti: Fine, Maa.

Mamiji: Are you taking care of your health?

Pushkar: What Saasu Maa, your daughter never takes care of herself. I have to look after her.

Mamiji: I am not worried after all my lovely Damadji is here to take care of my Princess.

Pushkar smiles. Kamini sees this and gets angry.

Kamini: (In her mind) This Pushkar is mingling with his in-laws too much.

The Tiwaris sit down too. They all sit together. Nanu sits on  a chair besides Shravan, and Daboo sits beside Suman.

They all have dinner together and enjoy. Lalaji and Mausaji are talking as Mausaji talks about his veneration. Just then Nanu comes,

Nanu: We all should leave now.

Shravan: Nanu, me and Sumo will drop you all.

Ramnath: Yes this will be right.

All Tiwaris get up to leave.

They leave in two cars.

Scene 5: Tiwari Killa
The Tiwaris reach Tiwari Killa along with Suman and Shravan.

Sumo: Nanu…

Suman hugs Nanaji.

Shravan: Sumo, you will get to meet Nanaji every day, and me after entire two months, why are you getting emotional?

Sumo: You won’t understand.

Shravan: Okay Nanu we should leave now?

Nanu agrees, and they leave.

Nanu: And don’t forget!

Shravan: Okay!

Scene 6: Near the car
Shravan calls Ramnath.

Shravan: Dad, me and Sumo will come later.

Ramnath: Why? Staying back with Tiwari ji for a while is it?

Shravan: No, no actually

Suman takes the phone and switches on the loudspeaker.

Sumo: Dad, I am going to pick up an order from the jewellery shop I placed, and Shravan you may leave, I will come back home alone.

Shravan: No, no actually I also have some work at the farmhouse regarding tomorrow, some of my important documents are there, I maybe late while returning home, no need to worry about me.

Ramnath: But comeback quick beta, tomorrow is your flight, don’t you remember?

Shravan: Don’t worry dad, I will be back and all of you should go to sleep early so that you all can wave me goodbye tomorrow. I will call Pushkar to take update.

Ramnath: Okay beta. I trust you.

Shravan keeps the phone.

Sumo: Shravan, should I wait for you, and then we come home together?

Shravan: No, Sumo you collect your order and then go back home.

Suman agrees.

They all leave, Suman leaves to collect the jewellery and Shravan leaves for his work.

Scene 7: Sumo’s Car
Suman is on her way as she collects the order. Suman gets a call.

Sumo: Hello Shravan?

Suman gets shocked as she listens something.

Sumo: Don’t worry I will come right now, okay. You just stay calm.

Suman keeps the phone.

Sumo: Oh no!

Suman drives the car and she calls Pushkar.

Pushkar: Yes, say!

Sumo: Pushkar, listen, I am going to the farmhouse now, and yes I will come back home with Shravan so I may get a bit late, okay. You all fall asleep first no need to wait for me.

Pushkar: Oh so the couples need some privacy huh! Honeymoon is not enough?

Sumo: Shut Up! Do as I say!

Pushkar: Areh yaar you got serious, then there must be some matter, its fine I will tell everyone not to wait for both of you.

Sumo: Thank you yaar, we will comeback as soon as we can. I am going to meet Shravan now.

Suman keeps the phone.

Sumo: (in her mind) I must reach farmhouse as soon as possible.

Scene 8: Farmhouse
Suman comes to the farmhouse and she finds it empty.

Sumo: Shravan, where are you?
Suman is not able to find him anywhere, she gets worried.

Sumo: Shravan!

Suman goes upstairs and she checks in the rooms but she doesn’t find him in any of the room, she gets more worried. Just then, she sees something,

Sumo: Shr…

Suman realises Shravan is standing in the balcony of one of the room, and she goes in.

Sumo: Shravan, all this?

Shravan looks and smiles at Suman.

Sumo: Shravan, what is going on? I am not getting you. Is everything fine?

Shravan: It was not, but now it’s fine.

Sumo: I didn’t get you.

Shravan pulls something and the entire flowers fall on her.

Shravan: Surprise!

Suman is confused.

Shravan whispers to Suman,

Shravan: So how was the surprise? I wanted to spend some time with you before leaving for London so I planned all these.

Sumo: Here, I got hell worried thinking what happened and you? Do you have any idea how much scared I got?

Suman hugs Shravan and cries. Shravan smiles until her tears fall on his hand and he gets surprised.

Shravan: Sumo, you are crying?

Sumo: No, no I am laughing.

Shravan wipes her tears.

Shravan: You know how much I hate them on your eyes.

Sumo: I got so worried and scared!

Shravan: As long as you are with me, nothing can happen to me.

Shravan wipes her tears. Suman smiles.

Shravan: I love you, Sumo!

Sumo: I love you too Shravan!

Suman gets happy.

Sumo: See in pretext of all this, I forgot about this gift.

Shravan: Gift?

Suman takes out the box, and he gifts him a bracelet.

Shravan: Bracelet?

Shravan looks at the bracelet, and gets a bit confused as he sees Shraman.

Shravan: Shraman? But my name is Shravan. Looks like the jeweller accidentally placed M instead of V. Must be some Mamiji’s relative.

Sumo: No, no I have purposely done this.

Shravan is surprised.

Sumo: Oh my dear Patidev. Shraman is the combination of our names, Shra from Shravan and Man from Suman which makes it Shraman.

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Cool Idea!

Sumo: I brought this bracelet one for me and one for you, so that whenever we miss each other, we will see this bracelet.

Shravan smiles.

Sumo: Let me make you wear that bracelet.

Suman does so. Shravan smiles, and Shravan also makes her wear the bracelet, and they smile.

