Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 152 (4th October’s Episode) (1st of this FF)

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Precap ofprevious episode: (The previous episode, is the previous episode of the show in actual, that means Episode No.151, which aired on Monday, 3rd October 2016)
Prita teases Sumo noticing her yawning. Maybe someone kept you awake all night? She goes quiet as Sumo stares at her. Sumo gets Preeti’s call. Preeti says I was getting bored. Sumo suggests her to come over to PCT whenever she is getting bored. We can spend time together and I will also get a free cook. Preeti agrees. Is everything fine between you and Shravan? Everyone was worried. Sumo tells her there is nothing to worry. Our love is like that only. Preeti is relieved. Lala ji was saying the same. So there is nothing to worry? Sumo answers positively. They end the call.
Sumo thinks what they are both doing. This is not right. I wonder what everyone must be thinking about me because of Shravan!

So, according to my fan fiction, the show was paused from this point and now this is the continual. This means I will be writing my fan fiction in the form of episodes, and it will begin with Episode 152, which means 4th October’s Episode.

Episode No: 152
Episode Date: 4th October 2016

Scene 1: Outside PCT
The episode begins with Shravan reaching near PCT with a man with his car.
Man: Stop here. Here is the place where the chamber is.
Shravan: This place? PCT? (Looking at PCT board)
Man: Not PCT. It is near PCT.
Shravan: (in his mind) This guy had to find a chamber only near PCT.
Man: Come I will show you.

He brings Shravan to a small office, which is quite small and also a bit messy. Shravan doesn’t like this place much.
Man: According to the budget you gave me, this is the place where I found a chamber for you.
Shravan: No other place?
Man: Well, there is some but they are quite far away and also should I recommend you other places, but budget is higher?
Shravan: (in his mind) I have to use my own money to prove to Suman that even I can do something. I only have the money of my own which I earned when I was in London.
Man: Sir, what are you thinking? Should I show you other places?
Shravan: It’s okay, this place is fine with me. I will give rent on this place.
Man: But sir, I am sure there are better places for you, you will like those more and budget? What’s the need of it? After all you are Ramnath Malhotra’s son.
Shravan: Listen, do what I say. No need to tell me what I need to do, I can make my own decisions.

Man: (in his mind) He is the son of such a wealthy family, and still he chose this low budget place to locate his chamber? Strange!
Man: Okay fine, give me money and this place is yours. I hope you don’t have any problem with this.
Shravan: I just have one problem that from now on I have to see these PCT peoples’ face everyday.
The guy gets surprised. Shravan gives him money and completes the procedures. The man leaves.

Guy: Okay, I will take your leave now.
The guy leaves.
Shravan comes back to the place.
Shravan: This place is so messy and dusty.
He starts sneezing.
Shravan: Oh god. How am I going to clean this place? If I hire someone, I also have to give them the money. Let me do one thing, I will call Sumo.
As Shravan was about to call Sumo,
Shravan: Why do even need to call her? I can do these by myself.
Shravan looks at the place and its mess.
Shravan: (in his mind) This will take a whole day. I will fix it tomorrow.
Shravan leaves from the place.

Scene 2: Malhotra Residence, Kitchen
Kamini comes to the kitchen and finds Suman cooking.
Kamini: Suman beta, what is the need to cook? I will call Bahadur.
As Kamini was about to call him,
Sumo: Areh aunty, let it be. I am going to cook for everyone.
Kamini: Wah ji, you are going to cook everything today? Very good.
Sumo: Yes, after all now this is my family. But I just need one help from you?
Kamini: (in her mind) Is she going to tell me to help her in cooking? No, no. I have to make some excuse.
Kamini: Areh Suman beta, I am very unwell today.
Sumo: Why what happened? (Surprised)
Kamini: Actually, I got food poisoning that’s why my stomach is paining.
Kamini pretends to be sick.
Sumo: Oh no Aunty, then you should take rest. But Aunty do send Vandy Bhabi to me I need to ask her something?
Kamini: Okay fine. Vandy!!!
Vandy comes.
Vandy: Yes Mummyji.
Kamini: Help Suman beta.
Vandy: Me?
Kamini: Yes, I am sick that’s why. I got food poisoning.
Vandy: Food Poisoning. Oh no. I am sure it is because of the samosas you had this morning. So oily!
Kamini: (in her mind) Shut up Vandy!
Kamini: Okay I go and rest now.
Kamini leaves. Vandy looks on.

