Ek Duje ke pyar ke rang 3 shots

Ek Duje ke pyar ke rang 3 shot

Hey guys I am new here!! I have read ur ff and so I am inspired to write one… And I am going to write a 3 shot ff on Devashi and Sharman

So here you go!!!

Scene 1
(In a room)
A couple is peacefully sleeping in each others arms .. Sunlight comes to boys face and he wakes up!!
He smiles seeing girls face and keeps staring at her.. And says you are my everything!! I was incomplete without you..

Suddenly the girl speaks don’t stare at me like this Dev…
D: (shocked) Sona you were awake??
S:Kind of..

Scene 2
A boy was shown sleeping in the bed and the girl comes out from the bathroom.. She was wearing a Punjabi suit and was having wet hair.. She goes to the boy and slashes water through her hair.. Good morning Baby says the girl.. Boy says what is this let me sleep.. Girl gets angry and was about to leave when boy holds her hand and pulls her ..
Shravan leave me (showing fake anger. Are meri Sumo why are you getting angry??

Scene 3
D:you always surprise me Sona..
S: Dev I Love you
D:I Love you to Sona… Now give me morning kiss…
S: No
D: Sonaaaaaa
Dev leans forward to give a kiss but suddenly there is a knok on the door!!
D: Who is this now … No one will let me Romance with my wife..
S: Dev go and open
Dev goes and opens the door and a girl comes in…
She goes to Sona and hugs her
And says Good Morning Mama!!
S:Good morning my little princess…
D: I am left alone no one will hug me??
S:awwww my dear hubby come..
They three hug…

Scene 4
Su: Shravan leave my hand..
Sh: Sumo pls I am sorry..
Sumo tries to free her hand by Shravn pulls more close.. They both share a eye lock…
Sumo breaks the eyes lock and tries to leave but her mangalsutra gets stuck in his button…
Sh:See God also does not want you to leave me..
Su: Shravan take this out ..
Shravan holds her by her waist and closes his eyes to give her kiss… ( guess what would have happened next)
Till that time sumo took her mangalsutra out and runs away .. Shravan kisses the air.. And suddenly he opens his eyes and sees no one .. Shravan thinks Sumo I’ll get a kiss from you any how like I used to before marraige…

The serial will go in flashback showing how these couples met and how they got married!!

Guys how is it?? Pls give ur comments below be it positive or negative….

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  1. Superb Start.. Keep it up.. ?? Post next part soon ..

    1. Thanks Bhoomi!!

      1. Aarti its my ff

  2. Its nice.. Plss continue

    1. Thanks a ton shraman,?

  3. Hi anisha,
    Nice shot.
    Continue soon.
    Interesting precap.

    1. Thanks meera means a lot ?

  4. Very nice and love the cover pic

    1. Thank you soo much asmita ??

  5. silent reader


  6. Hey a happy n romantic episode..woww..i really luv such episodes

  7. Amazing…… Loved it….

  8. Awesome episode Anisha beautiful cover picture lovely precap:) post soon

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