Ek Deewana Tha 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhvi takes the blame

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Epi begins with Sharanya saying Vyom killed Vidyut Chacha right. Vyom remembers how he killed Vidyut. Sharanya says it wasn’t because he was trying to rape me but because he was about to show the letter which Papa found. Odhni wakes Freddy. Sharanya tells Rati that Vyom killed the one she loved. You trusted him so much but he turns out to be a venomous snake. Odhni tells her he is worse than snake. I and Sharanya helped you and he attacked us! He even sent Freddy to mental asylum. Freddy was given so many shocks that he lost his mental balance. Sharanya says forget about Freddy, he dint even spare his little sister Avni. He tried to kill her. He pushed her down the bridge so she is dead! She tells Inspector to make Vyom confess his crimes.

Vyom tells her not to bother police. I will accept

all my crimes. I killed Shiv, Ram Uncle and Vidyut Chacha. I committed 1000 sins to hide one sin. Why did I do all of this though? I did it all so I could get Sharanya’s love. Sharanya asks him how he dare even think of that. Sharanya is Shiv’s and will remain his forever. It doesn’t matter if he is alive or not. He is around me and will stay with me always. I cannot even think about someone else. Remember what I had told you?

Vyom recalls Sharanya asking Vyom to leave. Love is connected to heart and not mind. Leave!

Sharanya says thi heart belongs to Shiv and cannot be anyone else’s ever. This is why I dint fall for you and will never fall for you. She asks Inspector to take Vyom away. Inspector tells Vyom they will have to arrest him. Vyom raises his hands to get handcuffed but Freddy interrupts them (in normal voice). He looks closely at Vyom. Murderer! Sharanya tells him to relax. Murderer has been caught. Freddy tells her he knows who killed Shiv, your papa and attacked me! I know everything. Sharanya says everyone knows who the killer is. Odhni tells him he is fine now. Even the killer has been caught. Sharanya adds that now there is an eyewitness too. Arrest Vyom. Freddy says but the killer isn’t Vyom. It is her (pointing at Madhvi). Everyone looks at her in shock.

Vyom asks Freddy why he is lying. Did you forget that I only attacked you? Freddy is sure some woman attacked him. Vyom calls him mad but Freddy insists it was a woman. It is right here. Vyom asks Inspector to arrest him. I am the killer! Madhvi tells Vyom to stop. You are going to sacrifice yourself for your mother? Mother hides the mistakes of her kids to save them from punishment but you are taking the blame of your mother’s mistakes today? Vyom reasons that he only committed the crimes so he should be punished. Go inside. What to do when my love does not trust me? Madhvi tells Inspector that Freddy is speaking truth. Vyom again asks her to go inside but she shouts at him to accept the truth.

Sharanya calls Madhvi a liar but Madhvi insists that Vyom is innocent. Vyom and Madhvi continue to argue. Sharanya tells Madhvi not to lie. You know that Vyom is the murderer. Madhvi declines. Sharanya asks Freddy again. You remember that it was Vyom only who came to kill you? Vyom and Freddy look at each other. Sharanya wonders if Vyom is threatening both Freddy and Madhvi. Madhvi declines and plays another video. You saw what Rati showed you. See this now. Vyom and Rajan’s video is shown again wherein Vyom suggests jumping in front of Shiv and Sharanya’s car. I will commit suicide. Rajan tells him to relax. No one but I will do what is needed to be done now. Madhvi tells everyone to relax. I will change your destiny. The marriage hasn’t happened yet. I will change the destiny by killing Shiv. Everyone is shocked / confused.

Vyom asks his mother what she is doing. She replies that she is telling everyone the truth. Vidyut started keeping an eye on me as he knew that I only killed Shiv. He kept all these recordings safe with him over all these years. Rati got hold of one recording and I got another set. I am mother. I couldn’t see my son dying for his love. I decided to do whatever I could. I even went to meet Shiv.

Madhvi tells Shiv that Vyom loves Sharanya madly. Please leave Sharanya for Vyom. Shiv tells her that it is only Sharanya’s decision. She and I love each other. Even Vyom knows about it and he in fact supports us. Don’t worry. Vyom is our friend. Sharanya and I will take care of each other.

Madhvi says Shiv dint agree. Shiv tells Sharanya she is right. Madhvi says I found out that Sharanya and Shiv were going to meet her parents. I understood that Vyom wont be able to do anything now. He would have slowly destroyed himself. I couldn’t see him thus and I decided to get Shiv out of his way! I followed you and Shiv. I was in that vintage car. I sent the goons. It was I who stabbed Shiv. The woman in the cloakroom footage is no one else but me. I only went there to hide the knife so no one would know anything. The clothes, sunglasses were all mine. Vyom also wore them to impress you once. Sharanya calls it a lie. I know you love Vyom but you cannot fall so low for him. He only is the killer! Madhvi tells her to shut up. You are responsible for all of it! Don’t know how and when he fell for you! he need not do all this if it had not happened. since childhood, I got him whatever he kept his hands on. You were the only exception! Vyom is impressed with him mom for lying. You proved it today that you are my mom only.

Flashback shows Vyom requesting his mother to take all his blames. Sharanya is after all the evidences. We wont show her what she is looking for. we will show her what we want to show her. I will plan all the evidences against you. She will walk up to you with questions. You just have to accept killing Shiv, Ram Uncle and everyone else. Once Sharanya’s doubt is over, she will start loving me. I will leave everything if that happens. I only want Sharanya’s love. You have always supported Shiv. Support me once. Mothers are great. Become great for me too. I promise I wont do anything wrong ever again. I am also tired. I can fight with human beings but how to fight with a ghost? It will kill me one day! Please save me. Will you be able to live with the guilt of my death? Please save me mom. I don’t want to die. He cries. Just give me my Sharanya. Please save me mom. Madhvi cries and accepts to take the blame upon herself. If this is the punishment of giving birth to you and for fulfilling your every wish, I am ready to take the blame upon myself! Vyom says I love you to her.

Vyom thinks he did right by keeping her with him. She helped me at the right time. You will be happy if you will choose to be with me or you might have to pay the penalty of it later. You made the right choice Freddy.

Precap: Sharanya shouts out to Shiv in the garden. Where are you? Shiv says my work here is done. I must leave now. He extends his hand towards Sharanya. She comes running towards him but he disappears. She looks at the lunar eclipse. Vyom thinks the ghost is gone now. Finally Sharanya will be mine.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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