Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) (Episode 176) (25th & 26th of this FF) (7th November’s Episode)


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Episode No: 176
Episode Date: 7th November 2016

Scene 1: Venue
Suman and Shravan break their hug and get back to original.

Sumo: This is what you always wished for 10 years back, right Shravan?

Shravan nods.

Suman folds her hand.

Sumo: I am sorry Shravan for all the mistakes I did 10 years back. I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. Now what I couldn’t do 10 years, I will do it today.

Shravan separates her hand and cups her face.

Shravan: No, Sumo! I am not furious with you anymore. Yes, it’s true that I have dreamt of our friendship to come to the fore 10 years back, even if you didn’t fulfil it, you actually fulfilled it.

Suman smile.

Shravan: Infact, now I will say I am sorry. I am sorry for what I did in the reunion party with you. I know what I did that day was wrong, and I didn’t properly apologize to you, but now I will repent for it.

Shravan holds his ears. Suman smiles.

Sumo: Okay I will forgive you for that, but I have a condition.

Shravan: What is it?

Sumo: Change back to normal if not people will get confused seeing us.

Shravan: Yes, I don’t look like Shravan 10 years back, I look like Shravan 10 years later.

Suman laughs.

Sumo: Quickly go and change, I also change.

Shravan comes and whispers to Suman.

Shravan: I also have a surprise for you so quickly get changed.

Sumo: You also!

Shravan: Now quickly come, and yes bring my white coat along.

Suman smiles.

Sumo: Okay sure.

Scene 2: Preekar’s Room
Preeti is smiling seeing the pictures of Shravan and Suman in Goa whatever Suman send her.

Preeti: Pushkar come and see, Dii send me some pictures yesterday.

Pushkar: Areh, Preeti I am not interested seeing these pictures.

Preeti: But why?

Pushkar: I am very jealous of Shravan and Sumo.

Preeti: Areh Baba, now what they have done?

Pushkar comes to Preeti,

Pushkar: They got a chance to go for their honeymoon, and us?

Pushkar makes a sad face.

Preeti: Aww!

Preeti pulls Pushkar’s cheek.

Preeti: It’s okay Pushkar after my delivery we will go for our honeymoon, so deal?

Preeti winks.

Pushkar: Areh wah Prettypreeti, not bad!

Pushkar smiles and lies on Preeti’s lap.

Scene 3: Venue
Suman is dressed in white and she comes there bringing Shravan’s white coat.

Sumo: Shravan told me to come here? And now where did he disappear?

Just then a waiter comes,

Waiter: Mam, are you looking for Mr.Shravan Malhotra?

Sumo: How do you know that?

Waiter: Mam, sir told me to bring the lady holding a white coat.

Suman gets surprised.

Waiter: So come with me.

The waiter brings Suman to the venue.

Waiter: I should leave now.

Suman is looking for Shravan, and then someone pats her. She looks behind, it’s Shravan who is wearing a white shirt.

Sumo: Shravan! What is this, what are you?

Shravan: My coat.

Sumo: Oh yes, here it is!

Shravan: Sumo, why are you speaking like typical wives and now make me wear the coat.

Suman makes Shravan wear the coat. Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Thanks.  Now let’s go.

Shravan holds Suman’s hand, and Suman gets surprised and happy as she finds a table of 2!

Sumo: Shravan!

Shravan: Yes, this is for our first date after marriage. Now that we clear all the differences between us, so let’s go.

Shravan makes Suman sit first and then he sits.

Sumo: Not bad, Shravan! I am impressed!

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Now order whatever you want!

Suman and Shravan order their favourite food respectively and then the food comes and they have dinner.

Scene 4: Nirmala’s Residence
Nirmala is seeing the childhood picture of Shravan with her, and she cries seeing it. Aditya comes there.

Aditya: You love Shravan, a lot right Maa?

Nirmala: As much as I love you.

Nirmala caresses Aditya’s face.

Aditya: What is this Maa, why are you crying for the boy who never cared about you and always hurt you?

Nirmala: Adi beta, this is not the case. As much as I lived with Shravan, I remember how he couldn’t sleep without me. I tolerated Ram and all his wrongdoings only for Shravan. But then Ram crossed all his limits.

Aditya: Then why you didn’t bring Shravan with you?

Nirmala: Ram would never let that happen. I knew him very well. I was worried about how will Shravan manage without me, but then I realised he was a grown up boy.

Aditya: Maa, don’t worry, after Suman comes back everything will be fine. I didn’t like all this initially, but I know the only way you can get all your happiness back is Shravan. I hate to say this but that’s the bitter fact.

