ek dil aur dimakk ki kahani episode 7


Hi guys here its me meghna for new episode of ek dil aur dimmak ki kahani. Today there will two new characters in this story that is ragini and menka [suhani’s cousin] and saurav [ yuvraj’s brother] and there will be some mystery behind ragini

scene 1
today is the last day of academic year and it is sentoff for yuvraj and his batch and every one asked to sing a song and the next chance was for yuvarj first yuvraj said i dont want to sing and turned there he saw a beautiful big eyed gilr that was none otherthan suhani when he saw her he was happy but after that he remembered that moment when she slapped him he got angry. He turned and said i will sing he took the mike and sang me agar kahoon looking at suhani’s eyes when she was starting going he pretend in front of every one that no one should go and i need to dance with everyone teri meri song plays everyone got pair but suhani and yuvraj were standing there simply one girl took yuvarj and suhani’s hand said them to dance
yuvraj: sure we will dance
suhani: no i wont
yuvraj: someone is afraid to dance with me
suhani: r u mad ? iam not at all afraid of u
yuvraj: then come and dance
suhani and yuvraj , suhani was wearing a half saree and she was wearing a kamar bandh in dance yuvarj touched her waist and he broke her kamarbandh and the pearl fall down there was a eyelock between them suddenly suhani stopped dancing and ran away yuvraj was shocked he felt sad for suhani

scene 2
now the academic year finished and now it is summer vacation. pankaj calls suhani and bhavna happily and said: iam going to say something which will make u girls happy
bhavna : say pappa what is that?
anu: my dear pls say naaaa
pankaj : ok ok wait i will say today ragini and menka will come
bhavna : what rags didi and mikku is coming i cant believe it
suhani: we will just enjoy this vacation yeh
pankaj: but be careful dont say anything that problem which can hurt rags
bhavna : u r right papa she is coming for a refreshment so we should not hurt her
suhani: ok when will they come
pankaj : today evening

scene 3
in birla house one call came sharad took the phone that wa snone otherthan saurav
saurav: sharad how r u?
shard: fine bhayya how r u
saurav: u know i will come today
shard: what wow i will say this to everyone
saurav: but in train
sharad: train? y ?
saurav: becoz my friends told they like like so…
shard: ok anyway u will come right i , krishna and yuvraj will come to pick u
saurav :ok

scene 4
suhani: pappa i , bhavna di and somu will go and pick them
pankaj : ok

precap: rags ‘s duppatta falls on saurab and sharad get mesmerised seeing bhavna

guys i need to suggestion by comments pls dont forget hope u guys like today’s episode

Credit to: meghna

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  1. wow nice it’s really interesting nice going story …… I like it

  2. i thing saurav frnd rag’s na????

  3. Wowww thats so sweet

  4. superb.. fabtastic. your thinking skill is reallly vry much….

  5. will every body meet each other in the vacation

  6. Wow nice n what is rags mystery. Fast update plz yar.

  7. sorry to say this pls increase the length of the story.your wrritting skill are very nice. today episode is very nice .I liked so much

  8. greattt

  9. Wow that khamar bandh scene was awesome I loved it…?

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