“Ek Duje Ke Naam Rang Pyar ke” (Intro)

Hi guys…….. I am writing this fan fiction for the three most popular shows “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi”, “Ek Duje Ke Vaste” and “Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon”.

Here is the intro of characters –

Bose Family-

Vijoy Bose – Retired from govt. service.

Asha Bose – Vijoy’s wife and a house wife.

Saurav Bose – Elder son of Vijoy and Asha, so much foody and struggling to get a job.

Dr. Sonakshi Bose – 2nd child of Vijoy and Asha. She is a renowned nutritionist of the city.

Elena Bose – Youngest child of Bose family so pampered by all and studying in college.

Dadi – Vijoy’s mother.

Shravan Malhotra – Cousin of Sona, Elena and Saurav. As Shravan’s parents died in an accident so he stays with Bose family. All treat him as a family member and loves him a lot. He is elder to Saurav and a lawyer by profession.

Dixit Family –

Ishwari Dixit – Single mother.

Dev Dixit – Elder son of Ishwari and owner of Ishwari Communications. He is very reserved nature type person, speaks less, rude sometimes and strict too but good at heart.

Suman Dixit – 2nd child of Ishwari and a chef by profession. Though she belongs to a rich family yet she wants to make her identity as an individual and Dev appreciates this thought.

Nikki Dixit – Youngest child of Ishwari and studying in college.

Dev’s uncle (Mama ji) – Ishwari’s elder brother

Radha Rani – Dev’s aunt (Mami ji), a cunning lady.

Akash – Son of Mam ji & Mami ji and Dev’s cousin. A simple down to earth guy.

Vicky – Youngest son of Mam ji & Mami ji and Dev’s Cousin.

Raizada Family –

Arnav Singh Raizada – Owner of ASR Fashion House. An egoistic and angry young man. He thinks money is the only solution for all the problems.

Anjali Singh Raizada – Elder sister of Arnav. Very simple girl. Nothing is more important to Arnav than Anjali. Arnav can do anything for Anjali.

Nani – Grand mother of Arnav and Anjali. As their parents died they live with their Nani’s family.

Manohar – Arnav and Anjali’s uncle (Mama)

Manorama – Arnav and Anjali’s aunt (Mami). Full on Drama Queen.

Pushkar – Son of Mama and Mami. A simple guy.

Gupta Family –

Shashi – Father of Khushi and Payal. (Bauji)

Garima – Mother of Khushi and Payal. (Amma)

Payal – Simple girl.

Khushi Kumari Gupta – A bubbly girl. She has a habit to pokes her nose into everything.

Madhumati – Aunt of Khushi and Payal (Buaa ji)

Others (In negative role) –

Mr. Khosla – a cunning person.

Shyam Jha – A corrupt lawyer.

Khatri – Neighbour of Dixit family.

So guys tell me how is the intro. Do you like it? Please tell me through your comments.

Credit to: Asmita...


    • Asmita...

      Thnks Tanya. Actually Astha and Shlok were in IPKKND- Ek baar phir. I have added IPKKND which was on aired during 2011-2012. In this casting was Arnav Singh Raizada (Barun Sobti) and Khushi KUmari Gupta (Snaya Irani).

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