Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 177 (8th November’s Episode) (27th of this FF)

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Episode No: 177
Episode Date: 8th November 2016

Scene 1: Outside
After the warm hug, Shravan and Suman look at each other. They share an eyelock. EDKV title track, Suman smiles.

Shravan: Why are you looking at me like this?

Sumo: Hi, I am Suman, people lovingly call me Sumo.

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Hello, I am Shravan, people loving call me…. Leave it, the one whom I loved never give me a nickname.

Suman smiles and blushes, and she hugs Shravan. Shravan whispers to her.

Shravan: You were so daring and brave to confess your love to me and now, you are feeling so shy?

Suman feels very shy.

Sumo: What Shravan?

Shravan comes to Suman, and holds her chin.

Shravan: This shy face doesn’t suit my Sumo.

Suman smile.

Shravan: What Sumo, you are so shy suddenly your face is as red as a tomato.

Sumo: Shravan, I…

Shravan: Sumo, Kiss me.

Suman gets shocked.

Sumo: What!

Shravan: Come and kiss me.

Sumo: Look Shravan?

Shravan comes close to Suman, Suman moves away.

Shravan: I still don’t get you Sumo! Sometimes you are on full on romantic mood, and sometimes so shy. Wait, you are daring but not at all romantic. No, no you are romantic but not daring.

Suman looks at Shravan weirdly, as he is blabbering

Sumo: Are you even in your senses?

Shravan: I was, but after you confessed your love to me, I lost all my senses.

Sumo: Wait, I will bring you back to your senses right now.

Suman comes and hits Shravan hard.

Shravan: Ouch! That was painful!

Sumo: If you speak like that again, I will hit you more.

Shravan: Now this is like my Sumo.

Suman smiles, title track music plays as they both stare at each other smiling, and they come close to each other. They both come close and close, and Shravan covers his and Suman’s face with his white coat as they share a kiss.

Scene 2: Hotel Room
Suman and Shravan come into the room. Suman awkwardly looks at Shravan and she feels super shy as she remembers about the kiss, Shravan realises this and smiles and he puts his arms around Suman’s shoulder, Suman awkwardly looks at Shravan and then they both come to the room, smiling looking at each other. Suman starts sneezing.

Shravan: Are you okay?

Sumo: I got wet in the rain for a long time, how can I be okay? It’s all because of you.

Shravan: Now why are you blaming me?

Sumo: Who told you to taunt me so much when I confessed my love to you?

Shravan holds Suman’s shoulder.

Shravan: Sumo, I am sorry. I am so so sorry for all that I said. I was angry, but more than angry I was afraid. I was afraid to lose you. I didn’t want to lose you while loving you and whatever happened with me years back I was afraid to confess my love to you and also admit the fact I am in love with you.

Tears drop from Suman’s eyes. Shravan wipes her tears.

Sumo: See, you made me emotional.

Suman hugs Shravan. And she sneezes again.

Sumo: I better change back soon, and you also change.

Shravan nods. Suman goes to change.

Shravan waits for Suman, and then he also decides to change. He takes another set of clothes out and he opens his t-shirt. Just then Suman comes in the room,

Sumo: Shravan now you and go and change.

She gets shocked seeing Shravan shirtless. She moves her face away. Shravan smiles and even before wearing his shirt he comes to her.

Shravan: What happened? Why are you looking away from me?

Sumo: Shravan, first wear your t-shirt and then speak to me.

Shravan: I will do that later, first you look at me.

Sumo: No!

Shravan: C’mon Sumo see me. Your hot husband is shirtless.

Sumo: Yes, my short-tempered husband, now quickly wear your t-shirt.

Shravan: Sumo, I will wear the t-shirt now, but anyways you have to get used to see me like this.

Suman looks at Shravan stunned, and Shravan winks at her. Suman again looks behind.

Sumo: You are so shameless Shravan! Quickly change back!

Shravan pulls Suman close to her.

Sumo: What are you doing Shravan? What if anyone sees us like this?

Shravan: Sumo madam, looks like you forgot we are in honeymoon now and both of us are alone in this room, so let it be.

Suman gets an idea, and she stamps Shravan’s foot.

Shravan: Ouch!

Sumo: You better come and change back as soon as possible. I will be waiting for you at the balcony.

Suman goes.

Shravan: It is possible for me to change, but impossible to understand Sumo! Spoiled my romantic mood!

Scene 3: Balcony
Suman is smiling and she is looking at the sky happily.

Sumo: I am so happy today, finally I confessed my love to Shravan and so did he!

