“Ek Duje Ke Naam Rang Pyar ke” (Part – 2) (KRPKAB, EDKV & IPKKND)


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Recap – Devna fight. Khushi comes late in office. Shrvn’s first case’s hearing.

ASR Fashin House –

Khushi enters in Arnav’s cabin.
Arnav – Why did you not knock the door?
Khushi – Bacause it is open already.
Arnav – So what, you should knock.
Khushi – Then keep the door shut first.
Arnav gives her an angry look.
Khushi – Good morning Sir.
Arnav – Good morning? Its already afternoon Khushi.
Khushi – Sorry, good afternoon sir. This is the file you were asking for.
Arnav – First tell me where were you? Is this the time to come office?
Khushi – Actually I got stuck at home due to some work.
Arnav (angrily) – You work for me, so better come on time.
Khushi – I come on time daily. Due to some personal work I got late sir.
Arnav – no excuses, no personal work. Work comes first at any cost.
Khushi – We are not machines sir.
Arnav – if you work for me, you have to act as machine. I don’t like any interruption in work.
Khushi – then I must say I am sorry sir.
Arnav – you better be.
Khushi – no sir, don’t take me wrong. I am not sorry for coming late. I am sorry because I joined this job.
Arnav – What?
Khushi – yes sir, I don’t want to work for a machine.
Arnav – how dare you talk to me like this? I am your boss.
Khushi (in a high tone) – no sir. Let me correct you. You are not my boss, you are my ex- boss. Got it.
Arnav – What the…….
Khushi – keep your “what the……….” with you. I am resigning from this job.
Khushi leaves and Arnav fills with anger. All employees shockingly looking at Khushi as if she came from some other planet. Because cabin’s door was open so all heard the argument.
Arnav (fumes) – How can she do this? She does not know me. I am “the Arnav Singh Raizada”.

Bose House –
In the evening. Shrvn comes happily.
Shrvn – Maa……..
Asha – Tum aa gaye Shrvn,,,, aaj tumhare first case ki hearing thin a kya hua?
Shrvn (happily) – Guess kariye ki kya hua hoga?
Bijoy – Mera beta case jeet gaya hoga uar kya?
Asha – Sachchi?
Shrvn – Haan maa. I won the case.
Bijoy – I knew it.
Shrvn – Ye sab aap dono ke aashirvad se ho paya hai.
Shrvn gets emotional and Bijoy hugs him.
Saurav comes in a bad mood.
Asha- Kya hua, Saurav?
Bijoy (in irriatating tone) – Aur kya hua hoga Asha. Ise job nahi mila hoga.
Asha- Don’t get upset beta. You will get a better job.
Saurav – Maa I tried my best, phir bhi…..
Shravn – Come with me Saurav. We go out and enjoy.
Saurav denies but Shrvn takes him out to cheer him up. They walk on road. They are busy in talking. Suman is coming from opposite direction; she is trying to call some one hence busy on phone. They both don’t see each other and Shrvn bumps into Suman. Suman is about to fall but Shrvn saves her by holding her hand. Suman becomes angry
Suman – What is this? Dekh kar nahi chal sakte kya?
Shrvn – Madam it not my fault alone. You are also busy with your phone.
Suman – You should learn how to walk
Shrvn – Mind your own business mam.
Suman – You just leave my hand. Shrvn leaves her hand and she falls. She gets up by her and composes herself.
Suman – How dare you?
Shrvn – You asked me to leave your hand so I did.
Suman – So rude you are.
Shrvn – But less than you.
Suman – You……….
Suman leaves and Shrvn watches her going. Saurav was enjoying all this.
Shrvn – What happened to you?
Saurav – Nothhing, I was just enjoying the fight.
Shrvn – She scolded me and you were enjoying.
Saurav – Hahaha…… atleast some one scolded you. At home only I get scolded by all.
By saying this he again becomes sad. Shrvn feels this.
Shrvn – For your smile, I enjoy being scolded so many times. But please don’t tell this to Sona otherwise she will eat by brain. Saurav laughs after listening this.

Gupta House –
Khushi enters the house in very bad mood. She enters in the kitchen and starts making “jalebi”. (Whenever she is in bad mood or tensed, she starts making jalebi).
Madhumati – Are kaa hua Nand Kishore.
Khushi – Kuch nahi buaa ji.
Madhumati – Phir kahe itna pareshan ho rahi ho.
Khushi – aaj office me sir se jhagda ho gaya.
Madhumati – Are tumre sir bhi na. aaye dinn kuch na kuch kehte hi rehte hai.
Khushi (angrily) – Pata nahi kya samjhte hain wo khud ko?
Madhumati – Are titliya kahe gusse me pagla rahi ho. Aisi naukri chhod(resign) kahe nahi deti.
Khushi – Are buaa ji, aaj resign kar hi diya humne.
Madhumati – Chalo achcha hi kiya.
Khushi – Buaa ji bahot bhukh lagi hai. Aap khana to khilao.
Khushi starts eating jalebi made by her.
Madhumati – Are haan beeitya, tanik munh haath dho lo. Abhi hum khana lagate hain.
Khushi goes to freshen up.
Madhumato (to herself) – Ab ye din bhar humra dimag khayegi. Bacha lo humko nand kishore.

Raizada House –
Arnav comes home with full of anger. Anjali watches him going in his room. She follows her.
Anjali – Kya hua Chhote? Itna gusse me kyun ho?
Arnav – Kuch nahi di. Bas aise hi.
Anjali – Thik hai. Jaldi aa jaao hum khana lgaga rahe hain bahot bhukh lagi hai.
Arnav – Iska matlb aapne bhi abhi tak khana nahi khaya. KItni baar kaha hai apko Di ki aap khana kha liya karo. Par aap meri baat sunti hi nahi ho?
Anjali (smiles) – Jaldi aa jaao.
Arnav – Aap chaliye main aata hoon.
Anjali leaves.
Arnav (to him self) – I will spare that girl. I will show her “Who I am”.

Bose House –
Sona reaches home. She is upset because of Dev. All family members notice that she is not in good mood so all they start their chit chat to cheer her up and finally get succeeded.

Dixit House –
Dev returns home. Kichu tells him that Sona left for the day. He goes in his room thinking about Sona.

Sorry guys for making it long. As I have added three shows so there is no option than making it lengthy. Hope you like it.

Credit to: Asmita...

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