Nirmala cries. Aditya wipes her tears.

Aditya: So what if your son is not with you? I know I maybe your adopted son, but I am here for you?

Nirmala: Adi, if you refer yourself as adopted one more time, I will really slap you hard.

Nirmala hugs Aditya and they cry.

Scene 5: Venue
Suman is having ice-cream as dessert. Shravan goes out for a while.

Sumo: Today, Shravan looks very happy and this is the best chance. I will definitely confess my love for him at any cost today, if not my name is not Sumo or Suman.

Shravan comes.

Shravan: So are you done with your ice-cream?

Suman smiles and she nods.

Shravan bends down and forwards his hand.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: Sumo, I want to say what I wanted to say for the last 10 years.

Sumo: Yes say Shravan.

Shravan: I love you! I love you Sumo! Will you accept my love?

Suman gets emotional and holds his hand.

Sumo: Yes I accept your love.

They hug each other.

It turns out to be Suman’s imagination.
She gets back to normal.

Shravan: What are you thinking?

Sumo: Huh?

Shravan: Won’t you dance with me?

Suman looks on and she finally confirms herself that she was thinking but looks on confused.

Shravan: Actually we didn’t have any proper dance, so why not we… Sumo, would you love to dance with me?

Suman smiles and takes his hand.

Shravan brings her to the stage.

They both dance.
They dance on Ae Dil Hain Mushkil. The music starts. Shravan walks around Suman. (Tu Safar Mera…) And he smiles and makes her put her arms around his shoulder (Tere Bina Guzara Ae Dil Hain Mushkil) and they both dance. Shravan smiles and Suman emotionally looks at her. They dance, and then Shravan spins Suman around (Mere Har Kami ko Hai Lazmi). Shravan dances with Suman by lifting her in his arms (Junoon Hai Mere), Shravan pulls Suman close in that pretext (Banoon Main Tere Kaabil Main Kabil Ae Dil Hain Mushkil). Shravan stretches his arm wide and makes Suman’s  hand and stretch wide too.They continue dancing. Shravan holds Suman’s waist (Yeh Roohoon Bhi Meri, Yeh Jism Bhi Mere) and pulls her towards him (Utna Mera Nahi, Jitna Hua Tera) They dance looking at each other. They move away (Voh Dard Hain Sahi), and while dancing he leaves her hand (Imam Hain Mera) and as she is about to fall he stops her falling (Mera Aasman Dunde Teri Zameen) and lifts her (Meri Har Kami Ko Hain Tu Lazmi), and makes her get up (Zamin Main Hain Sahin), and they share a small eyelock (Tu Aasman Main Aa Mil) and Suman hugs him (Ae Dil Hain Mushkil…)

The song ends.

Sumo: Enough, Shravan! I cannot take this anymore!

Shravan: Sumo, are you okay? Did I hurt you?

Suman puts her finger on Shravan’s lips.

Sumo: You won’t say another word. Now whatever will be said, will be said by me.

Shravan stays silent and is surprised.

Sumo: 10 years! 10 years I have been waiting for this moment, now that finally I got the time, no one, no one can stop me.

Shravan is about to say,

Sumo: Shravan, please let me say.

Shravan allows her.

Suman whispers to Shravan’s ear.

Sumo: Shravan, I love you.

Music plays. Shravan stares at Suman, and gets emotional.

Shravan: Are you joking?

Sumo: No, Shravan, this is not a joke. I really really love you a lot. And I can’t live without you.

Shravan gets teary-eyed.

Sumo: Shravan, I know 10 years ago, 10 years ago what I did was wrong! Completely wrong, I wasn’t there for you at your worst time.

Suman holds Shravan’s hand and tears drop from her eyes.

Sumo: Someone said right, when one leaves only then we get to know their value, and this is what exactly happened with me. After you left, only then I got to know how much important I was to you and that I was deeply in love with you.

Tears drop from Shravan’s eyes too.

Sumo: I am sorry. I am sorry once again, for what I did that time and I know very well that one, not one even thousand sorry isn’t enough. Yes I know you have forgave me but just because the fact we were friends, best friends.

Shravan feels very bad and trying to stop her.

Sumo: And after 10 years, when finally everything became fine again problems cropped up between us and we got married due to situations. But again our friendship, it was our friendship that brought the trust back and you married me with rituals again.

Suman wipes her tears.

