Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 179 (10th November’s Episode) (29th of this FF)

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Episode No: 179
Episode Date: 10th November 2016
Scene 1: Shraman’s Room
The episode begins with Suman arranging stuffs and Shravan comes and hugs behind from her.
Shravan: Thank you so much for making dad agree for my training. I love you so much.
Sumo: No not a big deal. I told you he will agree.
Sumo: (in her mind) Shravan you have no idea, you are able to go for this only because of your mom!
Shravan realises Suman is sad.
Shravan: What happened? You look sad.
Sumo: I will miss you a lot.
Shravan: Sumo, isn’t it possible you come with me?
Suman looks and caresses Shravan’s face.
Sumo: Shravan, I would love to but you know why right?
Shravan nods.
Shravan: Believe me Sumo, these two months will be no less than two years.
Sumo: I will also miss you.
Shravan: Now what should I give my wife before I go?
Shravan kisses Suman on the cheek, Suman looks at Shravan surprised.
Sumo: A kiss on the cheek? No, no this won’t be done.
Shravan pulls Suman closer.
Shravan: Okay if kiss is not enough, then why not we have our nuptial night?
Shravan comes close to Suman, and Suman hits him.
Sumo: Shravan, you are very naughty!
Shravan: You said it’s not enough.
Suman hits her head with her hand.
Sumo: Oho, my Patidev! I meant that, I want to spend more time with you.
Shravan pulls Suman closer.
Shravan: This is what I am going to do.
Sumo: No, no not this.
Shravan: Then?
Suman walks.
Sumo: Shravan, I want to spend the whole day with you tomorrow if you don’t mind.
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Okay done.
Suman smiles, and she is about to sleep,
Shravan: Sumo, how about PCT?
Sumo: I didn’t go with you because of my commitments and anyways these 2 months I will be busy with PCT, so why don’t I spare one day with my Patidev!
Shravan: Hmm, looks like my Sumo is in romantic mood now, so why don’t we do some romance!
Sumo: If you want to do some romance, do it in your sleep, spare me!
Shravan: I always do that in my sleep!
Sumo: Shravan, you are impossible!
Shravan: You are also no less!
Sumo: Now it’s very late, let’s go to sleep.
Shravan: But I want a kiss too ,at least on the cheeks?
Suman tries to give him a kiss, by tiptoeing. Later, she gets up on the bed.
Shravan: Sumo?
Sumo: What Sumo? Who told you to be as tall as Kutub Minar?
Looks like you used to empty the entire packet of Complan every day, that’s why you grew this tall right?
Shravan: Sumo…
Suman gives him a kiss on the cheek and goes to sleep. Shravan smiles, and he goes to sleep too.

Next day morning,
Shravan wakes up in the morning and finds Suman missing.
Shravan: Where have Sumo gone?
Shravan is about to get up to find Suman, he finds casuals on his bed.
Suman comes out of the washroom and she is drying her hair with the towel.
Shravan: Sumo, this?
Sumo: Yes, today you will wear this because we will hang out the whole day today.
Shravan: But where are we exactly going?
Sumo: You keep quiet; today I will bring you outside the whole day.
Shravan: Is it?
Shravan comes to Suman,
Sumo: Today we will have all the fun we missed in the last 10 years.
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Okay done.
Sumo: Now quickly get ready and come downstairs for breakfast. After all it is the last breakfast you are having with the family before leaving for London for 2 months.
Shravan smiles.

Scene 3: In the car
Suman is driving the car, and Shravan is looking at her lovingly.
Sumo: Why are you looking at me like this?
Shravan: I hope your car doesn’t break down.
Sumo: Don’t worry, I have got servicing done for this in advance.
Shravan is still staring at her,
Sumo: Shravan, why are you staring at me like this! It is really awkward.
Shravan: Now I have such a beautiful wife what to do!
Sumo: Thank God, I am driving the car if not by now definitely accident would have happened.
And then they reach. It is Tiwari Killa.
Shravan: Tiwari Killa?
Sumo: Nanu wanted to meet you that’s why. You go first. I will park the car.
Shravan: Okay fine.

