Ek Deewana Tha 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sharanya is discharged from hospital!

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Sharanya walks up to Vyom. I did not like those flowers. He tells her she is wrong to think all this will lower his expectations. She says I don’t know all this but I wanted to tell you that my favourite flowers are stargazers. It strikes a bell in his head (recalling the incident when someone brought flowers for Sharanya the day she had come out of coma). She wonders why she has been smelling stargazers since she came out of coma. Will you bring one for me? He nods. She goes back in her room. Vyom keeps thinking about that incident. He calls many vendors to place order for stargazer’s bouquet. Everyone tells him this isn’t the season. Vyom shouts at one guy that someone sent him those flowers yesterday itself. That guy advises him to order it from there only. Vyom thinks how to bring

them. Sharanya has asked for one thing since the time she came out of coma. He remembers the card that had come with the bouquet.

Rajan wakes Madhvi. I told you we have to leave at 9 am to meet Sharanya. She lies that she isn’t well. He knows she is only making an excuse. You had too much last night. Don’t use it as an excuse to avoid meeting Sharanya! She stays put. He pours a bucket of water over her. I hope you are out of hangover now and you also had a bath. Change and come downstairs. Don’t forget to take a bouquet and sweets. He goes. She is sure he and her son will drive her mad this way.

Vyom is searching trash can. He finds the card of that shop finally and calls at that number. It turns out to be a grocery store. He says there used to be a florist here 2 years ago but there is a grocery shop here now. Do you know Raw Hills College? It is right before that college. Vyom realises It’s the name of his and Sharanya’s college.

Vyom apologizes to Sharanya. She says this is so irritating. I asked for only one flower yet you filled the entire room with flowers! Vyom is stunned to see stargazer bouquets in every corner of the room. I am sorry but I! She cuts him off mid sentence. I was just pulling your leg. It is your habit to do everything in excess. He keeps looking at the flowers puzzled. She asks him why he is looking like this. You brought them right? Vyom nods. Yes, I only brought them! She apologizes to him once again. This memory factor is confusing me very much. Manage me a little more like you managed for last 2 years. Thank you so much! I love these flowers. He tells her her smile is so nice that her rudeness does not stand a chance before it.

She smells a bouquet and begins to feel uneasy. He smells them as well. They are fine. She begins throwing stuff / flowers saying that they smell like dead body. Vyom declines but she screams. Throw them all out! She ends up throwing a bouquet on Madhvi! She runs downstairs calling out for her father. Vyom is chasing her. Rajan too goes after them.

Sharanya meets her parents on the stairs and refuse to stay in the hospital anymore. She continues running downstairs with Yam closely following her. An ambulance is on its way. Vyom pulls Sharanya’s hand and pulls her in time. Sharanya’s parents come as well. She begs them to take her home. I cannot stay here anymore. I will go mad because of this smell. I will die! Vyom tells her not to say anything like this ever again. We will leave if you don’t wish to stay here. Rajan reprimands Vyom for not following his mind when it comes to love. Doc also agrees with him. Vyom insists it will be Sharanya who will decide what she wants to do. Doc suggests finding out the reason fo Sharanya saying so first. Vyom says it is the effect of all the medicines that were given to her in the past 2 years. Mrs. Bisht points out that she would be better looked after in hospital. Vyom announces that he will shift entire hospital to their home. If needed, I will stay with her for 24×7. I wont even blink my eyes or breathe! I wont let her go out of my eyes for even a second but she wont stay here anymore! That’s it!

Vyom asks Sharanya if she is feeling better. She nods. Vyom and Rajan look at each other. He goes to talk to his father. Rajan asks Vyom why he seems so tensed. Vyom looks at Sharanya. I dint send those flowers to Sharanya. Rajan is shocked. Who sent all those bouquets then? Vyom says I don’t know. He tells him everything (in mute). I dint tell Sharanya as she might freak out. I honestly don’t know who brought them. Rajan tells him not to worry. Stay with Sharanya while I will find out about it. He looks up at the hospital. Remember to keep everything away from Sharanya that might take her away from us. We cannot lose her again. Vyom nods. I am going to stay with her till she recovers. His mother adds that this means he will stay away from his family. He assures her he will marry Sharanya soon and then come to his home with her. She gives in. He bids them goodbye after giving his mother a hug. Sharanya and Vyom leave for Sharanya’s home.

