ek dil aur dimakk ki kahani episode 6


Hi guys its me meghna thanks for ur comments and yesterday i saw a comment the their should be something new in this story and here it is
ragini and menka r suhani and bhavna ‘s cousin they r nice girls. ragini is a student of 1st year of b.com and menka is a 8 th grade girl. important thing is in my ff no one is negative characters . even dadi is nice.
so iam going to write the new episode of ek dil aur dimmak ki kahani…

scene 1
today is annual day and suhani is their in on drama as cindrella in their program girls and boys should do seperate program. A girl was acting as prince charming, but on that day that girl couldnt attend the show every one was shocked. For yuvraj’s performance he was dressed in coat and pant and one girl misunderstand that he came to act as prince charming
and that girl pushed him to stage he bump to suhani and they both fell down , they were just like hugging and falling every one was shocked to see a boy in their act by mistake while falling yuvarj kissed suhani he was shocked to see her there.
auidence started to shout , suhani cried and went out. When she went out some girls were murmering that oh they r in love and act like cindrella and prince charming one girl came and asked to suhani: suhani u got such a handsome guy really lucky.
suhani couldnt tolerate such a insult she said: just shut up she cried angryily
yuvraj came and said : actually i didnt mean to do that iam sorry
suhani: again and again u r hurting me y r u doing this to me ? did i ever do anything to u?
yuvraj: pls listen
suhani: just shut up i just hate u , u said sorry to me right? but u will never try to understand ur mistake u know in anger u spoiled my image infront of everyone
yuvarj: but it was just a mistake and i said sorry
suhani : wait yesterday i anger u tore one pic in my hand which was drew by my sister can u draw that? no right , today u spoiled my programe can make it correct no right? so just leave me suhani walked in anger and one piece of glass was there and she got hurt
yuvraj: just listen see blood is coming u sit he i will dress ur wound
suahni: just shut up iam going
in anger yuvraj pulled suhani and lifted her
suahni: what the hell what r u doing ? let me go leave
yuvraj kept suhani on one bench and told her to keep quiet and he was trying to dress her wound suddenly she stood up and ran yuvraj try to catch her waist in anger suhani slapped yuvraj. everyone was shocked
yuvraj was really angry . yuvraj : u slapped me as i tried to help u right? remember anything would happen u will be mine , MINE FOR EVER
suhani was shocked and all the girls started mermering again suhani’s world was shattered

precap : a beautiful girl’s and a handsome boy’s entry
guess who it will be?
and pls right u r opinion about today’s episode

Credit to: meghna

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  1. May be menka rags sourab and anuj.
    Nice episode.

  2. beautifu;;

  3. I like ur ff very much meghna good job 2day’s WS also awesome and at the end after the slap yuvraj’s dialog WS superb. Meghna plzz tell which class is yuvani studying and plzzzz update one more chapter

    1. 12 the grade

    2. I will try to update but not sure otherwise tmrw I will update 2 episodes

  4. Guari and adithya

  5. Nice episode I just love ❤ it guys.

  6. Nice epi

  7. pls increase the romantic scene of yuvraj and sibani. this.but its really nice episode .I liked so much.cute fight romantic between them is very nice

  8. I thing yuvani in college days

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