Sumo: Now I have waited a lot, and I can’t wait anymore, so yes! Yes, Shravan I love you. I love you a lot, I love you so much that I can’t live without you.

Suman tightly hugs Shravan. Suman cries. Shravan also cries.

Shravan: Sumo?

Suman cups Shravan’s face.

Sumo: I promise, I promise I will make everything fine.

Title track music plays.Shravan holds and moves Suman’s hair lock aside. Shravan comes close to Suman. He is about to kiss her, and she closes her eyes.

Then Shravan gets thinking.
He remembers how his mom left the family, and then how he left London and then how they he hurt Suman. And also how he was almost on verge of ruining her life by lying to Aditya that everything happened between them whatever happens between two lovers and husband-wife and how she was almost going to get molested by him, and she hugged him when he rescued her. And finally how he promised he won’t break her trust.

Shravan takes a step back.
Suman opens her eyes.

Sumo: What….what happen Shravan? Why are you…

Shravan: Sorry Sumo, but I don’t love you anymore.

Sumo: Bad joke!

Shravan: Sumo, I am not joking, I am serious.

Suman is surprised.

Shravan: I can’t love you. I am sorry. I only considered you as my best friend and nothing else.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: Let me speak now.

Shravan holds Suman’s shoulder and gets a bit angry. Suman gets surprised.

Shravan: Keep one thing in mind, we may have got married, and I may have accepted you as my wife, that’s because you are my best friend Mrs. Suman Malhotra! And love, love can never exist between us.

Sumo: Lie! All you are saying is a lie!

Shravan: What makes you think so?

Sumo: Because I already read the letter you wrote to confess your love for me 10 years back.

Shravan looks behind and is shocked.

Sumo: The day you were about to leave London, and I came to your house to spend some time with you, and then I got that letter in your book.

Shravan gets thinking and he again gets angry.

Shravan: That was the past. That was 10 years back. Now everything have changed and now love cannot exist between us.

Sumo: But why Shravan? Why can’t there be any love between us?

Shravan: Because I don’t deserve love at all from a woman.

Tears drop from Suman’s eyes.

Shravan: Since childhood, since childhood I have been deprived of this right. My maa, the one whom I cannot sleep the day I don’t see her, she suddenly left me like that one day.

Shravan holds Suman tightly and pulls her close to him.

Shravan: You know after mom left me, I trusted you the most, with what happened to me 10 years back, I already disrespected women but then when I saw your guilt towards what you did, your dedication towards your career and the trust you had on me, my point of view changed about you, and I married you again because I knew you were the one perfect for me as my wife and family.

Suman cries.

Shravan: But what you did today was…

Shravan leaves Suman.

Shravan: And I already said as a wife, I meant you just being my wife, I never gave you the right to fall in love with me, and if you really loved me you could have said so earlier on.

Sumo: Shravan, I tried but…

Shravan: When you needed PCT, you didn’t take mine or dad’s help, you took that Aditya Ahuja’s help! Why? And your marriage with Aditya Ahuja got cancelled; I know I was responsible for all this, so once again I will apologize to you for that. What I did was wrong! I ruined your self-respect. So, why, why do I even deserve your love?

Shravan cries. Suman holds Shravan’s shoulder to console him.

Sumo: Shravan, listen whatever you did was out of anger and I forgave you for that too. I know for a woman her self-respect means a lot to her, it is one of the most important things for a woman. But everyone does mistake. I did a mistake 10 years back, and so did you! But we forgave each other, I gave you another chance, so why don’t you?

Shravan: No, Sumo. Love can never exist between us. Now it’s too late, if this happened earlier on, maybe I would have thought of it, but now, now it’s impossible. I am sorry Sumo, I maybe your husband, but I can’t be the one whom you love. We don’t deserve it. We are made for each other just for namesake, just for namesake. (Hum Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Sirf Naam ke Liye Bane Hain, Sirf Naam Ke Liye. )

Music plays. Shravan angrily moves Suman’s hand from his shoulder.

Shravan: So now if you would please leave me alone.

It starts to rain. He leaves from there. Suman cries intolerably and non-stop. Zindagi plays. She gets drenched in the rain and walks out shattered.

Scene 6: Hotel Room
Shravan angrily comes to the hotel room as he recalls Suman’s love confession and how he rejected it. Sad Music plays.

Shravan: Why? Why! Why me? Why this always has to happen with me?

Shravan breaks down.

Shravan: Whenever I think something good is going to happen you prove me wrong! Why, Sumo Why!

Shravan shouts on top of his voice.