Scene 4: Tiwari Killa
Here Daboo is shown playing with a phone, and Nanu is sitting beside Daboo.
Nanu: Daboo beta, what are you playing on phone?
Daboo: I am playing Pokemon Go Dadaji!
Nanu: What is that?
Daboo brings his phone and shows to Nanu.
Daboo: In this game, you find Pokemon, these small creatures are called Pokemon and then you get it you attack them with the ball, and then you capture a Pokemon.
Nanu: What kind of game is this?
Shravan comes and smiles seeing Nanu and Daboo’s bonding.
Daboo: No no Dadaji you didn’t understand, that’s why. Actually this game is very interesting.
Nanu sees Shravan and smiles.
Nanu: Areh Shravan beta, you and here?
Shravan: Nanu, Sumo didn’t tell you that I am leaving for London tomorrow for training?
Nanu: Oh yes, she told me nowadays I forget a lot of stuffs.
Daboo comes and sits besides Shravan.
Shravan: Nanu, where is others? They are not seen.
Nanu: Manju and Rachana went for a wedding, they will be back by evening, Sameer went for some work and Damadji went for veneration the next house.
Shravan: So you and Daboo are alone at home?
Nanu: Yes.
Daboo: Shravan Jiju, you play Pokemon Go?
Shravan: Of course, when I am free I play Pokemon Go!
Daboo: Okay, let me show you what Pokemon I got.
Nanu: What nonsense game is this Shravan you also?
Shravan: Nanu?
Nanu: We didn’t play chess for many days, let’s go and play chess.

Just then Suman comes,
Sumo: Not fair Nanu! You and Shravan always play chess, leaving me alone!
Nanu: Areh Areh calm down Suman beta.
Shravan: Nanu, let’s go and play chess.
Daboo: Then what I and Suman didi will do? Suman didi is very boring.
Suman looks at Daboo angrily and Shravan tries to laugh looking at Suman,
Suman: Acha Daboo ki Bachi! I am boring! That day, I was here and you called Mausi boring and now Shravan is here, I am boring?
Daboo: Oho Suman Didi you never understand me. I said that in celebrations and preparations it’s fun to help you, but in games very boring.
Suman: But you called me boring!
Daboo: Suman didi, it is not hard, it is impossible to understand you! Wasted!
Shravan: Now even Daboo gave confirmation that it is impossible to understand you Sumo!
Suman looks on angrily, and Daboo and Shravan gives each other a hi-5.
Sumo: Okay fine, you and Nanu play chess, and Daboo just play your useless games, I go and cook.
Daboo: My game is not useless.
Sumo: Whatever it is.
Nanu: Suman beta, no need for that Manju already cooked lunch before leaving.
Sumo: Then what should I do?
Daboo: Yes, Dadu even I don’t know how to play chess and you don’t like Pokemon Go! You never play with me; you always play with Shravan Jiju!
Daboo puts his head down.
Shravan: Okay Daboo, we will play what you will say, okay!
Daboo smiles.
Daboo: Let’s play Ludo!
Shravan: Okay fine.
Nanu: That’s a good idea, and even 4 people can play.
Daboo: Suman didi, please play with us.
Sumo: Finally thanks to Daboo, we all can play a game!
Daboo: Okay I will play bring the Ludo board from upstairs.

Daboo brings Ludo. Shravan, Suman, Daboo and Nanu plays Ludo. As they play Ludo in the game, Nanu cuts Daboo.
Daboo: Dadu, why did you cut my one? Not fair.
Nanu: Daboo beta, everything is fair in love and war.
Daboo makes sad faces, Suman and Shravan laughs.
Sumo: Now my turn.
Sumo throws a six.
Sumo: Yeah sixer!
Shravan: Sumo you just got a six in the dice, not hit any six in cricket match!
Sumo: Shut Up!
They play the game, and they enjoy. Nanu cuts Shravan.
Nanu: Now I have cut Shravan.
Shravan: What Nanu, now you see.
And Shravan also does so, and they enjoy. Daboo is about to win , and then Nanu cuts him.
Daboo: Nanu you always cut me and Shravan Jiju, not Suman Didi.
Sumo: Keep Quiet Daboo, let Nanu play how he wants.
Suman plays and she goes all the way, and is about to win.
Sumo: Listen if anyone cut me this time especially Daboo and Shravan, I won’t spare you.
Shravan: Who cares?
Shravan is playing, and finally in the end Daboo wins.
Daboo: Yeah I win!
Shravan smiles.
Sumo: No win, win! You cheated; you cut me that’s how you won!
Daboo: I don’t care what you all say, I win so I won.
Daboo goes and brings to keep the Ludo upstairs.
Sumo: I will heat the food, in the meanwhile.
Nanu: Suman beta, it has been years since we all had lunch in my room, so we will have lunch there.
Sumo: Okay done, Nanu! Let me heat the food first!

