Ek Deewana Tha 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya is able to touch Shiv

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Suvarna opens the door and invites Odhni inside. I am sorry to call you at this hour. Odhni says it is ok. Vyom and Sharanya come out too and are surprised to see her here at this hour. Suvarna shares that Shiv wants to leave. He wants us to set him free. Vyom is pleased to have finally trapped him. Odhni suggests doing last rites of Shiv. We must burn everything that belongs to him. If even one thing is left behind then he cannot be free. Sharanya asks them how they took this decision. You heard what Shiv said. He wont go anywhere! Vyom thinks she shouldn’t create a hurdle in his plan now. Suvarna tries to make Sharanya understand that they all want him to be around but he is a spirit now. He does not belong to this world. Sharanya asks her why she is doing this when Shiv does not want to go away.

Vyom seconds her. He is my friend and brother. Stop him somehow. Odhni says nothing can be done. Suvarna tells Sharanya to think of Shiv. We cannot imagine the pain he has to bear. Do you want him to feel it every time? Sharanya shouts at Shiv that he isn’t going anywhere.

Shiv joins Sharanya outside in the garden. She is upset. he tells her to understand but she refuses to hear anything. I told everyone you are not going anywhere. Don’t even talk about leaving! You aren’t going anywhere. He sits down next to her. We will not talk about it. Will it change anything though? I cannot stay here. It is one and the same thing if I stay or go! I am a spirit. You cannot even touch me. What kind of a relationship is this? She tells him she does not want anything more than what she has. He is terrified to think that he cannot even protect her. What if Vyom had not come that day? She does not mind anything. I only want to be with you till I am alive. He replies that he cannot go to any doctor or take medicine. It happened today as well. It will only increase with time. I wouldn’t have woken up if Odhni had not come here. Ma is right. Every spirit must leave the world when its mission is complete. If I stay then the pain will keep increasing till it takes me with it! Now not even your love can hold me back. I am destined to leave. You should decide now how I should go – a painful departure or happy one? She cries. How will I live without you? We will d something. I will talk to Odhni. She will have some solution to it. He shouts at her asking her why she cannot believe it that he is pain. It is enough to kill a human being. Why don’t you understand? He looks away. She is pained to hear about his pain. I love you. I cannot see you in pain because of me. He too is teary eyed as he requests her to let him go. She wonders how she will live without him. He kneels down beside her. I am always with you. Just feel me in the air that goes past you; in the rain drops that will drench you; in the leaves around you or the music that you will hear. Think your Shiv is with you whenever you are happy or sad. I will keep reminding you in this manner. I am just going away but I am in your heart. Call me whenever you need me. She seeks promise from him and agrees to free him. Vyom looks on. Finally the plan worked! I will remove all of Shiv’s connections with Sharanya and this earth. Then it will be Sharanya’s Vyom and Vyom’s Sharanya!

Next morning, Sharanya, Shiv and Suvarna are at Shiv’s pyre. Vyom tells Sharanya she guided them at the right location. Shiv was right there! Sharanya recalls hiding Shiv’s dead body in snow last time so his last rites cannot happen. Sharanya and Suvarna cry looking at Shiv’s dead body. Shiv too is present there. Sad song plays in the background. Sharanya keeps at Shiv’s belongings and stargazers above his body. She recalls her past moments with Shiv and looks at Shiv’s spirit standing nearby. He too is reminiscing their old times. A tear escapes his eye. Sharanya says come again in my life like you came this time. Fill it with your love. Get a long life next time Shiv. Shiv wipes his tears. How will I go if you will keep crying like this? Vyom says you played the role of a good friend nicely while I couldn’t be one. Forgive me please. He holds Sharanya and Suvarna. Is Shiv around or has he disappeared? Sharanya shakes her head.

Shiv walks up to Suvarna. It is time for me to leave. She blesses him as he bends down to touch her feet. I got you after 25 years that too for such a short span of time. They share a hug. Shiv says thank you to her for giving him a new life after killing him. she apologizes to him. I wish I could stop you. He tells her she is right. I should be the one apologizing. I couldn’t do the duty of a son. You take care of yourself, Vyom and Sharanya. Vyom tells Sharanya it is only her right to bid adieu to Shiv. He extends the burning stick towards her. She refuses to do it. She turns to Shiv. How can I let you go? I want to touch you once and hug you tight! I cannot touch you but I want to become yours today! Shiv wonders why he is so helpless that they cannot even hug before he leaves this world. Scene shifts to Mata’s Temple in Kapali Hills. Some chants are heard in the background. Sharanya runs towards him and actually ends up holding him. They look at each other in wonder. She shouts in surprise. I can hug you and feel you! Epi ends on Vyom’s shocked face.

Precap: Sharanya lights the pyre. Shiv thinks I am atleast relieved to have those around me who I love. He disappears. Suvarna hugs Sharanya while Vyom keeps his arm around both of them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. How much they drag now.. Anyway they decided to end then please do it fasttt…

  2. Hope to see shiVik next week

  3. Such an emotional episode. After a long time we had a beautiful shivanya’s scence. But it was heart breaking… I can’t control my tears. Namik and Donal were too good.

  4. I’ve seen pics where Donal in bridal dress… I think the cvs are not supposed to stop this dragging… When will be the leap.. When we could see shivik onscreen.. This wait is too much

    1. Oh what is great in Shivik. It is not that much popular and as good as ShraMan and ShivAnya.

      1. Hey..there is nothing great in shivik. I just love them and want see again. So when the news of their reentry came i was waiting. That’s all. ShiVanya also my favourite like shivik. I don’t know abt shraman.

      2. From your comment I guess you are a Namak fan,in above mentioned pairs ,he is the common factor,It is not about the greatness of Shivik,it is about the pair and chemistry of Vikram and Shivani,which survived and ran in an odd 5.30 pm slot on star plus and could grab attention as well as a nomination as one among three pairs in star parivar awards for best jodi inspite of jndsd being a small budget show,but Shivay Anika pair won,which is good,still that pair was noticed and that is y nominated along with a big budget show like ishqbaaz,if jndsd had a prime time,they would have got more fans,not comparing with any other pair,because there would be much better pairs like Arshi which had incomparable chemistry in front of which others may be nothing,shraman was good ,and way better than Shivanya,still,ek duje ke didn’t have a long run inspite of a good time slot and a decent budget ,Shivik had a very good chemistry for sure and show also did well as long as it ran,much better than their production value,if we have a mind which is unbiased we can appreciate Shivik.Or else,however hard we try to explain,it will be difficult to understand and still search for greatness.Shivani Vikram fans really look forward to see them work together in many shows,not just an ek deewana tha.

      3. No offense,Namak was a typing error,I don’t intend to offend any actor,I meant Namik.

      4. Oh,nothing is great in them,may be that is what you want to hear,but well written reply,Misha,very good and apt reply to clear doubts of this type.

  5. Do not watching edt these days. Even bored to read the written updates also. Very much dragging. Hope next track would be better.

  6. I don’t want to see shiv-saranya-vyom type story again. Show a fresh story post leap.

  7. There was a serial showing with Zayed Khan and Vastal Seth can someone please tell me if that series is finish?Thank you.

    1. Yeah! It’s “Haasil” and it ended long ago

  8. I wish the CVS stop fooling around Vyoms smart manipulations and bring in Climax – Shiv wreaking revenge on Rajan, Madhvi & Vyom the great manipulator

  9. Well said Misha, that is it.

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