Ek Din – (Raglak two shots) part 2

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maa…mujhe aapke paas rehna hai…pls mujhe yaha se nikaliye…mujhe yaha nahi rehna hai …pls maa…and the baby started crying…

nooo…kuch nahi hoga tumhe …pls Rona mat beta…mumma is here…pls don’t cry beta…she was moving constantly not knowing what to do…she opened her eyes and saw a pair of eyes looking at her with concern… She looked at herself… Her face was sweating.. And her face was covered with tears also…

Laksh shakes her by shoulder…and hugged her softly..not knowing what to say she hugged him tightly and kept her head on his chest

Laksh hamari bachi ro rahi hai…mujhe mehsoos ho raha hai…while laksh kept his hand on her hair and consoling her…she saw him directly at his eyes…she could feel pain in his eyes…

Wo I am sorry laksh…I mean Wo…Wo tumhe bhi baby me jane ka dukh hai…pata nahi kyun Mai…she could not say more

“Shhh I know everything …please stop crying …he kissed her forehead… She relaxed a bit…tumhe hamari baby chahiye na…she nodded slightly… ..agar bhagawan hamari dua sunega na tho bohat jald hamare ghar me baby aayegi phir se…his voice was so calm and gentle that she was convinced with his words…he has magic in his words…

She kissed his lips …saying that she is always with him…he could feel her feelings in that kiss…they kissed and kissed and kissed to start a new life…to forget the past which was very bitter to taste..once again their souls united that night…

after two months

Ragini was again pregnant this time all were happy but fear was also seen in their faces…

They knew if this time anything wrong happens its very difficult to handle Raglak.. No no no…why should we think that bad thing will happen…always think positive… But this time they were super conscious… Always laksh will be with her…if laksh had to go for a meeting swara or pari will be with her…even Sumi also comes to speak with her every day…she tells her some measures and precautions…

It was 5th month. Raglak were watching tv at night 9’o clock.

Ragini wants to see a horror movie but Laksh was not letting her to see

‘Ragini ye sab kuch nahi dekhte hai…baby KO dar lagega’…

“Nahi Laksh baby is very strong …apni papa jaise …nahi darega/daregi…it’s lovely movie …I am very curious to know what happens”

‘No he switch offs the tv …pls yaar mere liye he sahi don’t watch these kind of stuff.

OK she said angrily… now I am getting sleepy…saying this she lied on her side on bed

He smiled at her antics…’waise jab tum gussa hoti ho tho bohat cute lagti ho…bus pyaar karne ka man karta hai’…he said with little smrik.

This only single line is enough to make make her smile…

 “Ye pyaar vyar sab kuch dikhava hai if u really loves me then why don’t let me watch my favorite movie. she said all this in fake anger…it seems she wants him to console her…

Oh acha madam …aapka gussa jayez hai…but I’m not less than anyone …he came closer to her and kissed her cheek

Ab gussa kam hogaya …she nodded as no…

He kissed her eyes…she blushed lightly and nodded no

He came forward to kiss her lips…she closed her eyes ..she wanted to feel his kiss…she felt his hot breath on her lips…but there was no movement of him…she opened his eyes to look at him… He was smiling at her she blushed harder

Kya hua itna sharma kyun rahe ho…he said with mischievous grin

Kuch nahi…she blushed harder and hugged him..tum kabhi nahi sudhrogi na

Laksh nodded as no…jab tak aapki jaise pyaari biwi hai na tho aise harkate ho sakti haina…saying he locked his lips with hers.

After nine months

they were in hospital once again…but this time all were tensed ..nikhil was praying to listen good news …praying for ragini and her child…everyone’s eyes were closed…they were just praying with wholeheartedly …where as laksh was talking to himself that if something bad happens ..his wife would not live happily …without his wife’s happiness… He never ever lives happily

There was crying sound of baby…all opened their eyes at once…they saw doctor was standing in front of them

Laksh: doctor Wo..Ragini  aur bacha…he knew that baby was safe…but asking once again for his satisfaction

Doctor: Mubarak ho ghar me Lakshmi aayi hai…

He was happy that before aur doctor ragini kaise hai he asked

Doctor: hmm she’s little weak. She will be discharged in the evening. U need to take her extra care…

Laksh: OK doctor… Thank you once again

He went inside to meet this new creature who just entered this world…the moment he saw his child he felt like he reached the heavens…

His eye became teary… It’s happy one…only one word came from his mouth to his lovely wife

thank you …may be this word is very small to thank her… Everone went emotional seeing him

Sanskar came in rescue to make the situation lite…yaar beti Hui hai party kab de rahe ho…ab tho tumhari jeb khaali karke he rahunga Mai

All laughed at this…this child brought happiness once again in Raglak’s life

 after 10 years

Laksh hurry up priyal must be coming from school.

Haan baba I’m just coming …bus paanch minute..sirf naam he likhna baaki hai…ye lo hogaya…he was satisfied with his work what he had done..

Ohho keep it on table it’s only five minutes left for priyal to come said ragini

And door bell rang

Outside priyal is standing with her bade papa and  eating her favorite choco…enjoying her self…

She saw that door was already opened

She opened the door fully with the help of his bade papa..but it was dark

Mumma…papa…kaha ho…priyal aagayi dekho na but it was dark…bade papa dekho na mumma jawab nahi se rahi hai…pls kuch Karo na…and suddenly lights were on…priyal was shocked to see that site…their house were beautifully decorated

She went and hugged her parents…

Papa is this cake for me…she asked happily

Haan beta…she got reply from her father…

She cut the cake and fed everyone…after sometime she went to dance with her swara maasi and pari …this cute girl was looking very happy

Ragini was watching all this at a distance.

She felt a hand on her shoulder

Why r u looking priyal like this…he asked

Laksh agar hamari pehli baby zinda hoti tho priyal se thodi badi hoti na…kitna acha hota na

Hmm ragini ek baat jaan lo hame Jo milta hai usme khush hona chaihiye…Wo bachi hamari kismat me nahi hai…but kabhi kabhi mujhe bura lagta hai…lekin hame isi sach ke saath jeena hoga…par Jo bhi ho agar hum dono ek saath hai …mere liye bus wahi kaafi hai …

Then naughtily aur agar hamara pyaar aise he badh tha raha tho aur dozen bache hosakte hai and winks

Laksh she hit his shoulder slightly… Tum kabhi nahi sudhrogi…she was blushing harder…he was lost once again in her… He loved to love her…let’s hope this love will be forever…..

                           The end

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