ek dil aur dimakk ki kahani episode 5


Hi guys its me meghna and yesterday i got a suggestion to stop writing r8 and from now i will

stop writing r8 and i got suggestion to increase the length of episode actually iam busy at these

days but still i will try to increase the length and a big thanks to all reader who spend some

time for me thank u soo much…………
so here its is next episode of ek dil aur dimmak ki kahani

scene 1
when suhani came out there was yuvraj and he said: excuse me pls listen to me
suhani went without giving any reply
yuvraj: if u dont mind can u say ur name
suhani: y should i say my name to u? [in a angry look] yuvraj: becoz while calling u i need ur name right?
suhani: y u want to call me
yuvraj: ok ok i understood that u wont say ur name so i will call u jhansi ki rani
suhani: how dare u iam not jhansi rani iam suhani pankaj shivastav
yuvraj smiled and said : ok i make u said ur name Ms suhani pankaj shivasthav and iam yuvraj

suhani: i did not ask u r name anyway this name doesnt suit u sadu maharaj is better
yuvraj: suhani what a nice name but it doesnt suits u jhansi rani is better
suhani: oh very funny
yuvraj: this much time u listened to me right so i just want to say sorry
suhani: pls stop this i need to go to class
yuvraj: excuse me pls listen it was a mistake
suhani: 4 u it was a mistake but for me it wasnt like that u know all r thinking that there is

something between us thats y u hurt me
yuvraj : so?
suhani: see now i understood that u didnot realise ur mistake so without realising saying sorry

is nothing so bye
yuvraj: wait but what is that mistake
suhani: think u will understand
suhani went giving a pleasant look to yuvraj
yuvraj said in his mind: different girl but absalutely beautiful
suhani ‘ s eyes was big and beautiful and yuvraj really liked it

scene 2
in home suhani was thinking something somu and bhavna came and she said every thing
somu: someone is falling in love
suhani: u how can i fall in love with such a sadu maharaj and somu actually really who have

fallen in love? u or me?
somu: what u mean?
suhani: seeing krishna in pain u were not able to play badminton right? that means love

blooms begin right?
somu : anu i wont leave u
cute fight between them

precap: annual day programe yuvraj come to see suhani

Credit to: meghna

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