ek dil aur dimakk ki kahani episode 10


Hi guys , its me meghna for the new episode of ek dil aur dimmak ki kahani… iam really sorry for asking comments u gyys r my inspiration so i just asked comment if i hurt u gys means iam really sorry….

scene 1
saurab , krishna , yuvraj , and sharad came to see suhani, there was suahni bhavna somu
suhani: u told u love my sister , before knowing anything about her
saurab: i know she is ragini, a bcom student she is a beautiful girl and i love her
bhavna : there is something more about her which u guys dont know
suhani: as u love my sister i will say everything to u
rags loved a guy named rahul, she sincerly loved him but in the day of marriage he went with another girl from that day my sister is afraid of love. if u still love her u can talk to my parents for marriage

saurab: i loved her and i still love her
bhavna : but she also should love u right?
suhani: ya thats right
saurab: i will go and say her i love u again
suhani: no no then she go back to her home
bhavna: u should prepare something surprise for and u say i love u
somu: thats right di
suhani: we will bring her here , but u guys should prepare something special for her
sharad: done

scene 2

suhani: rags di somu fall down in that park pls come
in hurry rags went with suhani, there she saw so many flowers and lamps and her favourite songs played , saurab said a filimy dialogue and said i love u
tears fallen from her eyes she said pls stop this u dont know anything about me she cried
saurab: i know dont know everything about u but i know one thing i really love u and love is the best medicine for pain . in hurry rags hugged saurab , everyone clapped rags got shy
bhavna: didi here is ur prince charming
rags: so this all was done by u guys crazy girls
saurab hugged yuv, shard ,and krishna
shard: u got ur rani right?

somu: now we should say this parents, rags didi parents would surely agree
krishna: saurab bhaayya family just need his happiness so surely they will agree
suhani: y cant they agree they will get such sweet girl as bahu
yuvarj: actually ur sister is lucky as he is getting my brother as her hus
bhavna: bus bus now let us paly something
saurab : let us dance
sharad: oho u need to dance with bhabhi right?
saurab : see u love her cousin right if u again make fun of me means i will say that thing now
sharad: no no pls……
krishna : i will dance with somu
bhavna : aham aham mmmmm
everyone laughed
sharad: bhavna ji can u danc ewith me
bhavna: ok , anu come u dance with yuvarj
suhani: no di pls iam not intersted to dance
bhavna: see now rags didi is happy cant u do such a small thing for her happiness
yuvraj and suahni came a eyelock between them, they remeembed thier first meeting and that kamarbhand scene they dance very well i dance her bangle got stuck i his shirt when she tryed to remive that her dupatta get stuck with his watch…
he kept his hand on ger waist and her hand was one his shoulder. he could nt look at her eyes , he really liked her……

precap: sangeet ceremony

guys sorry for asking comment if i hurt u means iam really sorry……

Credit to: meghna

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