Ek Deewana Tha 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom tries to marry Sharanya

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Radhika says she remembered every single thing. Rajan apologizes her. He says he tried to tell her the truth, but it was too late. Vyom had already killed Shivani. Madhvi says they were so blind in their son’s love that they didn’t see they are raising a devil. Rajan says they want to rectify their mistakes by saving her and Shiv from Vyom. Radhika says she has sent Shiv away, he won’t be back. Suvarna tells her that they can’t be separated. Radhika reminds what happened in last life. She doesn’t him to hurt again and that is why she lied that she is back for Akash, not him. He will never be back now. Suvarna says Shiv can’t go away. They turn and find KK/Shiv standing there only. Radhika asks him to go away. He says he is not going anywhere and asks what’s

happening. Who is Shiv? Suddenly blood starts coming out of his mouth. He falls down and Vyom is standing behind. He stabbed KK on back. Everyone tries to get KK up. Madhvi shouts at Vyom what he did. Vyom takes out his gun and grabs Radhika. Rajan tells him to shoot him this time, else he will kill him this time for sure. Vyom says there is no need to kill him because his life is in Madhvi. Freddy comes and points gun at Rajan, Madhvi. Radhika asks to let her go to Shiv. He’s bleeding so much. Vyom says she can see that, but she didn’t see his (Vyom’s) pain that he got for last 25 years. She knew everything about him and still she lied. He announces that today him and Sharanya are marrying and they will be one forever. She refuses. He says they will marry and that too today. Wedding will take place where this story started.. Kapali Hills. He asks Freddy to shoot his parents if they try to act smart. Freddy takes Vyom’s parents and Suvarna away. Vyom takes Radhika and leaves from there. She says she doesn’t want to marry him, she wants to be with Shiv. He says Shiv is going to stay there only. KK gets flashbacks and opens his eyes. He screams Sharanya.

Vyom is forcefully marrying Sharanya. Freddy has kept guns pointing at Vyom’s parents and Suvarna. Sharanya asks Vyom to let her go, there is limit of madness. He says he has waited for 25 years. She says he won’t be able to make her his by marrying. He married in previous life too, but what happened? Pheres, mangal sutra don’t matter if she doesn’t accept him from heart. He tells her to go then, he will kill his parents and Suvarna. She stops. Suvarna tells Vyom that he will never succeed in his mission. Shiv will definitely be back. Vyom says let’s not shoot her, but burn her alive instead. Sharanya stops him. He gets up and brings sindhoor. He was about to fill Sharanya’s forehead when Shiv comes in between and stops Vyom. Suvarna gets happy. Shiv throws away sindhoor and it goes on Radhika’s forehead. He then pushes Vyom. Suvarna says she told him that Shiv will be back and he’s here. Vyom says he is not blind, he can see. He then tells Shiv that he made effort and brought sindhoor, but he filled Radhika’s forehead instead. Vyom says he is back because he has to die with Sharanya’s hands. He reminds Sharanya what Odhni said that if Shiv dies with Sharanya’s hands, then Shiv will be gone for ever. Now she will have to kill Shiv. Radhika refuses. Vyom says if she doesn’t do it, then Freddy will kill his parents and he doesn’t want that. Rajan tells Shiv not to worry about them. Shiv asks Sharanya to do as Vyom says.

Precap: Shiv says if he can save 3 lives, then he is ready to die.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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