Scene 3: Dining Space
It is night time and Suman is serving food to all.
Lalaji: Wow Suman beta, today you did a great job by preparing everyone’s favourite food.
Suman smiles. Suman serves food to all and serves khichidi to Kamini.
Kamini: Heh? Khichidi? Suman beta, it’s good you know all’s favourite dish, but Khichidi is not my favourite.
Sumo: Sorry Kamini Aunty, I wanted to make your favourite dish but you said you got food poisoning, that’s why I made this Khichdi.
Lalaji: Kamini you didn’t say that to me?
Preeti: Yes saasu ma. You could have told me. I could have taken care of you.
Kamini: Heh? That was in the morning but now I am fine.
Sumo: No. No. You haven’t recover completely yet. You look so weak. Have Khichidi now. I will make your favourite dish for you one day. Promise!
Preeti: Yes I agree with Suman Didi.
Kamini sadly looks at the khichidi.
Kamini: (in her mind) I am trapped.
Sumo: Credit goes to Vandy Bhabi who told me everyone’s favourite dish and she helped me a lot.
Vandy smiles at Kamini, and Kamini angrily looks at her.
Later, Shravan also comes. He greets and smiles looking at everyone except for Suman.
Shravan: Wow everyone’s favourite dish. Well I am very hungry now.
Shravan sits down.
Shravan eats the dish and gets happy. And he eats it very happily.
Pushkar: Woah Shravan bhaia, slow down.
Shravan: This food, especially the dal is so awesome. I love it. And is there anything special due to which everyone’s favourite dish is cooked?
Lalaji: Yes there is something special
Shravan: What is it? (while eating)
Lalaji: Today’s dish is made by Suman beta.
Shravan while eating stops and looks at her. Suman looks on.
Lalaji: It’s awesome food.
Shravan stops eating.
Lalaji: Just now you were eating so much, now why you stopped?
Shravan: I am full.
Shravan leaves from the dining table. All looks on.
Sumo: (in her mind) The more I want to solve problems, the more he creates.
Ramnath looks on.
Ramnath : (in his mind) Shravan has changed a lot. I don’t know what’s going on?
Preeti holds Suman’s hand.
Preeti: Dii, really everything is fine between you and Jiju?
Sumo: Yes Preeti, just that he is very tired that’s why and he also told me he will eat less today, that’s why he was eating fast.
Pushkar: Yaar, he also didn’t come to office today, what was he busy with?
Sumo: What? He didn’t go to office today?
Pushkar: No.
Ramnath is also surprised.
Pushkar: Sir you have any idea about this?
Ramnath: No. Maybe he must have some of his own work.
Sumo: (in her mind) Now this is too much. I have to sort out all these with Shravan before things get worse. We have to get things done.

Scene 4: Shraman’s Bedroom
Suman comes in the bedroom to speak with Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan, what’s your problem?
She finds Shravan sleeping.
Sumo: Surprising! This Kutub Minar fell asleep so fast today? And didn’t drink at all also?
Sumo: (in her mind) Maybe he must be really tired. I will talk to him tomorrow about this.
Suman goes and change into her red nightie.
Suman finds Shravan sleeping without blanket.
Sumo: It is winter, cold now and this boy…
Suman puts the blanket on Shravan and goes to sleep.
Suman stares at Shravan as she isn’t able to sleep.
Sumo: He looks so innocent and naive when he sleeps but in actual he is.. Sumo? Why are you even thinking about him? Just go to sleep.
And she switches off the lights.

Scene 5: Next day Morning,
Suman wakes up in the morning only to find Shravan missing.
Sumo: Shravan? Where is he?
She looks at the clock.
Sumo: It’s 7 only. He won’t wake up so soon. Where is he?
Suman gets up to find Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan comes out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and realises Suman is finding him.
Shravan stands near the wardrobe, as he sees Suman.
Sumo: He is not in the washroom also. Where did he go so early in the morning? I needed to speak to him about something important.
Shravan: (in his mind) Something important? Me?
Shravan comes out of the wardrobe area and Suman sees him.
Sumo: So there is Kutub Minar.
Suman comes to Shravan and puts her hand around the waist.
Sumo: So you were playing hide and seek with me?
Shravan: I don’t have time for all these nonsense.
Sumo: Did you keep the washroom clean today?
Shravan: So this is the important thing you wanted to talk to me about?
Suman is stunned.
Sumo: So you were listening to what I was saying silently?
Shravan: Sumo, who listens to one who talks to herself. I am not crazy like you.
Sumo: I just asked you one question, did you clean washroom or not and you called me crazy for that?
Shravan: Anyways if I have clean washroom or not, that’s none of your business. Now move.
Suman gets more stunned.
As Shravan walks, Suman is about to fall due to Shravan shoving her, Shravan holds her and they both fall together on the rug. Music plays. They share an eyelock. Shravan gets up and leaves.
Sumo: Shravan listen?
Shravan ignores.
Sumo: (in his mind) Even now I couldn’t speak with him. But I need to talk to him as soon as possible.
The episode ends with Suman’s face freezed.

Precap for tomorrow’s episode: Shravan comes to his new chamber and tells himself how will he clean this mess? And then a voice of a lady says, we will help you in cleaning this place. Shravan is surprised to find that it is none other than Suman and two of the PCT ladies with her. Suman smiles, and Shravan gets surprised.

And sorry for the very less ShraMan scenes, I wanted to bring that EDKV feel so brought in some drama 😛 but I assure, the next episode there will be more of Shraman Scenes.

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