Ek Din – (Raglak two shots) part 1

Hello my lovely readers… I’m back with another Raglak story.. hope u guys will like it:)

 She was very excited on that day… Doctor had given her good news …she was waiting for the moment when her baby calls her mom… She felt like her baby who was hiding in her womb called her…saying that he/she wants to come soon to this world…

She kept her hand oh her belly saying that her baby will be soon in this world… She was already nine months pregnant… And the delivery date has come… It was after one week…she shared this news with her hubby …he was too happy to see her wife delighted

They were on their bed and their conversation started…

“Ragini I’m so happy”…

‘ me too Laksh… just one more week then our baby will be with us.

Hmm then u wouldn’t have time for me…he said

‘ kuch bhi ho tum tho mere first baby ho …she said smilingly

He too smiled and slept hugging each other

After one week…

It was special day for them …they are going to have their baby …especially in Ragini’s life…now one member will be added in their family who calls her mom…a symbol of their love…she was awaiting for this day from their marriage…now her biggest wish is going to be true…

She was talking with him in her home…suddenly she felt pain…

“Laksh I think its time…we need to go hospital”… She said

He took her to hospital… An injection was given to her and she went unconscious…It was more that an hour she went…all friends and family members  were in the hospital…all were awaiting for the good news…

Suddenly doctor came from operation theater…

“Doctor what happened ..aap chup kyun hai…is my baby fine na” …said laksh

I am sorry Laksh.. we couldn’t save your child…

” but why” cried Laksh

I think injection ki over dose ki wajah se aapka bacha is duniya me aate he chala gaya…Wo actually bohat try kar chuke lekin Wo roya nahi…I am sorry he is no more…and doctor went from there

” Noooooo” he fell on his knees and cried

It cannot happen …what i will answer ragini …he was crying hardly

U need be strong laksh … for ragini pls apne gham KO chupa lo…cried sanskar who was wiping his own tears.

A nurse came and gave the dead body of the child…he was the child for the first time and may be last time …it was the cutest baby ever…it was the replica of Ragini…he was not knowing what to do…

Aap jaldi se bache KO buriel ground me gada dijiye…

“But at least show this to ragini once  ” said laksh

Ragini couldn’t be able to bear this …aur nahi dekh payegi bache ko laksh …I think we should do what nurse told …said swara holding her tears

Laksh just nodded

‘Tum jao Mai I’ll take care of ragini …said swara


” I think she is right laksh” said sanskar

OK …let’s move…saying this he moved out side holding the lifeless creature in his hands

Swara went inside and saw Ragini sleeping …she sat beside her and ruffled her hair..

How will ragini react after knowing the truth…how can they say her that her child is no more…it was very toughest job to say a mother that her child is no more…miscarriage is one thing …it was when a woman is pregnant …but after the child is born…a tear slipped from her eye…it was very difficult for anyone… And Ragini is very sensitive… How will she able to digest this …swara wiped her both eyes seeing Ragini opening her eyes

Ragini opened her eyes …she was very weak and looking pale…she saw swara beside her and smiled…swara too smiled

‘ swara tum to kyun rahi ho’ her voice was soft…but saying that she was weak…

Nothing …swara tried to smile…

‘ OK ‘ she knew that her friend is hiding something …but it was not a right time to ask…

Ragini was about to ask about their baby…swara cut her

“Ragini I think you need some rest …you look very pale…pls have a sleep…you will feel better”.

OK …saying this she closed her eyes and slept…

Here in burial ground…..

every thing was done but only one thing remained…burying a child…it was the toughest job for a father to bury his own child…his own blood…he looked one last time his child before keeping his child in that box…finally after much effort of sanskar and adrash he had left the child…his heart was much more heavy than before… It was like his world is going to be finished…

in hospital

” maa…mujhe yaha pe dar lag raha hai…maaaaaaaa…and the baby was crying…”

Ragini opened her eyes with a thud…she was sweating

“What happened ragini …why r u looking so worried ” said swara

Swara my baby is crying…Wo mujhe bula raha hai…mujhe Jana hoga…she tried to get up…but was feeling pain to get up

‘pls ragini don’t stress yourself ‘…said swara

“Tum jaake dekho na swara…pls for me” ragini said

‘OK I’ll go and check ‘said swara

She came outside and saw Laksh and everyone coming.

Laksh saw swara

” swara is all okay na said laksh worried

Laksh woh ragini she isn’t okay.. she was asking about baby…I think now u should tell her truth… said swara cried

“It’s so hard for me… Aap sab log ghar jaiye…Mai dekhta hun”…said laksh

If u need anything please call us said sanskar hugging laksh.

All went away…laksh was with ragini thinking how to say this to ragini…ragini cannot bear this

It was more than one day in hospital… Ragini  was continuously asking about the baby…but he was changing the topic…

Now she was discharged from the hospital

‘Chalo ragini …Mai hamare bache ke pàas me chaltha hun’

“Sach”she said…she was happy that she was going to see their child

He stopped car in front of a place…he held her hand and took her near a tomb

‘Laksh why did u brought me here…ye tho burial ground’

Ye raha hamara bacha…saying this he closed his eyes…he could see her eyes …when he opened his eyes …he saw ragini was crying silently keeping her head near tomb

Laksh held her and made her to stand …pls chalo yaha se…

She saw last time at the site where their love was sleeping peacefully

They went home and she locked herself in bathroom and cried for a long time…here laksh sat on sofa and cried loudly…it took long time for laksh to console her …god knows how he consoled her…she used to be silent when he is beside her…both tried to silent when they are with each other…but it was little difficult

They cried many days thinking about their child without knowing each other…let’s pray one day they will forget about it…and receive new happiness:)

To be continued…..

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  1. Rasha

    Very Emotional

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    awesome and emotional

  3. emotional one

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    Very emotional…. Nice…

  5. its awesome don’t end in two shots plzz give more shots its awesome why rag child is OK I think doctor had done something next shot soon but don’t end it

  6. yaar its awesome amazing superb mind blowing loved it its to good plzz continue writing don’t stop in middle and plzz be regular don’t be late bcoz now its only way we miss or connected to our raglak or temish and big wala thanks to all those writer but still we are lacking as raglak are decreasing day by day as compare to swasan plzz try to give more ff ts os ss and most important plz be regular its a request of crazy raglak aka temish fan hope its full fill by another raglak or temish fan

  7. It’s very emotional dear and feeling bad for Raglak. Waiting for next part

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    its emotional

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    superb chappy. .. very emotional one

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    awesome dear…but emotional…feeling bad for my poor raglak….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…


  12. Heart touching

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    This is was so emotional. Poor RagLak, they were both so happy at the thought of becoming parents. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

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    soo sad xx

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    It’s so emotional
    Poor raglak
    Feeling bad for them
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

  16. It ws amazing soo much pain n love fr each other plzz post ext part asap!!!!

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    It’s so emotional. Made me cried. Poor Ragini. Continue.

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