Ek duje ke vaaste: Childhood hatred (Episode 7)

Hiii guy’s ayesha back remember me or forget if remember me that’s good if forget then no problem guy’s I have one bad news for u all that I m ending this ff soon 10th is the last episode first I decided to discontinue then I think about u all so I m writing let’s start:

Recap: Shravan save Suman Sharman hug.

Next day:
Suman came office she saw shravan and went in
Suman: Good morning sir(give her coffee)
Shravan: Good morning (he drink)
Suman: sir I add sugar how is it
Shravan: I said no sugar coffee right
Suman: ya sir but in life we should try different different thing
Shravan: (in angry tone) ok now go
She smile & leave

Full day goes in meetings
Then it’s time to go 10 pm
Everyone start leaving
Rohan came & said
Rohan: come I’ll drop u
Suman: no I’ll go
Rohan: come I’ll drop u
Suman: No Rohan
Rohan: but u
Suman: coz….. (shravan interrupt)
Shravan: coz she is going with I m dropping her
(Both suman & rohan get shock)
Shravan: come I m waiting for u
(He goes)
Rohan: ooooho first u should say me na I’ll not force u say me what brewing between u & sir
Suman: nothing yar just shut up
(She went near her car & stand like statue)
Shravan: come sit u want invitation card
(She is about to sit in back sit)

Shravan: O hello madam I m not it driver come & sit in front
(Suman make faces then she sit)
In car fully silence suman is getting then she break the ice
Suman: sir can I ask u one thing
Shravan: ya ask
Suman:(in excitement)sir u have any girlfriend seeing u it’s not look u have but I m just asking
Shravan in flashback
One small boy is feeding chocolate to one girl
*Flashback End*
Suman: (loudly)shra…van sir…..

Shravan: ya
Suman:(smiling)thinking about girlfrnd ha
Shravan: no I don’t have girlfrnd aah u have boyfrnd
Suman: no sir
Shravan: Good ur house came
Suman: ooh ya can I ask u something
Shravan: hmmm
Suman: can we be frnds I don’t have frnds(make puppy face)
Shravan: Rohan
Suman: he is just for time pass
Shravan smile: Ok
She forward her hand for handshake that handshake and suman went
Shravan (think): she is not to bad she is sweet
Suman(think): he not to bad he is nice

Like this they became frnds & after that they spend quality times with each other like he daily drop her home they do lunch in shravan cabin thay had ice cream & do outing

Precap: Revelation of past

Thanks for reading guy’s love u guy’s I’ll try to update soon comment below ??????

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  1. Fabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilous
    Post asap

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. ???????????
    Ssssaaaaaadddddd to hear…
    U r going to end this soon..
    But..I’m happy at least u informed..
    If u end it..we will definetly loose a lovely ff of shraman???☺

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks sona πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. This was soooooo cute. I loved it specially when he said that he’s dropping her <3
    Btw curious about that flashback.
    Post the next one soon. Don't end this soon please.
    Loads of love. Take care ?

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks di but i m not getting much comments so i m ending this πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey ayesha ..
    Awesome one dear ..
    Like .. I really like it ..
    I hv read all ur parts at once ..
    They all r amazing ..
    Waiting for next part ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear ????

  5. Ariana

    Oho!! She’s sweet-he’s nice…..friendship started….I’m all happy shappy. Wonderful Ayeshu. Now the flashback is a suspense….can’t wait for that to get revealed so post asap!!

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks Aru ????

  6. it was sooo……gud
    but short
    post soon…tc

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks aishana ????

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