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Hi guys, so iam meghna and i would like to start a fanfiction for suhani yuvraj{yuvani}. Before starting iam not writer but still my

favourite pair is yuvani and i really like them. As not a former writer i need your support and suggestion by comments.

Now about the story-:
I would like to start my story from teenage period of suhani and yuvraj . As we know suhani is a simple, fun loving , humble ,

cute girl who loves amitabh bachchan movies and she is a talkative too.She is a filimy girl and really loves dreams She belongs

to middile class family.
Her father is working in a bank and her mother is house wife. she has a loving sister and her best friend is somya who will fight

for suhani. Her parents , sister , friends , relative etc use to call her anu. She is a 9th grade student and a above average student

in studies. She has so many friends but her best friend is somu [soumya] who is a badminton player.

Now about yuvraj-:
yuvraj is a handsome , arrogant , and smart boy. He used to make fun of others ,he is a good hearted boy. He really like his

mother has 4 brothers[ including sharad his cousin] and 1 sister .He used to watch english movies . He has few friends he need

cleanliness everywhere.
yuvraj belongs to a high class rich family . His father is the managing director of birla comapny and his mother is house wife.
He is a 12 th grade student and a average student. He really love sports he is champion in all sports compatitions. His best

friend is krishna who is a badminton player.

Now about soumya-:
soumya is suhani’s best friend she is beautiful , sweet and good in studies . She is really loves badminton . He dream is to

become a famous badminton player in world. she used to call suhani as anu . She belongs to a rich family were parents are


Now about krishna -:
krishna is yuvraj’s best friend . He is a good looking guy and good in studies. He belongs to a middle class afmily were his father

work in a company and mother is working as a teacher .

Now about bhavna -:
Bavna is suhani’s eldest sister she is beautiful and funloving girl. she is 10 th grade student and very good in studies and drawing

she is good singer too.

now about sharad-:
sharad is yuvraj ‘s cousin and a orphan too. yuvraj loves sharad more than his own brothers . sharad is very good in studied . he is a good looking , fun loving guy.

Credit to: meghna

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  1. Going gud continue

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  2. Nice intro dr

    1. Radhika arjun


  3. So here its me meghna I hope u guys like it and I need a suggestion by comments

  4. Nice yar continue

    1. Radhika arjun

      Kk thank u

  5. I liked the introduction part as l was not aware of their background. So thanks Meghna .Even the plot you are creating as a teenager is also looking quite interesting .Hope for a good story ahead.All the best.

    1. K thanxs

  6. Do continue I too like yuvani …. But PLZ here dnt bring frndship as a rubbish relationship like the SP writers have done with anu and somu …. Hope u dnt make frndship villians .. ..thanku

    1. K even iam not interested to do like that

  7. nice …… I’m also fan of yuvani

  8. hai its nice. I’m also a big fan of yuvani

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