Shravan starts drinking as he is depressed.

Shravan takes out his phone and sees the picture of Suman.

Shravan: Someone said that love is the most painful thing ever! It is absolutely right , I even saw that tonight ; love is indeed the most painful thing ever! And today, you proved it Mrs.Suman Malhotra, you love giving me pain right! I hate you! I can’t give you pain, that’s why I hate you!

Shravan cries.

Scene 7: Outside
Suman is shattered after Shravan rejected her and she walks in the rain crying. Zindagi Music. Just then Suman gets a phone call, its Preeti. She wipes her tears and pretends.

Sumo: Hello Preeti?

Preeti: Hello Dii, you were supposed to confess your love to Jiju, right? What happened?

Suman is silent.

Preeti: Hello Dii why are you silent?

Suman tries to speak, but she fails as tears drops from her eyes non-stop.

Preeti: Dii, say something…

Suman isn’t able to take it and she throws the phone. The line gets cut.

Preeti: Hello?

Preeti looks at the phone.

Pushkar: What happened?

Preeti: I don’t know.  The call got disconnected.

Pushkar: Maybe it is because of weak signal because of the rain, you don’t stress yourself?

Preeti nods.

Scene 8: Tiwari Killa
Nanu is finding something along with Mamaji and Mausaji.

Mausaji: Oho Babuji, where have you kept those papers?

Nanu: I don’t remember, right now that’s why I am trying to find the paper, that’s why I asked help from both of you.

Mamaji: Don’t take tension, Babuji it will take a toll on your health, it must be somewhere.

Nanu: Sameer, tell him (pointing to Mausaji) to find the papers in the drawing room, it maybe there.

Mausaji: Okay I will find the paper right now.

As they are finding the paper, just then Mausaji comes with a big wrapped packet,

Mausaji: Babuji what is this?

Nanu: Let me see. Sameer open it for me.

Mamaji and Mausaji open it. And they find Suman and Shravan’s reception picture framed. Nanu smiles. Just then Mamiji comes there,

Mamiji: Good you brought it here, Pushkar had brought it this afternoon I almost forgot about it.

Nanu: Okay now hang this picture on my wall.

Mausaji does so. Mamaji helps him too. Nanu smiles as he sees the picture.

Nanu: Perfect. My Suman looks so pretty and Shravan is just perfect for her.

Mamaji: It seems they are made for each other.

Nanu: They are indeed made for each other. (Voh Log Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Hi Bane Hain)

Mausaji: But Babuji, I didn’t get that document anywhere.

Nanu: Shravan may know where it is? Sameer, ring Shravan’s number.

Mamaji does so.

Scene 9: Hotel Room
Shravan is drinking depressed and he gets a call.

Shravan: Nanaji?

Shravan picks up the call.

Shravan: Hello Nanaji?

Nanu: Hello Shravan beta, how are you?

Shravan: I am fine, how are you Nanaji?

Nanu: Just the way God kept me. Now beta, I have called you for something important.

Shravan: What is it Nanaji? Tell me!

Nanu: Beta, do you have that papers we were discussing about that day?

Shravan: Which paper?

Nanu: That property paper.

Shravan: Okay, let me check if I brought it along if not I will call Pushkar and tell him to find it.

Shravan keeps the phone.

Shravan takes out his suitcase and takes out a bundle of files and he finds it and calls him again.

Shravan: Actually Nanu, no need to call Pushkar, you gave me that papers to keep it safely with me.

Nanu: Thank God, it is with you if not I was worried, and yes Beta when you come back, do give me the papers.

Shravan: Okay sure, Nanaji,

As Shravan is about to keep the phone,

Nanu: And beta how is Suman?

Shravan gets angry hearing about Suman,

Shravan: As she is always.

Nanu: May I speak with her?

Shravan: Nanu, she is outside now, busy. Once she comes back she will speak with you.

Nanu: Okay as your wish. Make her talk to me after she comes.

Nanu keeps the phone.

Shravan keeps his files back and then one of his books falls down.

Shravan picks up the book and two pieces of paper (Suman’s letter falls from that book). Shravan puts the book and zips the bag. He keeps it, and as he was about to drink again, he finds the two piece of paper.

Shravan: Now I have to open the bag again for these two papers.

Shravan angrily picks it up and as he opens, he is surprised as he finds its Suman’s letter.

Shravan reads the first letter. He gets surprised while reading it. And as he reads it, he assumes Choti Suman speaking with him and whatever she is saying is all the words from the letter.
He reads and imagines.