Shravan takes her hand and brings her to the balcony.

Scene 9: Balcony
Sumo: Shravan, what are you…

Shravan places his finger on her lips.

Shravan: Even I have something for you.

Sumo: Really!

Suman gets excited. Shravan brings a box.

Sumo: What have you brought?

Shravan bends down and he holds Suman’s hand. Suman looks on.

Shravan: Sumo, you know how much I love you, right?

Suman nods.

Shravan: In these days a lot happened, it took me almost 12 years to tell you how much I want you, and how much I love you.

Suman gets emotional.

Shravan: I couldn’t even properly confess my love to you. And before I even did that, I made you cry. So now,

Shravan bends down and proposes Suman.

Shravan: Are you forever ready to be Mrs. Suman Malhotra, Mrs. of Mr.Shravan Malhotra?

Sumo: I am not only ready to be yours in this birth, but also in every birth.

Shravan makes Suman wear the ring. Suman smiles.

Shravan: I love you.

As Suman is about to say something, Shravan brings another box of ring.

Shravan: Now make me wear this ring if you accept our love.

Suman happily takes the ring and makes him wear the ring.

Sumo: I love you too!

Suman and Shravan hug each other.

(Warning: 16+ scenes here onwards)

(Please it’s a request if you are below 16 don’t read this part. It’s not for your age group, believe me you yourself won’t be comfortable, if you trust me please do jump/scroll to the precap. Thank you so much.?)

Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand. Mere Haath Main from Fanaa plays. Suman looks at Shravan.

Shravan pulls Suman towards him. (Mere Haath Main Tere Haath Ho Sare Jannate Mere Saat Ho). Shravan opens Suman’s bun to let her hair loose and touches her hand. (Mere Haath Main Tere Haath Ho), and places his hand on hers. Shravan holds Suman’s waist (Sare Jannate…) and puts his head on her neck and is about to kiss her. (Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh jahaan)

Suman feels shy and she moves away and blushes (Mere Haath Main) Shravan comes and again hugs from the back (Tu Jo Paas Ho), Suman looks at Shravan. Suman touches Shravan’s face. Shravan unties her dori from her blouse and kisses her back. He again holds her hand and kisses it. (Mere Haath Main Tere Haath Ho).

Shravan places Suman’s hand on his shoulder and they smile looking at each other and they share an eyelock. Shravan puts Suman’s hair lock aside.  Suman closes her eyes. Shravan holds her hand and kisses her on the neck,(Jitne Paas Hain Khushbu Saas Ke), and he holds her chin to kiss her on the lips and gets close.(Jitne Paas Hoto Ke Sangam),Suman blushes and Shravan lifts Suman in his arms.(Jaise Saath Baahon ke Sangam)

He carries her to the bedroom. Suman lovingly looks at Shravan smiling. (Jitne Paas Paas Khwabo ke Nazar), and Shravan places her on the bed. He opens her earrings and places them, Suman looks on and smiles (Tu Jo Paas Ho), Shravan kisses Suman’s forehead. (Sare Janate…) They hug each other (Tere Pyaar Mein Ho Jaon Fanaa) and get close and intimate, and consummate their marriage. (Mere Haath Main Tere Haath Ho Sare Jaante Mere Paas Ho)

(Sorry I can’t write the intimate parts further, it’s too much for me. Whatever i wrote is whatever mostly i read in other ffs or somewhat similar shown on Tv)

The episode ends.

Precap: Shravan says he doesn’t want to go London without her to Suman. Suman tells him and scolds him to go, Shravan nods no. Suman makes Shravan nods yes by shaking his head. Suman tells him to take care, Shravan does the same. Shravan gets into the car and they wave goodbye to each other. Suman and Shravan both hide their tears.

Hey all, yeah I don’t know what’s your reaction upon reading this episode frankly speaking i enjoyed writing the proposal scene a lot but the other Shraman romance scenes it’s a bit awkward for me though ???, but yeah you all were saying romance romance what to do ???. I suck at romance no offence ??? I m more into comedy ,friendship and suspense types but I will still add romance in this ff cause Shraman have a hot chemistry I love their romance ???. And if YoY didn’t like it so sorry for that. Next time I will try not to give a chance to complain.
Okay so I have one bad news and one good news. Which one you want to hear first? Bad Or good? Okay any one of them can. One news is I won’t be posting anything this weekend, no promo no other segment the reason is because I am Super duper busy in the weekends due to my job as I said. I have a morning shift plus a movie to watch tomorrow and Sunday I have a full shift like yesterday. So I won’t have any free time these weekends. The other news is that since I am not uploading anything on the weekends, I will upload a small spoiler.

Spoiler Alert:
There will be a 2-3 months leap in this ff where Shravan and Suman will be separated. If you are thinking why let me tell you, Shravan will be in London to pursue his training and Suman will be busy running her PCT, and both of them will be staying away from each other and seen taking a big step towards their respective dreams and career. And if you think they will part ways, you are wrong. And to know more wait for Monday’s Episode and update.???

And no worries, next episode will be updated as per normal on Monday. Cause the good thing is I have an off on Monday and I can write the episodes on Monday too. And as I said I write episodes in advance, so I thankfully I still have extra episodes written.
And yeah love you all take care and have an awesome weekend.

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    The temperature has suddenly gone up!???
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    I just loved it..
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    Post soon..
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting and as i said one will expect hot romance in this epi ? Yeah ofc it’s 16+ ??? yeah bold Shravan Malhotra ? Happy u liked the epi ? Will post next epi on Mon ? Love u too ???

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rohini thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Yeah new shade of Shravan ? Well yeah leap will be from tue epi and will post the next epi on mon as per normal ? Love u too ???
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