Ek Deewana Tha 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dr. Amit gets killed

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Vyom wakes up screaming Sharanya’s name. He picks up his phone.

Sharanya is shown stabbing the ice tray. Blood is all over her and around her. She is shocked to realise it and shouts. Her family members come there. Nawab barks repeatedly as he stands near the kitchen’s door. Sharanya is freaked out but Mr. Bisht assures her he is with her. They all go inside. Sharanya points at the fridge and the slab. Blood is dripping from there. Mr. Bisht asks her to look up. It is water. She is stunned to see it. Mrs. Bisht also tells her to look clearly. It’s just water. Sharanya demands to be left alone for some while. Mr. Bisht is hesitant but Sharanya insists so he gives in. She goes inside.

Vyom calls at landline. Aditya picks it up. Vyom asks about Sharanya. How is she? Her phone is

unreachable. Aditya tells him that she saw blood spots in kitchen. Vyom leaves for Bisht House immediately. Chandni sees him leaving and is puzzled.

Sharanya comes to her room and thinks of all the incidences. She gets call from Amit. He asks her if someone is around her. She assures him she is all alone. He tells her he wants to meet her right away. Come alone. She decides to speak to her father but he insists that she must not tell anyone about this. You have to come alone. She is puzzled. He tells her he wants to tlel her some secrets related to Kapali Hill.

Light goes off in Amit’s office. He shouts for his office boy but gets no response. The ghost is standing right next to him.

Sharanya asks Vyom if he is mad. You came running here because of Aditya. You are so dedicated Ramu Kaka. You should take leave some day. He replies that she is careless. He gets up to go but she requests him to stay back. They all look at her in shock and make her repeat it. Sharanya tells her melodramatic family that it is too late. They all smile. Mr. Bisht says Vyom has won my trust after all that he has done for my daughter. He asks Vyom to sleep in his room. Aditya says everyone will find out that mumma makes you sleep on the floor. Vyom suggests sleeping in the hall as Sharanya’s room is visible from here. I will be around if she would need anything. They agree. Mr. Bisht says some nice line to Sharanya before going to his room. Everyone else also heads to their room. Vyom sits up to talk to Sharanya but she bids him goodnight and goes. Vyom smiles.

Sharanya wakes up in the middle of night and finds Vyom standing next to her. He says your fear is a punishment for me as I haven’t made you believe it till now that every problem coming your way will have to first pass through me. Don’t be afraid. I am right outside. Should I leave the lights on? She nods. Thank you. He says darkness might scare you but love can make you overcome any fear! He walks out of the room. The ghost is standing in the corridor. He watches Vyom arrange cushions on the sofa.

Sharanya lies down again but thinks of Amit’s words.

Nawab taps at the door and barks but Vyom is sound asleep. Sharanya leaves the house stealthily.

A lady (Mohini) is walking in the park chasing ghosts.

Amit is in the park. He calls Sharanya. Sharanya tells him she is coming inside. He asks her to come near the fountain. She agrees. The ghost is also there.

Mohini again demands the ghost to step in front of her.

Sharanya heads inside the park. Amit keeps looking at his watch as he waits anxiously for Sharanya to turn up. Mohini picks up her instrument (of detecting ghost) from a nearby bush. Sharanya seems scared. Strong wind begins to blow. Mohini’s instruments beeps the moment the ghost walks up to Amit. She goes back in that direction. Stop. Don’t kill any innocent. Sharanya is near the fountain but does not see Dr. Amit anywhere. She even calls out his name but in vain. Amit is on the ground fighting for his life with an unknown force. Sharanya passes by. He stretches his hand to reach out to her / to catch her attention but the ghost pulls him away right when Sharanya turns. Amit is shown struggling. Mohini notices Sharanya and wonders if she is the ghost. Maybe there is some ghost following her. She calls out to Sharanya. Sharanya turns but does not see her. She goes in another direction. Lights begin to flicker. Sharanya panics and stumbles in her step. She is shocked to see Amit staring right back at her (he is dead)! Mohini notices them thus.

Precap: Inspector asks Sharanya if she really spoke to Amit or. Vyom asks him if he means she is cooking stories. He holds the Inspector by his collar. Inspector orders him to be put behind bars.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Waiting for 10th…. yet another maha episode.. when saranya realizes the truth.. and also we …. Not a bit of idea regarding the mystery..

  2. Sunanda12345

    Awesome episode

  3. Fenil

    Hello EDT Family!!
    Superb episode.
    Sharanya is puzzle about things happening with her from the day she came out of coma….Nawab can sense but can’t able to do any thing.Vyom came hearing about sharanya from Adi.Shiv’s present always fill charms in episode.evil Dr.Amit killed by Shiv?. Naimik ?.

  4. Nice episode waiting for the mystery of ghost

  5. Hiiii.. Commenting second time… Superb episode but I don’t think Dr.Amit ko ghost ne maara hoga

  6. vyom’s loves toward sharanya just amazing.. can anyone tell me has Dr. amit killed by shiv or it was not clear who killed him…

  7. Nice episode.I don’t think ghost killed Dr.

  8. I think Dr. Amit was a bad person. He was trying to take advantage of saranya’s situation. But don’t know who killed him.

  9. Whenever I’m seeing Vikram missing shivani badly… VITHARV were best…best ever..No way Vanya is above vithrav and dovik above shivik..
    Even today I addicted to JNDSD(phase1).. though the show shut months ago. The first (would be last show) I’ve watched in television was jndsd. I’m watching EDT .. at least for seeing vikram.. but it made me to miss shivani.. Shivik as Vitharv… no other pair can take their place in my heart..

  10. Anuradha123

    Lovely episode it was… Too good… I mean it’s becoming so interesting day by day… I’m still confused who is shiv? Good or psycho lover?

  11. rain&rainbow

    I think Vyom has only killed Dr.Amit obviously the killer is wearing blue shirt..Vyom only was wearing blue that day. Shiv is always black

  12. Think vyom and his father killed shiv ,they keep showing a car going over the hill .

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