Choti Suman: Hey Chasmish, where have you been? Yes, I am asking you, and yes don’t you dare ignore me if not you know what Sumo is capable of doing?
(Choti Sumo is in Sumo Mode, Bada Shravan is surprised)

Choti Sumo: Sumo? This name was given by you only.
(Choti Suman gets thinking, Bada Shravan looks on.)

Choti Sumo: The fact is so weird, that the one who gave me this name is not here, so where he is? London. Yes, London very very far from here. I know I am talking to you, but just that I am talking with you via this letter. If not I fear I may not get to tell what I want to.

(Choti Suman becomes very sad; Bada Shravan tries to console her).

Choti Sumo: Shravan, one thing others said was true, we realise the value of someone only after they go away, and that is what exactly happened in my case. After I lost my parents, when you left London that was my second worst day in my life.

(Choti Suman bends her head down, Bada Shravan looks on).

Choti Sumo: After you left, you brought me with you, I am not the original self anymore, Sumo left with you. I was just Suman, all over again. Everything became so boring, life wasn’t life anymore. There was one point of time when I wanted to left everything.

(Choti Suman cries, Bada Shravan looks on and goes to console her but Choti Suman who wipes her own tears)

Choti Sumo: But then your cousin Pushkar, and my younger cousins Preeti and Daboo was there for me when I was so depressed . Only you are missing Chashmish, my Best Friend.

(Choti Suman gets happy and again)

Choti Sumo : But you are not just my best friend, there is something I feel for you, but I don’t know what is it? I don’t know, it’s just something special. And after my parents and Nanu, I love you the most. Yes, I love you Shravan. Please comeback to India and forgive your Sumo. I will do what you want. Everything will be the same, but only one difference. That is everyone will know that Sumo and Shravan’s friendship are made for each other. (Sab ko Pata Chal Jayega Shravan aur Sumo ke Dosti Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Bana Hain)  I will accept the way you are, even if you have changed. Promise! Sumo wala promise! And you know that Sumo never breaks her promise so please comeback! Mil Jaate Hain Dil Jo Bane, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste!

(Choti Suman cries)

The letter ends.
She disappears, Shravan tries to look for her. Shravan cries.

Shravan: Sumo…Sumo!

He tries to look for her. Shravan gets up and he looks himself at his mirror. Music (Shravan sad music plays)

Shravan: Oh no, what have I done? What did I just do? Shravan, what have you done!

Shravan looks himself at the mirror angrily.

Shravan: No! I can’t let my Sumo go far away from me. I have to find her at any cost.

Scene 10: Outside
Shravan runs to find Suman. It is raining very heavily, Shravan comes out of the hotel and he gets drenched.
Shravan: Sumo!

Shravan finds her missing at the venue.

Shravan: Where is she?

Shravan remembers about how she liked being at the beach.

Shravan: Yes, beach!

Shravan runs to the beach, but he doesn’t find her anywhere. He asks all the people around.

Shravan shows her picture.

Shravan: Have you seen her around? She is my wife.

The guy refuses, he looks around but fails. And then he looks her non-stop and he comes back to the venue. He breaks down upon not finding her.

Shravan: Sumo! Where are you! Please! Please comeback! I am sorry!

Shravan is crying non-stop in the rain, he takes out the second letter and reads, and he cries. As he takes the paper out, he imagines Badi Suman, his wife when he last saw her talking to him in the rain drenched.

He looks.

Sumo: Hi, I am Suman. Suman Tiwari. Oops I mean Suman Malhotra. I am the wife of Shravan Malhotra. Yes, I am talking to you. Your wife is talking to you.

(Suman smiles, and Shravan cries seeing her)

Sumo: Shravan, I know whatever happened with us these last few months shouldn’t have happened. But maybe it was all destined. Maybe we fought all the fights we missed out the last 10 years in those few months.

(Suman smiles again).

Sumo: I hated all this, but when I think how these fights were missing in the 10 years, this fill up the vacancy made in the last 10 years, that’s why I have no complaints to God about this. Now that it is full, enough of fighting! It’s a good time, as finally we are been friends, best friends like before

(Shravan cries even more)

Sumo: And now we are married. Have you thought that both of us will get married, that Sumo who used to threaten Shravan, and that Shravan who used to obey everything she said.

(Suman gets sad.)

Sumo: Why Shravan, why did you spoil me? You shouldn’t have done so. If not I would have never lost you. Why you didn’t give me befitting reply that time, so that I could stay silent?

