Ek Deewana Tha Review: An intriguing story with fair performances

Sony’s Ek Deewana Tha brings a supernatural love story. The show is a finite series. Its a exciting love triangle involving a ghost. The female lead has two lovers, a human and another one a ghost. The show stars Namik Paul, Vikram Singh Chauhan and Donal Bisht as the leads.

Ek Deewaana Tha follows the story of Shiv, who dies in a mysterious accident. Shiv loves Sharanya, who is suffering from a memory loss, after being in coma for two years. After she wakes up from coma, Sharanya gets a memory blackout. She doesn’t remember what all happened in last three years. She meets Vyom, who claims to be her lover.

Main Characters:


She is a beautiful, young, modern and smart girl. Though she looks much of emotional type, she is much strong within. She wants to know why the strange things are happening with her. She doesn’t want anyone to get troubled because of her. She is a happy go lucky girl. She is scared of ghosts. She doesn’t know why Shiv is after her. She finds true love in Vyom. Sharanya was close to dying, when doctors lost hope that she can get out of the coma. She faces the dreadful day when they decide to declare her dead. Sharanya doesn’t have any certain feelings for Vyom, even when she knows he has done much for her family. She doesn’t want to give him any false hopes. She makes her feelings clear to Vyom.


Vyom is a simple, decent and a lover boy. He is a singer and lyricist. He wants to live a simple life. He can do anything for his love. He can go to any extent to protect his love. He can cross extreme levels. He turns aggressive and challenges God for his love. He is ready to fight with the world, Lord and even spirits. He can’t tolerate Sharanya in trouble. He gets her back to life by his ultimate prayers. Vyom is ready to sacrifice anything for his lady love. He is a normal guy in serious true love.


He is a spirit who haunts Sharanya and Vyom. He is in love with Sharanya. He never means to scare her. He wants to be with her because of his never ending love. He has come back as a restless spirit only for her. He doesn’t like anyone around her. Shiv is part of a love story, unknown to her senses. He wants to complete his unrequited love story with Sharanya. He is much connected to Sharanya. He knows Sharanya more better than Vyom does. Shiv tries to keep Vyom away from Sharanya.


Namik Paul as Shiv
Vikram Singh Chauhan as Vyom Bedi
Donal Bisht as Sharanya Bisht
Amar Upadhyay as Rajan Bedi
Jaswinder Gardner as Madhavi Bedi
Sachin Parikh as Ram Bisht
Mamta Verma as Suman Bisht
Gaurav Sareen as Aditya Bisht
Delnaaz Irani as Odhni


Vyom reaches the temple to pray for Sharanya. He holds two burning diyas in his hand and walks barefoot towards the temple, showing his ultimate hope and belief in the Goddess. Vyom’s love turns into his obsession. He doesn’t want to part away with his love. He asks the Goddess to give a life to Sharanya. He doesn’t want anyone to come between him and his love this time. Vyom never believed in any Goddess, but his love has filled the devotional beliefs in him.

Vyom recalls his love, Sharanya. He remembers all of her words when she prays before the Goddess. She seems to be a cheerful girl. She explains how he must pray to their God. Sharanya’s memories make him passionate to get her back. Sharanya is battling for her life for the past two years. She has been in coma. The doctors give up all the hopes of her survival. They decide to pull off the plugs of the life support systems. Her family is informed about her critical state, since she has suffered multiple organ failure in her coma state.

Sharanya’s mother doesn’t want to lose hope so soon, till Sharanya has a breath. Her father thinks of the pain Sharanya is bearing while battling for life. He doesn’t want to see her in more pain. He permits the doctors to shut the life support systems. Vyom challenges the Goddess. He gets stubborn to get Sharanya back. Sharanya gets a new life all of a sudden. Everyone gets surprised by the miracle. Vyom gets informed about Sharanya. He runs to meet Sharanya. He sees her fine and talking to her family.

Doctor tells Vyom about Sharanya’s miraculous survival. Vyom excitedly goes to her. She refuses to know him. He gets left shocked by her estranged behavior. Vyom informs his dad about Sharanya’s recovery. His dad Rajan gets happy by the good news, knowing Vyom’s life resides in Sharanya. Vyom takes care of Sharanya. He gets a bouquet delivered with a strange love note. Vyom chases the delivery boy, who flees on his bike. Sharanya gets enchanted by some unknown source. Strong wind blows in her ward. She gets up and reaches the roof. She walks to the edge. Vyom saves Sharanya. He promises to be with her forever.

Our Take:

The show has raised the curiosity right from its first episode. The leads need no introduction. Their talents are already known. They do absolute justice to their characters. Vikram Singh Chauhan stands out by his superb performance. The show has a good opening in the first week, with respect to his drama content and story line pace. This show will be most loved by the romantic horror thriller fans. The build up of characters, story and mystery is good. The intense passion fulfills the expectations. The story gets interesting with every scene. There is attraction by the supernatural elements, which makes the viewers glued to the screens.

Donal does a good work as the confused and charming Sharanya. She has got out of coma by a miracle. She drives the emotional scenes well. Amarr Upadhyay is not just a positive character. His multi layered character will be revealed in coming episodes. His acting caliber is proven again. Namik Paul has the ghost has more in store. Viewers have to wait to know more about his character depth. Namik looks good as the handsome not-so-scary ghost. The show visuals are shot beautifully. From capturing the greenery beauty to devotions sections and supernatural visuals bits, good efforts can be observed in camera work.


The romantic thriller with a supernatural touch is a tested and proven success mantra for small screen entertainment. The first impression of this show is quite good. The story is gripping in the initial phase. Viewers can hope that the show just raises the interest with time.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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  2. 5 points for vikram.story is good and excited.Eagerly waiting for coming episode.Vikram is rocking rocking

  3. “since she has suffered multiple organ failure in her coma state.” Aur phir sab organs theek ho gai ? C’mon ya, enuf BS in Hindi serials. Dekhna cancel. Namik ke liye socha try maare but nah.

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