ek dil aur dimakk ki kahani episode 17


episode starts with birlas leaves and lata says to Suhani
Lata: take ragini inside and go to the market and buy some gifts for Birla family
She gives some mmoney to suhani
Suhani : yes maa ofcourse
Suhani takes rags inside

Dadi: yuvraj please do some work son
Yuvraj : speak up dadi what I have to do
Dadi : yyou please go and buy some gifts for shrivastavs we have to give them on the occasion of marriage
Yuvraj: sure
Yuvraj goes
Yuvraj and Suhani both went in a same mall
Suhani’s phone rings
Suhani: hllo
Who are you

Phone cuts
Again rings
Suhani : hllo
Voice: hllo Suhani how are you u forget about me this much soon this is not fair
Suhani: oh! Kajal
How are you
I don’t identify you
K: okk fun tell me where r u
S: in mall
K: which mall
S:mega mall
K:I m also there
Where r u
S: in saree market
K: okk I am coming
(Kajal is Suhani’s school friends they both are very close to each other )
Yuvraj sees Suhani
Suhani doesn’t see him
She sees a lehenga which is too preety

she checked the price and it’s of 40000 Suhani leaves that
Yuvi notices it
Suddenly Kajal comes there and they both hug
Yuvraj hides
K: Suhani we are meeting each other after a long time
S: Kajal when did you come from us
K: ya I forgot to tell you that my dadi has come with me to India for my marriage her friend has invited us
S: ooh came India to get married

K blushes
They both do shopping and talk for a long time
KK phone rings
K: yes dadi I m just coming
Sorry Suhani I had to go
S: okk bye
K : bye
Suhani is not getting auto and a car comes near
It’s yuvi
Y: come Suhani sit
Saware plays
Suhani reaches home S: bye
Y: Suhani wait a minute
This is for yyou
Wear this today in marriage
S: but yuv…
YY: nothing I have told you hnn so please
S: thanks

Suhani reaches home and show gifts to lata
She kept one bag in her room secretely
@somu is seen hugging someone
His face is not shown
@marriage Hall
Pandit is chanting mantars
Saurabh is sitting there
Pandit ask lata to to call rags
Suhani bhavna menka somu come with rags
5 of them are looking stunning
Yuvraj looks at Suhani whereas saurab towards rags
Rags sits in the mandap

They both exchange garlands.
Suhani is standing above yuvraj
Rags and sau stand for pheras
Yuvraj is throwing flower petals on Suhani
Yuvani is imagining there marriage

Precap: yuvani confession and sani’s first night

Credit to: sonam

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  1. It’s good but please try to improve your language. And it’s just a suggestion sorry if I’ve hurt u.Can u explain this sentence’Suhani is standing above Yuvraj’??I couldn’t understand it that’s why…

  2. pls daily update.in your story u told that dadi is positive character but dadi don’t like suhani

  3. nice update..but pls update daily and little bit more long..i felt it was too short..lovely ff

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