(Suman holds her ears)

Sumo: Shravan, I am sorry. Sorry for all the things I made you do last 10 years, but believe me, it was my childishness and immaturity. But now, your Sumo have grown up, won’t you forgive her?

(Suman removes her hand)

Sumo: You have forgiven her and given her all the punishment she deserved for it. But, wasn’t it a bit too much? Don’t you think so? No, no actually it is fine, because it was still nothing compared to how much you suffered the last 10 years.

(Suman comes nearer to Shravan)

Sumo: Shravan, I thought you will forgive me immediately and we will have fun like before when you came back, but that didn’t happen. It is because you have changed. I am not angry you changed, because even I changed. Your absence changed Sumo to Suman, and my absence changed you. No, not only my absence, say my actions too. Maybe I deserved that somewhat. But you could have spared a bit for your best friend?

(Suman comes and sits beside Shravan, Shravan looks at her)

Sumo: Now see, we are married, and so much happened. But even after all the changes that came in you, and I realised that, it will still never change the fact that I fall for you 10 years ago after you left. Even when you came back leaving my old Shravan behind, bringing a new Shravan with you, I still love you. But the situations made me not to say like that, but my heart didn’t agree. But my heart knew that old or new, you are Shravan, Sumo’s Shravan not Suman’s Shravan. Shravan, I don’t want be your wife formally or just for family or individual sake. I want to be your wife which I am because I love you! I love you!

Shravan cries. Suman hugs him.

Shravan: I love you! I love you too, Sumo! I am sorry.

Sumo: Then why it took you so long to confess?

Shravan realises that whatever he heard wasn’t his imagination,
In fact the real Suman speaking out everything from the bottom of her heart. The second paper he had in his hand just said three words- “I love you!”

Shravan caresses Suman’s face.

Shravan: Sumo, are you fine?

Shravan hugs Suman tightly.

Shravan: I am so sorry Sumo!

Sumo: Let it be.

Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand. Suman cries.

Shravan: You know since childhood that I cannot understand you. I have understood one thing for sure. I know I have hurt you very much. I didn’t know if I deserved your love. So at least I wanted to be with you as always even if it was just for friendship, but you will be with me. I was scared what if I hurt you again, because I love you.

Suman looks on.

Shravan: I love you a lot, not just from now but from childhood. I always shared my pain with you. Because there is pain in love. There is a saying, no pain no gain. Your happiness was my happiness. Your sadness was my sadness, but all changed as soon as you left me at my bad times. I have realised one fact that it is not necessary love only gives us pain it also gives us peace too. Peace that our other half is there for us. It took me very long to realise this fact.But now whatever is yours will be mine. If you leave now then I will be alone for life. What to do I can’t live with you? I really love you. I love you so so much. I really need you!

Suman cries.                        

Sumo: If you wanted me so much, then why did you never tell me before?

Shravan: What to do? I didn’t muster courage since childhood after all I was a coward. So what I grew up even today I am the same coward Shravan. Time have change, years passed by, my looks and preference everything changed, I thought even my love for you changed but I was wrong. And what else you want me to say? Whatever was to be said is said by you already. But still I will say it, I love you. I love you Sumo! After all Mil Jaate Hain Jo Bane, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.

Suman cries and they  run to each other, Shravan lifts her in his arms and they share a warm hug and get emotional.

The episode ends.

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Hey all, so here is the Maha Episode. Hope you all loved it. So finally Shraman confessed their love Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. And yes there will be more interesting twists and turns in the upcoming episodes, love confession Hua Toh Kya Hua. There is still a lot to happen. And i hope you all will like the upcoming episodes too. Please for this Maha episode i want Maha comments ??? i know i m greedy but still ?? please do comment on my Maha episode please please as it’s the biggest and best episode of my entire EDKV continutional ff according to me.
And as per normal I will post the next episode tomorrow.

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Hey jooo i m emotional now i m describing this epi…
    First ly i loved it the way it started and then i was happy when shravan confessed but it was imagination of sumo..whe u jse prettypreeti i have weird smile..tben when sumo cpnfessed and shravo refused i felt lime scolding shravo..after wards the letter i was awwwws!!!and then finaally they were one..mil hi jaate hai jo bane ek duje ke vaste…loved ig
    And no precap!!!!!!??????very bad
    Anyaays the maha epi was awesome
    Loved it..
    Love j
    Post soonnn

    1. Prettypreeti

      Yaar so much mistakes while typing…sorryyyyyyy..?????

