ek dil aur dimakk ki kahani episode 3


Hi guys its me meghna thanks for u r suggestion and comments and iam here to write the 3rd

episode of ek dil or dimmak ki kahani

suddenly a sound came and the bus stopped all of sudden everyone went out and were

shocked to see thta scene. Krishna who was trying to get in the bus fell down and yuvraj and

sharad were shocked to see that scene. and krishna was lying in one girl’s lap that was none

otherthan soumya , yuvraj asked who pushed him?
one girl point out soumya
soumya:no i did not do anything
yuvraj : how dare u ? who the hell r u to push my friend leave him
suhani: no somu wont hurt u r friend
yuvraj: just shut up
sharad:guru now first we need to admit him to hospital
yuvraj: ya u r r8

then one girl came and said to yuvraj that soumya purposely pushed u r friend becoz he was a

badminton player

after class suhani somu and bhavna were coming out of class
somu :iam really worried about that boy he was also a badminton player poor boy he couldnt

perform today
anu: u r r8 somu poor boy but y u did not participate?
somu: when i saw him in pain i lost my energy
anu: but i dont understand y that boy’s friend were reacting like that in fact u helped that boy

somu : leave it
bhavna : ya now come fast we can go home
somu:oh i forgot my book in class u 2 go i will come
bhavna : ok come fast
yuvraj [angrily] : how dare ur friend pushed my krishna
anu: i told u before itself my somu wont do like that so pls dont say like that
angry yuvraj took her book from her hands and threw it
anu: u idiot what r u doing?
yuvraj suddenly catched her hand tightily her bangles were broken
suhani started crying angrily
sharad came and said: guru leave her her friend didnot do anything
yuvraj: what?
sharad: yes it was krishna mistake
yuvraj was shocked

precap : yuvraj’s parents came to see suhani

Credit to: meghna

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  1. nice dr.

  2. wow it’s very interesting

  3. Yeah yuvraj na number obe khadoos

  4. Hai meghna super epi really nice but we want more lines pls it’s little small so pls try to write more…….. Then tanx

    1. ok thanks i will try to r8 more

  5. Hi meghna its really superb. I love yuvani so much.Thanks for writing this..

  6. Nice dr….

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