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“Ek Duje Ke Naam Rang Pyar ke” (Part – 3) (KRPKAB, EDKV & IPKKND)


Sorry guys for posting this FF after such a long time due to tight schedule. I hope that you guys did not forget this FF.

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Part 1

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Precap – Khushi and Arnav’s argument, Khushi resigns. Suman and Shrvn fights. Sona is upset with Dev coz Dev called her careless.

Next Day –
ASR Fashion House –
Khushi does not come to office. Arnav asks someone for some file and throws it coz the work is not done in proper manner. Arnav fumes in anger.
Arnav – What the………. Ye file kisne ready ki hai? (Who done this work?)
Employee (stammers due to fear) – sir maine. ( its me)
Arnav – thik se kaam karma nahi aata kya tumhe? (don’t you know how to do work?)
Employee – sir.actually… I did it for first time.
Arnav – to abhi tak kaun kar raha tha ( then till now who was doing this?)
Employee – wo……..
Arnav – what ……..wo……….tell me the name..
Employee – Khushi…
Arnav – Then why she has not done this time?
Actually Arnav forgets about the argument and khushi’s resignation.
Employee – yesterday only she left job, sir.
Arnav – To kya…agar khushi nahi hai to kaam nahi hoga kya? (what if she is not here…will work be not done?)
Employee – it will take time to learn sir.
Arnav – what the………
Employee – Actually sir. Khushi took care of this work since a long time so nobody feels ever to learn it.
Arnav (angrily) – complete it in proper way.
Employee leaves and comes again with the correction but Arnav is still not satisfied. It happens several times. Arnav also fee
Employee – Sir, jesa khushi karti thi, bilkul wesa to koi nahi kar pa raha… (the way Khushi used to this….nobody is able to do in that way)
Arnav (angrily) – agar Khushi ke bina kaam nahi ho sakta to tum job kar hi kyun rahe ho?……….i want this work to be done at any cost today (if only Khushi can do this, then why you are doing job?)
Employee leaves. He calls Khushi and asks for the help. Khushi helps her and he again goes to Arnav. This time Arnav is satisfied with the work without knowing that Khushi has done this. The employee is relieved.

Dixit House –
Dev gets some reports of Ishwari and want to talk to Sona about them. Dev forgets about yesterday’s fight. But Sona comes and avoids Dev.
Dev – Dr. Bose, I want to talk to you about these reports.
Sona – Really…..? As per your thinking I am not in my work so you must concern some other nutritionist.
Dev (confused) – What…..??? When did I say this…….?
Sona – itni jaldi bhul gaye…
Dev opens his mouth to say something but just remembers and shuts his mouth. Sona leaves.
Dev – Dr. Bose bhi bahot ajeeb hain….(she is very strange)
Ish – beta, wo ajeeb nahi hai…. Ise aatm-samman kehte hain (she is not strange, it is called self-respect).
Dev – maa ab isme self-respect kahan se aa gaya (where did that come from?)
Ish – tu khud soch, kal tune jis tarike se baat ki sona se kya wo sahi tha ? (the way you talked to sona yesterday, was that the right way?)
Ishwari leaves saying this Dev thinks but does not understand and leaves for office.

Dev’s office –
A meeting is going on but Dev is not able to concentrate. Tina notices this and cancels the meeting. Dev is lost in thoughts of Sona.
Tina – Sir, kya hua? Aaj meeting me bhi aapka dhyan nahi tha. Aisa pehli baar hua hai. Koi problem hai kya? (what happened sir? You were not concentrating in meeting. Any problem?)
Dev – Nahi Tina….kuch nahi (nothing Tina.)
Tina is about to leave.
Dev – Tina…….ruko (wait…Teena)
Tina – Boliye sir (tell me)
Dev – Agar hum kisi ko ye ehsaas dilaye ki usne apne kaam me galti ki hai to kya galat hai? (if we make some one realize that he has done mistake in his work……is it wrong?)
Tina – it depends ki wo insaan apne kaam me kisa hai….wo apne kaam ko seriously leta hai ya nahi..
Dev (confused) – matlab? (what do you mean?)
Tina – Sir….abhi aapne meeting me dhyan nahi diya jiske wajah se maine meeting cancel kar di (I cancelled the meeting coz you did not able to concentrate)
Dev – hmmmm…
Tina – par iska ye matlab to nahi ki aap apne kaam me achche nahi hai (but it does not mean that you are not good in your work)
Dev – ?????
Tina – kai baar wajah kuch aur bhi ho sakti hai…. Isiliye kisi ko bhi judge karne se pehle hume puri situation ko samjh lena chahiye (sometimes reason may something else….so we should understand the situation before judging someone)
Dev – hmmmmm………thanks Tina.
Tina – your welcome, sir. Dev thinks
Tina leaves. Dev starts thinking.
Dev (to himself) – shayad Tina sahi keh rahi thi… maine kal puri baat jane bina hi Ms. Bose par gussa kiya, ye sahi nahi tha… mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha…maa aur nikki ne mujhe samjhane ki koshish ki thi…but Dev tu kisi ki baat sunta hai kya kabhi…….tu bhi na… (may be Tina is right… I shouted on Ms. Bose without knowing the complete thing… maa and nikki also tried to explain……but Dev you never listen to anyone….seriously you are too much)
Dev hits his head.
Dev (to himself) – Maine galti to kar di…par ab mujhe Ms. Bose se sorry bolna hoga…sorry kese bolu ? (I did mistake…now I have to say sorry to Ms. Bose…but how?)
Dev thinks something and calls Tina.
Tina – Yes sir.
Dev – Search some books on healthy food, diet and good nutrition.
Tina gives him a confusing look.

Precap – Dev apologies. Arnav calls back Khushi on job. Suman and Shrvn become friends.

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