Ek Deewana Tha 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom begins to doubt Sharanya

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Sharanya complains to Vyom that he isn’t saying anything. Shiv requests her to be quiet. She again says you (Vyom) used to speak a lot earlier only by drinking 2 pegs but you are not saying anything today! Shiv shouts her name angrily. Vyom asks her how she knows it. Shiv gets tensed.

A guy mutters that Rati was speaking so positively about her. Flashback shows Rati showing Sharanya’s photo to a detective. She speaks well of Sharanya which puzzles him. He asks her why she suspects Sharanya then. She shares that it was only Sharanya who was present when Vidyut went missing. He nods. That is a good enough reason to doubt. Flashback ends.

Vyom asks Sharanya how she knows it. She replies that she knows everything. She keeps asking him to speak up. I want to hear it. She passes

out. Vyom looks at her.

Rajan notices that Madhvi’s medicine is about to finish. Where is Vyom? He had the prescription. He does not find Vyom in his room but hears some footsteps.

Shiv tries waking Sharanya. He notices Vyom looking all composed. Vyom thinks I understood seeing you so excited that you are playing some game with me! It seems you remember everything!

Rajan looks at the photo when Rati calls out to him. She tells him that Vyom and Sharanya went to temple to pray for Madhvi. He tells her to tell Vyom to get medicines first. His mother needs medicines more than prayer.s he is so careless! She closes the door as soon as he leaves the room. She coughs to caution Chandni. Chandni thanks her for saving her. I couldn’t find anything today. I am sure they are not so stupid. Rati still has faith in Sharanya. Chandni keeps filling her ears against everyone in the house. Rati refuses to do anything against anyone. I would rather tell Rajan everything. She goes.

Vyom thinks champagne still shows its effect on me but the only difference is that I drank water. You thought only you can cheat? I dint cheat you. Don’t blame me for that. I only wanted to uncover your truth. How did you know? Did you remember everything? Are you hiding it from me? Why? He settles the bill. Shiv looks on.

Rati tells Chandni to stop playing games while living under the same roof. I have decided to tell Rajan everything. Her phone beeps. She has received photos of drunk Sharanya. Chandni taunts her for taking Sharanya’s side yet keeping detectives behind her!

Vyom and Sharanya are in the car. Shiv keeps shouting at Sharanya to stop. She refuses. I wont quieten today. I will sing. I will sing today Shiv! Vyom stops the car all of a sudden. Shiv diverts Sharanya’s attention to Jai Jai Shiv Shankar song.

Chandni questions Rati what Vyom and Sharanya are celebrating. Are they celebrating Vidyut’s death? Is this the puja that you spoke about? I know that it is in Rajan’s blood to lie and cheat!

Sharanya and Vyom reach home. She runs inside shouting.

Nurse has taken Madhvi out for a walk. She notices Sharanya coming just then and decides to talk to her right away. There is no camera here. She sends the nurse on the pretext of bringing tea. Sharanya greets Madhvi. Madhvi tries telling her something but Sharanya keeps talking. I know you want to apologize to me and why. I know why you broke the vase! I know everything! It’s ok. Vyom looks at them from far. Sharanya says I know it as you and I are on the same tea. Madhvi realises she is drunk. Sharanya gives her a hug for guessing it right. Madhvi’s attempts to tell her anything go in vain as Sharanya is drunk. Shiv sits down next to Madhvi. He ends up shouting at Sharanya. Madhvi aunty is ready to tell us what we want to know and you are acting all stupid. Sharanya agrees to hear everything. She asks Madhvi to speak up. Madhvi tells Sharanya she has answer to her every question. You were asking me how I know about your past right. Vyom gets tensed. Madhvi says you were speaking of the car. Sharanya begins to shout Mummy ji ki gaadi and wheels Madhvi inside and around the house. She shouts for everyone. Bedi family comes downstairs.

Shiv tries to stop her but she tells him to let her talk. Vyom looks in his direction in shock. Sharanya tells Rajan about the magical medicine champagne which sets everything right. Chandni acts to be shocked. You are drunk? Sharanya says it is magic. Now there is no mad or sad feeling left. Chandni asks Rajan if drunkard Madhvi was less to handle that Sharanya too has started drinking. Don’t know what she will do now!

Sharanya dances in her inebriated state on Hungama Ho Gaya! Rajan looks miffed whereas Shiv laughs seeing Sharanya thus. She is about to fall but Vyom holds her in time. He takes her to their room. Shiv wonders what she did.

Chandni taunts Rajan on the females in his house. Maybe you like inebriated women which is why I was spared. He tells her to shut up and goes. Chandni again fills Rati’s ears against Rajan and his family. Rati is in a fix.

Vyom puts Sharanya on her bed. Your love has made me so smart that I can ready faces. I have begun to understand that you have begun to doubt me. I can read that many secrets are hidden behind your innocent face. I can read that these eyes don’t see the future with me but questions related to past. What’s lacking in my love? What more you want? You were coming close to me. What happened then? Have you begun to miss Shiv? Shiv wonders what he is up to. I feel he doubts Sharanya. Vyom thinks I doubt you now Sharanya. I don’t care if you remember anything. No one can separate you from me now. You are only mine. He rests besides her patting her head. Vyom tries to blow on Sharanya’s head which angers Shiv. He uses his powers to cover his hand with ice. Vyom looks at his hand and in Shiv’s direction stunned.

Precap: Vyom looks at Sharanya’s reflection in the mirror. He notices her talking to someone and goes out to check who she is talking to.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Banana

    I think soon Vyom will know about Shiv’s return and the battle would start

  2. Queen of foolishness- Saranya.. Vyom’s job get easier.. Please shiv do something your own also…u r a ghost..don’t forget it.. Use your powers to find out the truth also..along with protecting saranya.. I can’t see shiv simply following saranya who just jump in to the gun… I really want to see some brilliant plot by shivanya together..and also implementing successfully to trap bedi..hope we can see it. And why saranya not trying to meet sadhviji..After she remembered the past she forgot sadhviji. Why she didn’t went to the temple after? Otherwise for each and everything she seeks her help. And also there is no news of missing of sadhviji also..who never stepped out of the temple for 25 yrs… Surely saranya did not get a call from sadhviji and sadhviji will not answer saranya’s calls..if she tried.. So there must be some concern from saranya’s side for sadhviji..

  3. I think the show will get more interesting once vyom get to know about shiv’s presence.. Most probably vyom will go for some tantric fight.. The show have a far similarity with the film eecha/makki..Rajamouli film. Where the hero took next birth as a makki for his love and revenge..here the hero back as a ghost..the difference made in initial coma and related drama..

  4. Sharanya’s character in this serial is really foolish??‍♀️
    That’s all I can say

  5. Yes younare right Tanya .Those show is similar to eega/makhi by Rajamouli sir.I really love that film .There were no flashbacks in the film but we still enjoyed it heartly.It still had cute romance.It was a super hit.I hope makers take inspiration from that film that it would be amazing to watch.

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