Just then Shravan comes from behind and hugs her.

Shravan: So, you were thinking about me, right?

Sumo: No, no I was just looking at the sky.

Shravan: Liar!

Just then Shravan gets a call,

Shravan: Pushkar is calling me?

Sumo: Oh god, I forgot to fix my phone.

Shravan: Phone?

Sumo: Yeah I broke my phone in anger when you rejected me.

Shravan: Woah, Sumo cool down!

Sumo: You are telling me to cool down, you cool down when you are angry and drunk, and you can break the entire house!

Shravan: Oh, so now taking advantage and taunting me!

Sumo: Shravan, take the call!

Shravan: Yes, Pushkar say!

Pushkar: What Bhaia, you and Sumo went to honeymoon and forgot about us!

Shravan: No, no nothing like that.

Pushkar: Preeti was worried so she wanted to speak to Sumo,

Shravan: Okay I pass the phone to Sumo.

Shravan: Sumo, Preeti wants to talk to you.

Preeti: Hello Dii, I called you that time and your phone?

Sumo: It was raining and I dropped my phone that’s why, you are not getting to ring my phone.

Preeti: Oh, no wonder. I got worried for a moment.

Sumo: Prettypreeti stress is not good for you and your baby.

Preeti: Sorry dii. Dii by the way did you…

Suman looks at Shravan.

Sumo: Yes, I did.

Preeti gets happy.

Preeti: Really! Tell me!

Sumo: I will tell you the entire story tomorrow after I comeback. And you take rest, you must welcome us tomorrow.

Preeti: Sure dii.

Suman keeps the phone.

Shravan: Oh so now this Preeti also know about your love story?

Suman looks at Shravan shocked.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: Sumo, I know you very well.

Sumo: Just now you said, it’s impossible to understand me.

Shravan: That’s true.

Sumo: Shravan, you are too much!

Shravan: See, Nanaji wanted to talk to you and I forgot to make him talk to you. He must be waiting.

Sumo: Nanu called?

Shravan nods, Shravan rings his number.

Shravan: Now talk to him!

Suman talks with Nanu.

Sumo: Hello Nanu, how are you?

Nanu: Suman beta, I am fine. How are you?

Sumo: I am good,

Nanu: Areh wah my Suman beta sounds very happy today, what happened?

Sumo: Just that I got something which I lost years back and is very precious to me.

Suman looks at Shravan, Shravan gets emotional.

Nanu: What is it, that it is so precious?

Sumo: Nanu, leave all that did you have medicines?

Nanu: Yes, beta I had medicines. I just wanted to know how you have been. Happy to know you are happy and I am also happy too. I should keep the phone now.

Sumo: Okay bye, Nanu. Take care and sleep on time.

Nanu: Bye Suman beta.

Suman keeps the phone.

Shravan: So now…

Suman again sneezes non-stop.

Shravan: Looks like you caught a bad cold. Have some medicine and then go to sleep.

Suman nods and they go to sleep.

Next day Morning,
Scene 4: Malhotra Residence
Kamini and others are preparing to welcome Suman and Shravan back home. Just then someone comes, and Kamini opens the door. She is surprised to find Nirmala.

Kamini: Nirmala Bhabi?

Lalaji also comes and is surprised to find Nirmala too.

Lalaji: Nirmala, you and here?

Nirmala: How are you Lala Bhaisaab?

Lalaji: I am fine Nirmala. Why are you standing here come in?

Nirmala comes in.

Lalaji: Nirmala, you are here and….

Ramnath: I have called Nirmala here.

Lalaji is surprised, and Kamini smirks as she gets it.

Kamini: (in her mind) Oh so now he will tell Shravan the truth. This is going to be interesting.

Lalaji: Is there any reason Ram Bhaisaab?

Ramnath: That you will get to know about it very soon!

Everyone looks on surprised and confused.

Scene 5: Airport
Shravan and Suman come to the airport, and they smile looking at each other.

Shravan: So how was your first time experience at flight?

Sumo: Very scary and boring!

Shravan: Your face was worth watching when the plane was about to land!

Shravan tries to laugh.

Sumo: Shravan, not funny!

Shravan: But at least it saved so much time.

Sumo: That’s right, but I am thinking how will I travel to different countries with plane?

Shravan: Now you have planned this much too? Not bad.

Sumo: There is still time for that, because until and unless I don’t repay off mom’s debt I won’t go anywhere outside India.

Shravan: I am sure very soon you will be able to do so, especially the way your PCT is growing.

