Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 178 (9th November’s Episode) (28th of this FF)

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Episode No: 178

Episode Date: 9th November 2016

Scene 1: Ramnath’s Room

The episode begins with Nirmala being in Ramnath room and Ramnath comes there.

Nirmala: See, even today you aren’t able to tell the truth.

Ramnath: What to do, Suman stopped me from doing so!

Nirmala: Ram, I am not scolding you for why you didn’t tell the truth, but it is not easy, you won’t have anyways be able to tell Shravan the truth. I know you very well. At least don’t bring Suman in between.

Just then Suman comes,

Sumo: Maa, it is not at all dad’s fault!

Ramnath: Suman beta, why you came here? You are sick. You should take rest!

Sumo: I need to tell you and Maa something. Maa I was the one who told dad not to tell Shravan the truth, he was about to tell the truth.

Nirmala looks on surprised. Suman holds Nirmala’s hand.

Sumo: Maa, dad has really changed a lot. I saw him these few days.

Nirmala looks at Ramnath. Ramnath looks at Nirmala sadly.

Ramnath: But Suman why you didn’t let me tell Shravan the truth, you should have allowed me to tell him the truth today, it was not at all easy for me to muster courage.

Sumo: I understand. Yes I admit the fact, I was the one who told you to tell him the truth but there is a reason why I did so!

Ramnath: Why?

Sumo: Shravan’s dreams!

Ramnath: Shravan’s dreams? What do you mean?

Nirmala: What dream?

Suman tells how she found out Shravan wanted to take a course for law in London but for that he needed to take a two months training and after 2-3 years he will take that course.

Sumo: I want Shravan to take that training first and once he comes back, you can tell him the entire truth if not he won’t be able to concentrate on his training, a step to his dream course!

Nirmala: Today I got know that my Shravan have really grown up.

Ramnath: No, but I can’t send Shravan back to London for that training.

Sumo: But why, dad?

Ramnath: Actually there is something, I hide from the entire family.

Nirmala and Suman are surprised.

Nirmala: Now what else have you hid from the family, Ram?

Ramnath narrates what happened.

Ramnath: Actually after that Berry matter, my law firm is not in good position, and I have took some loan for it, and I have some money pending for it, now I need a very huge amount to send Shravan for the training. I need almost a crore for that.I don’t mind sending him, but if I spend this money on him then it will be unfair for Pushkar, and also we will have to struggle, so much money to repay in that case.

Sumo: So much happened and you didn’t even think to tell your daughter once about it, uncle?

Nirmala: But I can’t see my son like this. I will pay for his London training. I have some money with me. Ram, don’t worry, but I don’t want my son’s dream to break.

Ramnath: But how can I accept this?

Nirmala: I am Shravan’s Maa. I worked hard all these years was only for Shravan and then you snatched him from me, and now I only have Aditya with me.

Nirmala gets teary-eyed. Nirmala folds her hand.

Nirmala: Now please don’t snatch this opportunity to do something for my son.

Ramnath holds Nirmala’s hand.

Ramnath: I am so sorry I misunderstood you all these years. You did all these for Shravan only and I…. I don’t know I would have still misunderstood you if Suman wasn’t here today? How can I think that you were having extra martial aff…

Ramnath gets silent.

Nirmala: But don’t tell Shravan the truth now. Suman is right. We will tell him the truth once he comes back.

Ramnath: Okay fine, I will tell him the truth later, but…

Suman looks behind and she is shocked. Ramnath and Nirmala also looks behind and they are also shocked as they find Shravan overhearing everything. Shravan is shocked to find Ramnath, Nirmala and Suman together.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: What is this lady doing here?

They realise Shravan just saw them together and didn’t hear anything.

Sumo: Shravan, relax Maa came here to…

Shravan: Sumo, you better not advice me what to do and what not to do.

Ramnath: Shravan, she is your mother.

Shravan: She was, she was my mother 10 years ago, until she left me and you alone. About Sumo, I understand . But dad, you? You know very well what this woman did?

Nirmala cries. Nirmala is about to speak,

Nirmala: Shravan?

Shravan: You better don’t speak anything. All these days I stayed silent because of Sumo but now enough is enough.

Shravan looking at Ramnath,

Shravan: That is why you were worried today, right dad? And this is what you wanted to tell me, that this Nirmala Ahuja came to our house.

Sumo: Shravan, speak with manners, she is your Maa.

Shravan: No, my mom is dead for me!

Nirmala cries.

