Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 26th April 2016 Episodic Analysis


This update is submitted by our visitor, Danny.

The episode starts in the courtroom where the judge pronounces punishment of 30 days’ in prison for Khosla.Khosla starts acting of getting a heart attack while Gugal and Verma ask for another date.Shravan says that he has got Delhi’s best cardiologist in the court and gives his card to the judge while the doctor examines Khosla and tells he is absolutely fine.Shravan then comments that Khosla has got 500 heart attacks like this as whenever he loses a case he acts like this.Khosla then tells Shravan that he has won this case but how ll he win the fight against Varun at home and smirks(dumb Khosla).
Later Nanu and his whole family thanks Shravan for his efforts.He tells them not to thank him as he and Sumo tells them that she has some work and goes from there while Shravan looks on.

Scene 2:Shravan’s house
Vandy is crying while Pushkar is consoling her.Kamini and Varun are angry on Shravan as Khosla had rejected Varun’s consignment.Shravan asks them to listen to them once.At that Sumo comes and gives 10 crores cheque to Varun.Varun sees that itis signed by Khosla and asks how can it be?Sumo then tells them everything-Flashback is shown how Sumo went to talk to Khosla after the case got over and asks him about Varun’s consignment while he refuses he won’t pay it.Sumo then says okay i have that 15 crore payup order from court,you have to pay that from there i ll give 10 crores to Varun and rest i ll keep it.So think about my offer or you ll be in loss and Khosla agrees-Flashback ends.
Vandy gets very happy and thanks Sumo and calls her James Bond while Pushkar says that this is the effect of staying with Shravan bhaiyya.Varun says fine i got my money but what about my reputation.Lalaji interrupts saying Khosla doesn’t have any reputation too so shut up now and say thank you to sumo.He thanks her.Ramnath comes home and gets to know about everything and thanks Sumo but she lies that it was Shravan’s idea.Ramnath tells that he is proud of Shravan and hugs him while he looks at Sumo.Lalaji asks Sumo to come and sit and asks Vandy and Kamini to bring snacks for her.
Vandy is genuinely happy while Kamini is talking as usual rubbish.Sumo comes there and tells that she ll never take advantage of Shravan and Pushkar’s friendship.Kamini taunts her and says thanks while Sumo leaves from there.

Scene 3:(Most Awaited???)
Sumo enters and Shravan’s room and sees him shirtless and closes her eyes and turns muttering many sorrys’ at the same time.Shravan frowns and tells her doesn’t she have manners while searching for his shirt.She tells him doesn’t he have sense that while changing clothes one should lock the door and goes from there.Shravan then shouts where are you going now.She knocks on the door and asks may i come in.Shravan says yes and smiles.Sumo asks why do you always stay in angry young man mood.He says not everytime only when people lie and asks her why did u lie that it was all my plan and made me a hero.Sumo tells you are a hero from before only and then adds not from looks but from ur heart and brain.Sumo then says by the way you only made me heroine infront my family as they are telling Sumo did this did that but actually credit goes to you for everything.Shravan tells you called me hero but that doesn’t mean i won’t take fees.she tells him that he can take his fees any time.He then goes very close to her and she steps back and he tells i ll ask my fees at the right time then and says okay and goes away.While Sumo is leaving his room he tells her to always knock and come in because this time he was just changing his shirt but next time he might be changing something else….Sumo makes a weird face and goes.

Scene 4:Tiwari house
Everyone welcome Sumo and Nanu tells he is very proud of her.He tells her she didn’t leave his side during bad time like others.Family members feel guilty.Sumo hugs Nanu and he asks her to light diya in front of Priya’s pic as his daughter got justice today and Sumo happily complies with tears of joy in her eyes.Mami hugs Sumo and asks forgiveness for hurting her by her rude words about Priya.Dabbu asks Nanu for a party and he tells he ll invite Ramnath and his whole family tomorrow for Preeti-bhoj.Dabbu cutely asks what is Preeti bhoj and Sumo explains him while all family members have a hearty laugh.

Scene 4:Sumo’s tiffin centre
All the ladies are very happy and dancing around Sumo celebrating her victory.Sumo tells them thank you and she ll give them party later and asks them to get back to work.Prita tells her that Shravan is very good as he won the case and got back her house but he must be taking a lot of fees.Sumo tells no i don’t think he ll take money as his fees.Prita panics and tells about her own experience where her husband asked kiss as his birthday gift.Sumo shouts WHAT?KISS!!! Another lady comes and tells in Sumo’s what her husband asked in gift.Sumo tells them that Shravan is not like this he is a gentleman. Prita tells her that boys are never gentleman and tells now God can only save her and goes.Sumo gets tensed and thinks no no Shravan won’t ask for kiss,he was a fattu in childhood and he is still that but what if he does ask for it? The screen freezes on her tensed face.
Precap:Shravan calls Sumo and tells her to get ready as he ll ask his fees today.She gets tensed.Later in the kitchen Shravan comes very close near Sumo and they have an intense eyelock…

(sorry if there is any grammatical error or if i haven’t been able to describe the scenes properly…

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