Scene 5: Upstairs,
Suman goes upstairs and keeps the food on the table in Nanu’s room. She looks at hers and Shravan’s reception pictures and smiles, just then someone pulls her hand and brings her somewhere.
Sumo: You…
He covers Suman’s mouth with his hand, and brings her to the storeroom. It’s Shravan
Sumo: Shravan what you are…
Shravan: Shh, someone may hear us!
Suman looks around.
Shravan: You were thinking about me, right?
Suman looks on. Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand.
Sumo: Shravan, let me go!
Shravan nods no.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan whispers to Suman.
Shravan: You didn’t let me cut you in Ludo today, but very soon I will cut you when we will have our nuptial night.
Shravan winks at Suman. Suman is stunned.
Sumo: Shravan you are just crazy! Now let me go!
Shravan: Okay, but in one condition!
Sumo: What!
Shravan comes close to Suman for a kiss, Suman also comes close, and just then Nanu calls them out.
Nanu: Shravan! Suman! Where are you both?
Sumo: I should leave now.
Suman goes.
Shravan: Two things is impossible to do, one to understand Sumo and two, romance in Tiwari Killa.

Scene 6: Nanu’s Room
Suman, Shravan, Daboo and Nanu are having lunch in Nanu’s room and are enjoying.
Nanu: After so many years, we had lunch together in this room. It is such a refreshing memory.

Suman and Shravan smiles looking at each other, Nanu gets into a flashback,

Teenager Suman is angry.
Nanu: Suman beta, what hapepened?
Suman is still angry. Nanu asks Teenager Shravan.
Nanu: What happened?
Shravan: You denied her for the annual school picnic that’s why she is angry!
Nanu: Is it?
Nanu comes to Suman.
Sumo: Nanu, you know today everyone is having fun in the annual picnic and I am alone here.
Nanu: Who said that you are alone? Shravan is also here, he didn’t also go for the picnic.
Shravan: Exactly! This is what I am trying to say to her!
Sumo: If you went to the picnic without me, I would have killed you!
Nanu: Suman beta, have I denied for anything you asked for?
Suman nods no.
Nanu: Beta look I didn’t send you to picnic, because I thought the place was not right, you know your Nanu. Okay Nanu is sorry.
Nanu holds his ears. Suman moves his hand from his ears.
Sumo: No, Nanu. I know you must have some reason why you denied, but I am bored everyone is doing picnic and me?
Nanu: Only this is the problem, we will have a picnic at home.
Sumo: Nanu what are you saying?
Nanu: Shravan today we will have lunch here at my room.
Shravan: Okay Nanu.
Shravan brings food and Nanu, Shravan and Suman are eating food. Suman is still a bit sad.
Nanu: Shravan, I was thinking to play Ludo with you and Suman but Suman is not in mood. Let it be, we both will play chess.
Nanu gestures Shravan to pretend, Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Okay Nanu!
Shravan brings the chess board.
Sumo: Oh Chashmish! No one will play chess, we will play Ludo.
Nanu, Suman and Shravan plays Ludo, and they enjoy.
Suman gets a call and she keeps it.
Shravan: Whose call is it?
Sumo: Purna’s! Thank god, we didn’t go to the picnic, she was complaining there was so much heavy traffic!
Nanu: See that’s why I didn’t let you go.
Sumo: Thank you so much for this fun day Nanu! You are the best!
Nanu gets out of the flashback and smiles, as he sees Suman, Shravan and Daboo having lunch, Suman feeding Daboo, and Shravan feeding Suman. Suman comes and feed Nanu.
Nanu smiles.

Sumo: Okay Nanu we should leave now.
Nanu: Shravan beta, take care of yourself in London, and yes don’t forget me!
Shravan: What are you saying Nanaji?
Nanu: And do call me once you reach there and yes after 2 months once you comeback do visit me!
Shravan: Sure, Nanu!
Shravan takes the blessings of Nanu,
Sumo: Okay, Nanu I will see you soon.
Shravan and Suman leaves.

Scene 7: In the car
Shravan: Sumo where are you taking me now?
Suman smiles and looks at Shravan.
Sumo: Just wait and watch!
Suman brings Shravan to the fair.

Scene 8: Fair
Shravan: Sumo, fair?
Sumo: Yes fair! I am coming here after 11 years!
Shravan: 11 years? Sumo, you didn’t come here after we came here together last time.
Sumo: How could I have come? I had no one’s hand to hold when I will get afraid while getting on the rides.
Suman and Shravan looks at each other and share an eyelock. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Title track plays.The episode ends.

Precap: Suman and Shravan gets ready for family dinner, and Suman is dressed in black saree and Shravan is dressed in grey shirt. Shravan gets stunned seeing Suman’s beauty. Later, as Suman is on her way and just then she gets a call and she gets shocked and worried.

First of all I am so so sorry for the Super late update. I know Ek sorry Toh kya more then one sorry isn’t enough! Yaar what to do! Suddenly today my work was changed to full shift ???and there were so many things to be done that’s why I came home very late and I had no other option but to submit the episode late. Once again very very sorry, but in exchange u all will get to read tomorrow’s episode earlier na ? and once again sorry!!!!! And yeah hope u all loved today’s episode love you all ??

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