Ek Deewana Tha 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya plans a party for Vyom

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Sharanya tells Vyom his concern, love and madness is fake. You can stoop down to any extent for your own sake! Shiv tells her to stop. Vyom says let me show you then. He brings her to their room. I will prove it to you that my concern towards you is fake. He throws all the gifts away. I got them all for you on Valentine’s Day. He reads the card for her. I love you so much that I cry when you cry; I am in pain when you are in pain. My relations are selfish but you are my selfishness. I am so selfish that I can even kill people for my sake. Do you want to know who I killed? I killed myself! I am dead from inside. I die every second when you say you cannot be mine; when you try to distance yourself from me. I was ready to die when I jumped from the building but you came back and I got my life back.

Shiv tells Sharanya not to say anything. She asks for some time alone. Vyom steps out of the room.

Sharanya says I just hate him. Shiv tells her to be quiet. He can listen.

Vyom is in that dark room again and is looking at the camera footage of his room. I know who you are talking to. Remember that I have killed Shiv. He is dead. You have to stay with me only. I not just killed Shiv but all those who tried to separate you from me! You think I only know how to kill others? I also know how to kill myself. I tried to kill myself but how could I have been yours if I had done that? I made a full proof plan that day.

Flashback shows Vyom keeping some ropes ready for himself as he jumps from the college building. He holds onto the rope as he jumps from the terrace and takes a small jump towards the floor fooling Sharanya. Flashback ends.

Shiv is again trying to separate you from me but I will again not give up. I will start afresh to get you. I will try to make you mine this Valentine’s Day.

Shiv asks Sharanya if she cannot understand that there are cameras installed everywhere. He is able to see and hear you talking to me.

Vyom watches Sharanya cover the camera in their room.

Sharanya throws the camera away.

Vyom wonders why Sharanya is so upset with him.

Shiv asks Sharanya why she is instigating Vyom. Sharanya tells him she is tired of all these lies. He points out that she has a choice to leave. She says we just got proof against him. Shiv says it was a woman in the footage. She says we both know it was Vyom. He asks her if she will show their flashback in court or if she will say that a ghost told you that Vyom has told you this. She decides to get hold of some solid evidence but he advises her to pack her bags and leave this country. She stays put. I wont go anywhere till I get your killer punished! He insists that his story on earth is over. She speaks of the next birth. I will be relieved to know that I got you justice. He says it sounds good. Be practical. She says you came back after dying. He reminds her that Vyom is a step ahead from them. That guy (who was deleting the video in Kapali Hills) was there before we reached there. He is too smart for us. She asks him if she should accept defeat from Vyom.

Vyom lights fire and vows to burn Shiv in this fire one day.

Sharanya calmly tells Shiv to understand. Have faith in me. He asks her if she realises what all it will cost her. It isn’t between the 3 of us anymore. Your father lost his life. Freddy has lost his senses. Avni almost lost her life. Vyom pushed his own mother from the stairs! Do you still not understand what all he is capable of doing? How many sacrifices will you accept? You call Vyom selfish but you are no different. How many people will you get killed just so you can nab my killer? Don’t know who all paid for Vyom’s madness! Your papa and I are dead. What if Vyom kills from your family? You want me by your side right? I am with you but you will be responsible if Vyom does anything to anyone. Sharanya looks at him in shock / tears. He asks her if she will be able to live with this burden. Will you be able to pay for this? She recalls Vyom’s threat to Rati and shakes her head. I wont be able to bear it if anything happens to anyone because of me. I wont let it happen. I will leave everything. I accept defeat. I lost! She looks at herself in the mirror. Shiv mentally apologizes to her for speaking to her like that. I want you to go away from Vyom. I can see you lose but I wont be able to see you in any pain.

Doorbell rings. Sharanya opens the door when Vyom enters. He notices the tears in her eyes. Why are you crying? I am sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted on you. She apologizes to him and hugs him shocking Shiv. Shiv wonders what she is doing. I told you to go away from him and not hug him. Sharanya parts from Vyom. You love me so much and I ruined everything. I want to plan a party for you tonight. Our families will be there. We will celebrate our love before everyone. Vyom tells her she need not do this but she insists she wants to do it for them, for their love. He asks her if she is sure. She nods. He goes to inform everyone. Everyone will get to know how much we love each other. Shall I? She nods. Vyom goes.

Shiv asks Sharanya what that was. You were about to leave. Sharanya nods. I will go. I can leave before Vyom.i will leave when he will be busy in party. This will be your and his Valentine Gift. Shiv apologizes to her. She says it’s ok.

Flashback shows Shiv saying a shayari. Sharanya walks up to him with a bucket of gifts. She coughs to gain his attention. Shiv tells her it isn’t Principal’s office. She can just walk in. Sharanya says you are also not a new bride. You can turn and look at me. Forget what happened yesterday. Do you know what today is? It is a special day for people like us who have a lot to say but are unable to express. Those who are meant for each other get to know it. People confess their feelings in the month of February. She explains about the days to him (Valentine’s Week). Today is Kiss Day. They become each other’s Valentine forever on 14th. I brought something for you. I know it is kind of awkward but I want to say something to you. I! He refuses to hear anything and gets up angrily.

Flashback ends. Our love is hanging between yesterday’s good memories and today’s bitter truth.

Precap: Sharanya says tonight will be the night of decision. All the secrets will come out today. Vyom will either be proved the killer tonight or he will kill me instead!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh finally.. Vyom’s suicide attempt was a play.. I’m happy that he has concern about himself at least.. Now things will go good. And what about that lake and mysterious lady … Is CVS forgot about that??

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