Ek Deewana Tha 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv finds the truth about his mother

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Shiv hears the voice of someone sobbing and looks in the opposite direction. He notices someone sitting in a far corner and sobbing away to herself. He walks up to that person. Suvarna looks up at him. Her mouth is gagged. She stands up with difficulty. Shiv shouts for Sharanya who runs towards him. Shiv asks Suvarna if she can see him. Are you looking at me? Suvarna sheds a tear. Sharanya asks Shiv who she is. Shiv says I don’t know. Sharanya frees Suvarna. Who are you? Shiv tells Sharanya that she can see him. He again asks Suvarna who she is. Sharanya asks her who tied her here. Suvarna begins to say something when Rajan steps forward. I did! Sharanya and Shiv look at him in shock. Rajan adds that he kept her here like this. She demands to know why he did this but he shouts at her to keep

her mouth shut. Enough of this hide and seek! I am fed up of you! you have ruined everything since you have come in the house but I will finish you and this Suvarna today! He tells Suvarna her days are over. Do some favour on me by dying now! Your Mr. India must be here. Don’t worry I will unite you both for forever today! this is what you want while I want you to be away from my son. His love has turned into madness! I cannot bear it anymore! His madness will end with you! Get ready. You will be with your Shiv soon! He aims gun at her. He tells her not to thank her for his favour. He shoots at her. Shiv stands in between but the bullet goes past him. It hits Vyom instead. Rajan’s eyes widen in shock. Sharanya holds Vyom as he falls down.

Shiv glares at Rajan. Strong wind starts blowing. Rajan is lifted high in air and thrown right out of the window! He winces in pain. Shiv takes Vyom magically to the car. Rajan sees him thus before he passes out. Sharanya takes Suvarna with her. Suvarna asks Sharanya if this is Rajan’s son Vyom. Sharanya nods in confusion. Suvarna asks her about the one who came with her (Shiv). Sharanya is stunned to realise that Suvarna can see him. Suvarna nods. Why? Sharanya shares that he is a spirit. Suvarna looks at Shiv.

Vyom notices his father lying unconscious on the ground before he loses conscious.

Doc operates upon Vyom and removes the bullet from his shoulder. Sharanya is crying. Shiv says I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to Vyom. Suvarna looks on from a distance.

Suvarna pats at Sharanya’s shoulder. You have cried a lot already. Calm down. She tells Shiv not to worry so much as well and calls him son. Sharanya asks her how she can see Shiv. No one apart from me can see or hear Shiv. Dad kept you there for 25 years but why? Who are you? Suvarna gives her intro. Rajan was once an ordinary employee in his office. My husband Dhanajaya was a very nice man. He trusted everyone working in the office a lot especially Rajan. This was his biggest mistake maybe. We realised it when Rajan cheated us big time.

Suvarna is playing with her husband when Madhvi, Vyom and Rajan enter. Dhananjaya shouts at them. I warned you not to come here! He asks his wife if she forgot what they have done with them. Suvarna tells him to calm down. I will take the kids upstairs. You guys can talk with a cool mind. Dhananjaya offers to call police but Rajan begs him not to do so. I have understood my mistake. Dhananjaya says I know you guys well. I trusted you both but you cheated me. I gave you job by pitying you but you cheated me! madhvi begs for some time to return his money.

Suvarna is managing both Vyom and Shiv.

Dhananjaya tells Madhvi not to use their son’s name. I don’t care what happens. You both will be punished for your misdeeds! Rajan and Madhvi beg Dhananjaya but in vain. Vyom goes out to pick his ball. Suvarna comes rushing out hearing some noise and finds her husband lying in a pool of blood. Suvarna holds Rajan by his collar. She aims her rifle at him. we gave you work and this is how you repay us? Madhvi hits Suvarna from behind. Suvarna passes out.

I find myself caught in chains when I gained conscious. He kept me in solitude for the past 25 years. Sharanya asks her about her son. suvarna tells her she has no clue where he is. She cries. Vyom says I know where your son is. Ward boy wheels him out of the room.

Sharanya and Suvarna come to check on Vyom. Suvarna asks him about her son. Vyom replies that he is dead but he isn’t far from her. A kid’s connection is the strongest with the one he knows before he is born and does not forget even when he is dead. A mother recognizes her son even if it a spirit. He asks Sharanya if Shiv is here. She nods. Vyom tells Shiv she is his mother. Shiv and Suvarna look at each other emotionally.

Precap: Ambulance blasts. Sharanya tells something to Madhvi. Madhvi tells Vyom (on phone) she will now tell his truth to everyone! Sharanya hears her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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