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Pri thanks for commenting happy u loved the Maha epi ? Hehe hi prettypreeti ? Areh Shravan was scared that’s why he rejected haha ya no precap ? Love u too ??? Will post the next part tonight ?

  2. Awesome

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Shona thanks for commenting happy u liked the Maha episode and it means a lot to me when a silent reader comments in my ff thank u so much ???

  3. Nikita

    Oh f**k! Sorry, couldn’t find any other appropriate word was my feelings rn.
    Dude, this was ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
    I regret even the thought that I am late. Anyways, I reallly love this onee.
    The confessions, everything.. gah, I’m so out of words….!! My fam was staring at me when I was reading this. It was like my eyes popped out and my mouth was open, and I had goosebumps all over. This was so perfect…! OMFG! Dude, seriousllyy.
    I mean, I did not expect the confession to take place, TBH. Because, now I cant predict the story. Even if Shravan gets truth, he’d love Suman with all his heart.. uggh, this iss so confusing. Gah cant wait for the next episode.. and this one was spectacular! You killed it… you are amazinngg.. seriously beautiful, but I still can’t believe the simplicity and your writing skillss! YOU ARE SOO MuCH BETTER THAN THE WRITERS WE HAVE. Be a novelist, trust me.. I loved this.. kal kaa episode plss jaldi post krna.. and the hindi dialogues..♥ this was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Im sooo out of words, so just imagine the world’s most amazing appreciating words and then those words into 10000× timess! Love youu soo much!

    1. Nikita

      Aur ye hai tumhare maha episode ka maha comment..
      Sorry if you got bored reading suchh a long onee!!

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nishita thanks for commenting happy u loved the epi woah sorry for embarrassing you infront of ur family ??? hehe Areh itna kanjoos nahi Hoon main ? Well thanks for appreciating me for the Hindi dialogues part it wasn’t easy for me ? Since idk much of Hindi love u too ?? haha no no i love Maha comments ???

  4. WeirdSister

    Oh my god..
    I am still in their world only.. I haven’t come out yet.. And I am sure that this will stay for quite a time..
    Coming to this fantastic episode..
    Praises to you… For not making it the cliché kind..
    I mean.. I really feel.. That you thinking all that letter stuff and that combo of gens….shows that how well you know to portray emotions..
    It was very well written.. The whole thing!
    I am starting to think.. ‘Now what! What is the next blow I am going to get in my face?!’
    What else..
    It was damn romantic.. So detailed..
    Precise.. True to the content of the show..
    I loved it..
    Keep writing..
    Post really soon.. Because I really want to see how you show the post confession life for them..
    Love you loads and loads!
    Take care..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting happy u loved the epi yeah yeah i hate those cliche types of episodes ?? it’s damm annoying sometimes ??? Well will post the next epi tonight well i would say there will be interesting twists and turns in shraman’s life and of course some romance post love confession love u too ???

  5. Christie123

    Oh god! What did I read???? Are u for real? I mean like seriously. What a writings. Just blow me. How much I praise u for this is less. I think u should be a writer. And u should have written the script of edkv
    It’s fantabulous!!!!!!!???????? Mere hosh urgeye yaar. Just more than perfect. Awesome!!!!!!!
    More than Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
    It was damn romantic yaar..
    Love u and and your writings. I am in fully love with your writings.????????????????
    Love you,

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey meher thanks for commenting happy u loved the epi Areh no no yaar no writer i just want EDKV s2 aur Kuch nahi ?? and yeah love u too ???

  6. IME

    Dhoop se nikal ke chaav se phisal ke epi jab phada to dimag thanm sa gaya
    Aasmm phigal ke sheesha me dhal ke jam gaya to ye epi aa gaya
    exams bhulake ye epi phad hai nikle hai dil se ye dua
    Epi to jordaar hai yrr
    epi to jorddar hai yrr
    Don ke dil se hai ye dua (ye Don me hu)
    epi to jordar hai yrr
    tere ff ko itna main pyaar karaan
    Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
    tera ff javve je mainu chhad ke
    Maut da intezaar karaan
    Ke tere ff ke liye exams chhod di hai
    ispe hi saans aake ruke
    Main isko kitna chaati hu
    Ye tu kabhi soch na sake
    ye sab ff ke liye the ab ye song tere liye
    kaate nahi kaate din ye raat
    kehne thi jo tum se dil ke
    kaate nahi kaate din ye raat
    kehne thi jo tum se ye dil ke baat
    lo aaj me kheti hu
    yrr it was awesome
    loved it
    waiting for next part
    I love you
    take care

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey ishu thanks for commenting happy u loved it Wah Wah kya Gana hain ???itna Sara ??? happy u loved it love u too ???