Vyom stops the car outside Sharanya’s house. She has fallen asleep. He looks at her sweetly. He keeps calling out to her to wake up. She looks outside in confusion. Vyom removes her seatbelt and she steps outside. She keeps looking at the house. He shares that her parents shifted to Mussorie after her accident as there are better hospitals here. Someone seems to be watching them from a distance as they walk towards the main door.

Confetti blasts the moment Sharanya opens the door. She is giving a warm welcome by her family. Vyom records it on his phone. The spirit is seen on the balcony above.

Precap: Vyom sings a song for Sharanya. Vyom walks out of the house but senses someone’s presence. Nawab is barking again while looking at the door. Mr. Bisht tries to control him. No one is there. Sharanya also feels something strange.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Anyhave the episode is awesome….vyom words are superb ???
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  2. Just hope vyom isn’t negative….
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  3. Guys I finally figured out the story…
    Shiv, Sharanya and Vyom were best friends in college. Shiv and Sharanya loved each others and they both belong to less rich families. Vyom belonged to a rich family and got everything he wished for. Sharanya and Shiv’s love was unknown to Vyom and Vyom secretly loved Sharanya. One day Vyom found out that Shivanya (Sharanya and Shiv) loved each other so he told his dad to kill him. One day Shiv was going somewhere with his car (even less rich ppl have cars) and Sharanya insisted to come along. Vyom’s dad sent some mens to kill by crashing with Shiv’s car but he was unaware that Sharanya was also there so when the men crashed Shiv’s car Sharanya got injured and Shiv died. Vyom knew that Sharanya’s parents didn’t know about her and Shiv so Vyom told them that him and Sharanya loved each other showed them how much he loved Sharanya.
    And for the start of the show where Vyom is doing puja and flashback shows that Sharanya made him believe in God etc. I think that as a friend she made him believe in that.
    So Shiv is haunting him so he doesn’t go close to Sharanya. Remember when Sharanya said “Love connects from hearts not minds, if we loved each other than I might have had a feeling”. And Vyom doesn’t even know Sharanya’s fav flowers but the ghost aka Shiv knew it perfectly but when Vyom said the flowers were by him to impress Sharanya, the flowers started smelling bad. And Vyoms dad said “Don’t let her know what we don’t want her to know”

    1. nice guess…
      now i too feel the same…

    2. Sunanda12345

      Omggg….I think vyom not be be -ve

    3. Niharikamalhotra

      Yaa… It may b true, welll;!.
      Nice shivani… I liked yr prediction

  4. shivani may be you are true but I think vyom was not involved with shiv death.may be main culprit is vyom’s dad.may be vyom’s dad want to take revenge from sharanya’a family.I hope vyom’s character will not turn out negative…
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  7. A bit confusion…when vyom smells the flowers he doesn’t feel anything wrong…but sharanya says it smells like a dead body…why?

    1. Answer it plz

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  10. Something is weird about Vyom nd his family…I’m loving the end of the every episode…Amazing voice modulation of Namik…. Waiting for Shiv story unfold…

  11. I am fine di..sunanda di,suman di and pooja has come back now waiting for others…hey @diya where are you?you said to me in sdch page that we vikram fans will meet edt but you and others..have you all forgotten vikram?..

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  12. Niharikamalhotra

    Ha ha ha…. So crazy…
    When Mr Bedi put bucket of water on Mrs Bedi…. I suddenly laughed out with a high pitched sound…. Nd
    When vyom called florists… I wonder… Yaaar itne florist k no. Kaun rakhta h…
    Well, when sharn said… Lagta h jaise kuch sadd gya ho… I felt the strange feeling of shiv’s dead body….. Goddd…
    #Welcome of Mrs Bedi by shran was #yo cool
    #I totally doubt Mr Bedi..
    #(sorry to all vyoanya fans, as m also frm the same clan) but i’d tell here that… Every day, after her recovery… Shran shouts aloud… (Guys, there are other patients too)…
    I m loving the end of every epi….
    Nd #Nawab as well…
    #loved saree of sharanya’s Mum..
    Well one query is…
    Male characters..
    1 Vyom
    2Mr Bedi
    3Mr Bisht
    4.. Our ghost babu…
    Every one wears full sleeves or woollen outfits…..
    But nethr shran, her mum nd not her fortune mum-in-law wears aythg like this…. Wow..

    Sorry for this foolish line.
    #love u namik….

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