“Ek Duje Ke Naam Rang Pyar ke” (Part – 1)

Hi to all. Thanks for liking my this FF too. So here we go –

ASR Fashin House –
Arnav calls Aman (secretary of Arnav) and asks some file.
Arnav – Where is the file of that new project?
Aman (scared) – Sir…….actually….
Arnav – What…..???
Aman – Sir, file is with Khushi?
Yes guys, Khushi Kumari Gupta works in ASR Fashin House. 
Arnav – What the…. Where is she?
Aman – Sir…….she has not come yet.
Arnav – It means she is late. Who allows her to come late?
Aman – ……….
Arnav – Send her to me as she comes.
Aman – ok sir.
Arnav (angrily) – now go.
Aman leaves thinking Khushi is gone today.

Dixit House –
Ishwari is in the kitchen.
Dev – Maa…… Where are you?
Ish – In the kitchen, Dev.
Dev – What are you doing here? You are told not to do anything, still you are doing work. Where is your so called nutritionist? She is supposed to be here.
Ish – Relax Dev. I am not doing anything here. Kichu asked me something so I came here to tell him. And Sona is with Nikki. Nikki need help in her project so she called her.
Dev – What? Is Dr. Bose here for Nikki’s project? (shouts) Nikkiiiiii…
Nikki and Sona come.
Dev – What are doing?
Nikki – Bhaiyya, I am……..
Dev – What? Is Dr. Bose here to assist you?
Sona – Mr. Dixit…..
Dev – I am asking you, Nikki.
Nikki – Actually…. She was free so I asked her help.
Dev (angrily) – And maa was there in the kitchen.
Ish – Dev, don’t get angry. I told you that I was not doing work in the kitchen.
Nikki – Bhaiyya, Maa was not doing anything.
Dev – Achcha……
Sona interrupts – Mr. Dixit, why are you shouting unnecessarily when aunty ji told you already?
Dev gives her angry look.
Dev – Is this the way you take care of your patient.
Sona – I know how take care of my patient. You need not to tell me.
Dev – I can see.
Sona – What do you mean? You think I am careless.
Dev – God knows.
Sona (full of anger) – How dare you Mr. Dixit? I know my work well. Who the hell are you to talk to me like this? It was you who came to me, I did not beg you for this job.
Dev suddenly realizes what he said.
Dev – Sorry Ms. Boss.
Sona (in same tone) – You better be in your limits while talking to me Mr. Dixit. And one more thing, it is Dr. Boss for you. Don’t you forget.
Nikki and Ishwari are shocked and impressed too coz till now no one dares to talk to Dev like this (in such a high tone). And its very difficult to make Dev apologies. And Sona succeeded in both. They both give her wow look.

Bose House –
Shravan is looking for Asha. He calls Asha maa and Vijoy baba as they regard him as their own child.
Shrvn – Maa….. where are you?
Asha – haan beta, bolo. What happened?
Shrn – Today is hearing of the first case of mine. Wish me good luck maa.
Asha – I know you will surely win beta.
Shrvn touches her feet and she blesses him. She makes him eat curd with sugar. Shrvn leaves.
Bijoy comes.
Bijoy – What happened Asha? What was Shrvn saying?
Asha – Nothing BIjoy. Today is hearing of the first case of Shrvn’s. So he was asking me bless him.
Bijoy – ok. Such a nice son he is.
Asha – Yes Bijoy. He never makes us feel that he is not our own child.
Bijoy – Stop it Asha. Never say this again. Shrvn is also our child like Saurav, Sona and Elena.
Asha – Yes you are right Bijoy. I am sorry.
Saurav comes.
Saurav – Maa bless me too as I am going for an interview.
Bijoy (surprised) – You……….you are going to give interview?
Saurav – Yes baba.
Asha – Bijoy, don’t under estimate my Saurav.
Bijoy – You don’t know Asha. He is completely useless.
Saurav – Maa, see.
Asha – Stop it Bijoy. You go beta. You will get success too.
Asha makes him eat curd with sugar.

Gupta House –
Khushi – Amma, my boss will not leave me today as I am late.
Amma – then take leave, don’t go.
Khushi – Amma then he will kill me. Ok amma I am going to office.
Amma – Take care bitiya.
Khushi leaves for office.

Khushi reaches office very late. Everybody stares at her. Aman comes to her.
Aman – Khushi, where were you? Why are you so late? Sir is calling you.
Khushi (carelessly) – What happened? Why you looking so worried?
Aman – Khushi, you have the file of new project and Sir was asking for the file.
Khushi – so what. Give him the file now.
Aman – I will not give the file. He is calling you. You give him the file.
Khushi – Ok, no problem.
Khushi moves towards Arnav’s cabin.
Aman – Please God save her.
Khushi knocks the door.

Precap – Khushi and Arnav’s argument. Shravn and Suman’s first meet.

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