Ek duje ke vaaste: Childhood hatred (Episode 1)

Hii guys I m back ayesha rabiya 😊😊 thanks for the support everyone and ya thanks silent reader also actually I only write this episode for my di’s and little sissy I didn’t thought to write also but they said me so from Monday my writing exam is starting and first is maths 90 marks paper 😭😭😡😡😷😷
let start:

A man is shown her back is facing he is standing front of one photo one joker is there and down its written Tamasha events & promotion one employee came her name is rohan he said
Rohan: Shravan sir ( I don’t want to say u all that he is Shravan coz u all r very intelligentπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰)He turned and say
Shravan: Ha rohan bolo
Rohan: Sir woh tina (shravan’s P.A) is getting married
Shravan: then what should I do
Rohan: sir so she is leaving this job her husband is not allowing her(giving tia’s resignation letter)
Shravan: What she is happy with this
Rohan: ya sir she is happy
Shravan: Ok go and say her I accepted her resignation letter
Rohan: ok sir
Shravan: And ya find new P.A for me

On other hand:
One girl is shown making breakfast her eye r shown she said
Girl: Papa ur princess coming to u with breakfast

Girl went in her father’s room and said
Girl: your princess came
(Her father is on bed)he said
Girl’s father: I m waiting for u only my princess suman
Suman: I know that
Suman’s father: today ur going somewhere
Suman: ha papa wo………
Her father interrupt and say
Suman father: I know ur going for job interview
Suman: ya papa
Suman father: this tym come with sweets don’t come without sweets
Suman: ha papa
They eat breakfast and Susan went

Precap: Should I say or not…..😏😏😏

Sorry for grammatical mistakes and ya one more sorry coz this is short & ya if any mistakes also there Den forgive me i don’t know how to write but I tried my best and next episode i’ll post on 10 October

By……… everyone di’s and my sweet little sissy’s 😊😊😊😊


  1. Neeti

    |Registered Member

    Hey I didnt watch dis prt Ayeshu di ( sry I am calling u Ayeshu). Wah its soo nice.
    It is so unfair, u wrote too short epi nd nxt epi will b on 10 Oct.
    By d way I think I am 1st if ri8 den taliya, if nt den pls no galiya:-P
    Ok bye bye, tc- Neeti

    • Ayeshu


      Hii neeti thanks dear i m happy u like it and ya taliya and u can call me ayeshu di my younger sister also call me ayeshu di only i’ll try to post soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Ariana

    |Registered Member

    seems super interesting!! Waiting for the nest part. Pls pls pls post soon. Can’t wait till 10 OCT! U don’t wish to kill me right? And yah all the best for ur exams!!!
    take care

  3. sona

    Its…damn superb..
    Actually…I liked it well..
    Vaisey next on 10Oct..
    It will b toooooooo late….😐😐😐😐
    But..its OK..will wait for you😊😊😊
    All the best for ur maths and other exams dear😍😍😍

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