Ramnath: Shravan!

Ramnath raises his hand to slap Shravan. Shravan gets shocked and teary-eyed.

Shravan: Wow, now even my own dad wants to slap me cause of this lady.

Ramnath: That is because she…

Nirmala holds Ramnath’s hand to stop him from telling the truth and gestures him not to do so.

Nirmala: I think I should leave now.

Nirmala leaves.

Sumo: Maa? No! Shravan, cool down just listen to Maa once!

Shravan walks out of the room angrily and Suman follows him.

Shravan: Sumo, please I am not in mood to talk about this and today dad for the first time raised his hand on me.

Shravan angrily looks at Suman,

Shravan: And you? You are supporting them! You love me, right?

Sumo: Yes I do love you, that’s why, that’s why I did this.

Shravan: Wow great, now even my own wife is against me.

Suman is about to hold Shravan’s hand,

Shravan: Now leave me alone!

Shravan moves away and leaves angrily. Suman runs behind him.

Sumo: Shravan, at least listen to me once, Shravan, I wanted to….

Suman holds her head due to dizziness since she has high fever and she falls unconscious. Shravan looks behind shocked.

Scene 2: Shraman’s Room

Suman is unconscious and Shravan is putting wet towels on her forehead who is super worried.

Shravan: I am so sorry Sumo, I vented out all mom and dad’s anger on you. I forgot that you were sick. I am so sorry.

Just then Pushkar comes,

Pushkar: Bhaia, here is the medicine which the doctor prescribed for Sumo.

Shravan takes the medicine.

Shravan: Thanks, Pushkar.

Pushkar comes and holds Shravan’s shoulder.

Pushkar: Don’t worry! Sumo’s fever will be gone soon.

Shravan looks at Suman.

Pushkar: Bhaia, everyone is calling you downstairs for dinner, should I send you food here?

Shravan: You all eat, I am not hungry.

Pushkar: But Bhaia…

Shravan: Pushkar, please.

Pushkar leaves. Shravan continues putting wet towels on Suman’s forehead. Suman regains consciousness as she opens her eyes. Shravan gets a sigh of relief. Suman looks at Shravan. Shravan takes out the thermometer and puts it on Suman’s mouth, he checks her temperature.

Shravan: You still have high fever.

Sumo: Are you still angry with me?

Shravan doesn’t reply and he continues putting the towel on her head, and she cries. Shravan gets worried seeing her tears.

Shravan: Why are you crying Sumo?

Shravan wipes Suman’s tears.

Sumo: Shravan, Maa…

Shravan places his finger on her lips.

Shravan: Now we won’t speak about her, and it was my mistake I shouldn’t have vent out my anger on you, you weren’t in fault.

Suman looks on.

Just then Ramnath and Preeti with food comes,

Ramnath: May I come in?

Sumo: Yes dad, come in.

Preeti: Dii, here is your food.

Sumo: Preeti, what was the need of bringing the food here?

Preeti: No dii, you are having fever. Dii I keep the food here and I should leave now. It’s late. You need some rest.

Preeti leaves.

Shravan: I am outside. If you need anything Sumo call me.

Suman holds Shravan’s hand and gestures him not to leave.

Ramnath: Shravan beta, I am sorry, I was almost about to slap you that time, and I just got furious that time.

Shravan: But you were almost going to slap me for that lady.

Sumo: Shravan if anyone said bad about me, would have tolerate that?

Shravan: Sumo, your matter is different and she…

Ramnath: Shravan, beta please forgive me, I don’t know how I was about to…

Ramnath folds his hand and asks for forgiveness. Shravan hugs Ramnath. Suman smiles.

Shravan: It’s okay dad, I forgive you but next time I won’t. But please don’t talk about her in this house?

Ramnath: But Shravan?

Ramnath looks at Suman and they both get sad.

Shravan: Dad, please.

Ramnath: As your wish, it’s late now, I should leave now.

Ramnath leaves.

Shravan: Sumo, the food is getting cold have some food.

Sumo: Shravan, I am not hungry.

Shravan: Sumo, you have to eat if not how will you have the medicines?

Sumo: But I don’t want to eat.

Shravan: If you don’t eat, then you can’t have medicines, and then there is no other option than injection!

Sumo: Injection! No injection, I will have food. Please but no injection.

Shravan smiles and he feeds Suman. Suman smiles as Shravan feeds her.

Shravan: Now this is more like a good girl.

Sumo: Shravan, you are taking care of me as if I am some child.