  7. Hey fatarajo how are you? I was also big fan of edkv but you are writing better than show was running hehe good maha epi very long one fantastic and boomblastic

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey good girl thanks for commenting happy u loved my ff ??? and yes u r a very good girl for commenting on my ff ???? Areh nahi yaar and yes love u ??? thank u so much for commenting it means a lot when a silent reader comments in my ff ???

  8. Hi jo
    I cant understand from where to start….coz everything in the epi was amazing ….i will say about the epi later …..first I will speak about U ….you are really amazing writer…very creative and u take care of everything be it small or big ….u remember everything about each and every character….like how he /she speaks….like mamiji always calls Shravan as Sharman beta….and like Nanu said when Shravan asked him how is he then he said as god keeps me…u are very good observer and remember everything that’s ur speciality…. One song for u
    Taarif kru kya uski ….jisne tumhe bnaya……???
    now coming to the epi or else tum chane ke jhaad pe chad jaogi?
    Seriously epi was mindboggling….i smiled I cried too…..becz my shravu cried I cant see him crying….bt it was for good so I spare u for that …..and I everything of the epi was beautifully imagined …their love confession was so cute and amazing…PTA HAI MAI KITNE DINO SE SOCHTI THI K SHRAMAN KA LOVE CONFESSION AISA HOGA YA VAISA HOGA BT YE VALA TO SUPER SE BHI UPER THA….sorry for my Hindi bt I know now u understand this much ….and credit goes to us ?? and when I read the whole epi I was like bs khatm ho gya kyu ? Muje aur pdhna hai….and then I read no precap I was like how my day will spend now …..u r very clever ….like Alina and ekta u also become suspense queen….bt its okk….i think comment is too big now …..u will get a headache while reading this ….bt u only asked for mahacomment so here it is?
    Now I m going u take care and do write amazing ff like this…god bless u ….luv u?????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rt thanks for commenting happy u loved the epi well it is cause of the videos i saw on insta of EDKV to refresh my memories as i miss EDKV very badly hehe ??? Hehe rt ??? haha Alu ??? Voh Toh tubelight hain ?? love u too ???

  9. Prettypreeti

    Heyyy jooo every1 commented soo long and my one was just a bacha infront of them..actually yesterday i was in hurry soo i again came and read this chappy again just coz my heart was saying read it read it…coz mujhe chain hi nhi mil rha..aheeb si khushi ho rhi hai isse padh ke..i m reading 3rd time..girl i m in love with this chapter……everytime when shravo refuse sumo i fell like scolding hik and atlast i m full of emotions…i feel like hugging u my cheeku……
    Loved it soo deeply..
    Sooo much connected..
    Tera epi to ek dam hi fi hai,
    Sharama rha mera wi fi hai…….
    I loved it sooo soooo soooo zyada,
    Abhi abhi poori ho gya dil jo tha adda…
    Really my fab girllll …..
    I loved it soooo much
    Hi sona di u also here..wlcmmm….
    Arti di hru????
    And all loved ur comment…
    From deep of my heart..
    Lots of luv.post soon

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh hi preetypreeti and omg 3 times ??? it is so sweet of u that u read my ff 3 times and also commented again Areh nahi yaar tumne comment kiya na yeh hi kaafi hain mere liye ??? Love u too ??? Will post the next epi tonight ?

  10. Diya

    I really feel short of word to describe !!
    Sumo’s proposing pattern is so so so amazing dear.
    I got emotional when Shravan didn’t accept his love. Anyways it’s really familiar that he wouldn’t. His life is full of wounds which need to be cured.
    I’m extremely ecstatic reading the last part !!
    They r together now, hope everything remains ok instead of misunderstandings again.
    I can’t give maha comment cuz my school has started so I’ve become hyper busy.
    And as usual I couldn’t comment on every episode.
    Sorry for that, but I do read.
    Love u dear !!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Diya thanks for commenting happy u loved the epi And happy u liked the love confession and also understood Shraman’s POV very well well it’s okay i understand u commented that’s a lot for me and yes love u too ???

  11. Rasika

    Omg, Your writing skills are amazing, the love confession, shravans rejection, the breakup, choti sumo conversation, her forgiveness, their friendship is so well written, sorry for commenting late, love u dear ??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rasika thanks for commenting happy u loved the episode dear and nah it’s fine u commented that’s a lot for me love u too ???

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