ek dil aur dimakk ki kahani episode 4


Hi guys so here its me meghna and iam gonna continue my story ek dil aur dimmak ki kahani

but i need to say something to u guys that most of r not giving comment so pls if u dont like

this means pls say that
so this was on request i hope u will like it

scene 1
yuvraj was really shocked. yuvraj came to suhani and said: iam
suhani: just shut up iam not intersted to hear anything and one more thing just becoz of

seeing u r friend in pain my friend did not participate in today’s comepatition
yuvraj: actually i
bhavna: she told u r8 now pls dont disturb her
suhani and bhavna went and yuvraj saw suhani’s broken bangles….

scene 2
somu: anu what happened to ur hands
bhavna told everything to somu
somu: oh no just becoz of me u r bearing this pain how can that boy
suhani: pls dont say his name to me

scene 3
next day in school suhani was called to principal’s room. there was one man and women who

were waitng for suhani that was none otherthan yuvraj’s parents
principal: actually what u r son had done yesterday was really wrong if this girl give a

complaint i can dismiss yuvraj
pratima: iam really sorry beta what is ur name?
suhani: suhani actually pls dont say sorry to me
pratima: i know what my son have done yesterday was not r8 but he is good hearted boy
suhani: its ok
pratima : u r really kind but as my son have dome such a big mistake y u did not complaint?
suhani: becoz if i give a complaint my parents have to come here and i am not interested to

call my parents for such silly things
pratima saw wound in suhani’ s hand
once again sorry and u know yuvraj also want to say sorry to u i will call him u just hear what

he is saying
suhani: no need aunty , say him that think before act now can i go to class
pratima: sure u r really nice ur parents r really lucky to have such a daughter like u

precap: yuvraj try to say sorry to suhani

Credit to: meghna

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  1. nice dr……

  2. nyc episode…………….. its superb……… thanks for writing ff…….

  3. Yes suhani was right

  4. wow superb ,………………

  5. Meghna the story and the track you have introduced are really interesting but are very small episodes so pls increase their length and secondly sorry if I hurt you but I am unable to accept the word r8 which you are using very frequently with all the dialogues may be u are right but I am unable to relate them many a times. Sorry once again if I hurt you

    1. Radhika arjun

      Ok dear thanks for ur suggestion ok I will stop typing r8

  6. So cute the great yuvraj birla is trying to say sorry.Nice episode. Waiting for that love track to start

  7. Nice. And continue….. there r many silent readers…

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