Sumo: Shravan, that Aditya thing and PCT actually…

Shravan: Shhh! Don’t say anything else. I trust you. I know you must have had some reason why you did so.

Suman smiles.

Sumo: That was because, you are jealous of Aditya right?

Shravan is shocked.

Shravan: Jealous and me? Impossible!

Sumo: Liar! Remember that time I mention about Jeevan your face was worth watching!

Suman is laughing. Shravan feels jealous. Just then a girl passes by and Shravan winks at her. The girl smiles as she blushes. Suman gets angry seeing this.

Sumo: What are you doing?

Shravan walks around Suman.

Shravan: I can smell something is burning.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: See you were seeing jealous and now you?

Sumo: Yes, I am jealous; I can’t see you with any other girl. Do you have any problem?

Shravan: Be it Jeevan or Aditya, they can take Suman.

Suman: What!

Suman gets angry. Shravan pulls Suman towards him.

Shravan: But they can’t take my Sumo from me.

Sumo: Shravan leave me, what must people be thinking?

Shravan: Let them think whatever they want to, you are my wife, not some stranger.

Suman smiles and she blushes.

Scene 6: Malhotra Residence
Shravan and Suman comes back home. Kamini welcomes them happily.

Kamini: Suman beta, Shravan beta welcome back!

Suman and Shravan are surprised to find Preeti, Pushkar and Lalaji a bit worried.

Sumo: (in her mind) everybody looks a bit worried, what happened?

Shravan comes and hugs Ramnath.

Shravan: Dad, I am back.

Ramnath is sad as he looks at Nirmala who is upstairs.

Suman remembers about it as she sees Nirmala upstairs.

Sumo: (in her mind) Oh no, I completely forgot that dad is going to tell Shravan, the entire truth today.

Suman becomes surprised and worried.

Ramnath: Shravan, I was waiting for you.

Shravan: And I am back, dad.

Ramnath: Look beta, there is something I need to tell you.

Shravan: What is it?

Ramnath takes a deep breath.

Ramnath: Look beta, listen to me carefully the thing is…

Sumo: (in her mind) I have to stop dad at any cost now! But how!

Shravan: C’mon say it dad.

Ramnath: Actually the thing is…

Preeti: Dii!

Shravan finds Suman about to fall ,Preeti holds her. Shravan gets surprised and rushes to her.

Shravan: Sumo!

Others get worried, Nirmala is about to come,
Sumo: Shravan, I am fine.

Shravan holds her hand and later he holds her forehead.

Shravan: Sumo, you have a high fever!

Preeti holds Suman’s forehead too,

Preeti: Yes dii, Jiju is right! You have a high fever!

Pushkar: I will call the doctor.

Sumo: It’s okay I am fine.

Shravan: First you sprained your foot and then you got wet in the rain yesterday , caught a cold and so many other things took toll on you.

Ramnath: Shravan, you didn’t take care of her?

Shravan: Ask your daughter-in-law first. Sumo, you will go upstairs and take rest, now is it clear?

Sumo: But Shravan…

Shravan: No ifs and buts. Kamini Chachi takes Sumo upstairs.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: I won’t listen to you.

Shravan comes to Ramnath,

Shravan: Dad, what was it you wanted to tell me?

Ramnath: Actually beta…

Suman gestures Ramnath not to tell the truth right now.

Ramnath: Right now, this is not important, Suman is sick and she needs some rest, and you also came from a long journey you need some rest too.

Shravan: Okay fine dad. Do tell me soon. Come, Sumo let’s go upstairs.

Shravan takes Suman upstairs and Nirmala hides.

Sumo: (in her mind) Luckily Dad didn’t tell Shravan the truth yet? Now it’s not the right time. I have to talk to dad and Maa.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman is talking with Ramnath and Nirmala, and as Nirmala is about to go, she is shocked to find Shravan. Shravan insults Nirmala and Ramnath gets so angry that he raises his hand to slap Shravan. Shravan is stunned.

Hey all. OMG it means so much to me. I am really very much overwhelmed with the response I received in the Maha Episode. I knew since it is Maha Episode I will get more response than usual but I didn’t know I will receive such a good response. I am so so happy. When i checked my ff and the no.of comments i was really happy and the length of the commments baapre as if i was given to read a book ???. Actually I came back home from work late today that’s why I got late in replying to the comments sorry once again ? and about this week’s episode about wed, thu and fri Episode u will see three different shades of the episodes in the three next days. Once again love u all take care everyone ??? Will post as per normal tomorrow ???

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