Shravan: You are no less than a little child.

Sumo: What did you say?

Shravan: Looks like your fever have decreased. Not bad.

Sumo: Let my fever go first then I will show you what Sumo is.

Shravan: And I will show you what Shravan is.

Suman stares at Shravan angrily, and he continues feeding her. Music plays.

After a week,

Scene 3: Malhotra Residence

Everyone is having breakfast together, and Suman and Shravan comes and sits at last.

Sumo: Oh god, just because I didn’t go PCT for a few days, there is so much work! Last 4 days I went to PCT was no less than 14 days.

Shravan: But you better have your meals at time, you always have this tendency to skip meals which is why you fall sick frequently.

Suman looks at everyone and greets,

Sumo: Good morning everyone.

Preeti: Our mornings are always good dii, but you are too busy with talking with Jiju that you almost forgot to wish us good morning.

Sumo: Shh, keep quiet, Preeti!

Just then Ramnath comes,

Ramnath: Good morning everyone

Everyone wishes Ramnath good morning.

Ramnath: I have something important to say.

Suman smiles at Ramnath.

Ramnath: Shravan, pack your bags.

Shravan is surprised.

Shravan: Why dad? Are we going somewhere?

Ramnath: Not us, only you are going.

Shravan: Me, but where?

Ramnath passes Shravan a piece of paper.

Ramnath: You read it yourself!

Shravan reads the letter and gets happy, he runs and hugs Ramnath.

Shravan: Thank you so much dad.

Everyone smiles but besides Sumo they are all confused.

Shravan: Dad, all this… You are fine with it?

Ramnath: Credit goes to Suman, she persuaded me.

Shravan looks at Suman. Music plays. Suman smiles.

Lalaji: But what is this about?

Ramnath: Lala, this Shravan himself will tell us about.

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Actually the thing is I wanted to pursue a course for lawyers in London. But before that course I have to take a training which is next week for two months. And then after I complete this training, I will come back to India , and then work here for 2-3 years and after that do that course in London for 2-3 years.

Lalaji: That’s a good idea, beta.

Pushkar: Wow Bhaia, so you are going London? Not bad.

Kamini: (in her mind) Everything is for that Shravan, and my Pushkar or Varun? Nothing!

Preeti: Jiju, dii is also going with you, right?

Sumo: No, Preeti I am not going with him.

Lalaji: Why Suman Puttar, you should go with him too.

Sumo: I have my PCT here, who will take care of it?

Vandy: That means you and Shravan will stay separately from each other for two months.

Shravan is applying butter on the bread and he stops and looks at Suman. Suman also looks at him.

Sumo: No Vandy Bhabi, we won’t stay separately from each other, we will stay in touch through video calls.

Pushkar:Sumo if you want you can go with Shravan Bhaia too, and as for PCT, let me see if there is anything I can do about it.

Shravan: Let it be Pushkar, Sumo have her PCT. And anyways, there is no one at London and she will be bored.

Sumo: Shravan is right!

Ramnath: Shravan, your flight is day after tomorrow morning.

Shravan nods.

Shravan: Before going to London, all of us will have dinner together tomorrow night.

Everyone agrees.

Shravan and Suman look at each other a bit sadly The episode ends.

Precap: Suman tells Shravan holding his hand that she wants to spend some time with Shravan the whole day tomorrow. Shravan agrees, and they spend the whole day together and spend some moments together.

Hey all, I know most of you are still not out of the Maha Episode effect and you all want more Shraman scenes. Well I know today’s episode focused more on Shravan’s confrontation to Ramnath and Nirmala, so that’s why there is a few Shraman scenes today, and that too light hearted ones, and as I said there will be three different shades in three different days, since today’s one was more of drama and a bit emotional, the other two will be totally different. Tomorrow’s episode will be more of fun and adventurous and also bonding , and Friday’s episode will be hot romance. I hope some of you get what I mean ?. I don’t know about today’s episodes, but you all will definitely love both tomorrow and day after tomorrow’s episode. I am still happy u all made an effort to read and comment yesterday’s episode even though there wasn’t much of Shraman scenes, but I promise the next two episodes there will be a lot of Shraman scenes which you all will love, so stay tuned ???. And yeah for those who are asking about my work, my work is going good now and I am infact enjoying my work a lot, but yeah at the same time it’s a bit tiring. I am having that workaholic feeling like Shraman wala workaholic ???. Haha anyways, okay that’s for today and will update as per normal tomorrow. Love u all ???

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