Ek Deewana Tha 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bedi Family is responsible for Shiv’s loss

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Sharanya asks Shiv to look up. This is the same car. They look up and notice the same car there which was present on the bridge when Shiv was killed. He agrees that this is the same car which he saw when he was killed. Sharanya is sure it is kept hidden here or no one will keep such an expensive vintage car here. Looking at it, it seems like no one has taken it out for a ride since many years. She is unable to fine Shiv and shouts his name repeatedly but he does not turn up. She thinks Shiv might have gone to check on Madhvi aunty.

Vyom feeds his mother her medicine forcibly. She wrestles with him not to force her and steps back while doing so. She slips in the process.

Sharanya begins to check the car. She finds blood stains on the seat. It might be because of that incident only.

It might also be of culprit and will help me track the culprit.

Vyom says it wouldn’t have happened if you had taken your medicine happily. he forces it in her mouth and lies down next to her as she writhes in pain. Why do you say so? Why don’t you support your son ever? I am always left alone. Why do I always feel that you are on the opposite team? I am your son only. I want a world where I have my mother, Papa and Sharanya but you never support me! World will say that the son was bad. Would they believe that it wasn’t the son but mother who is bad?

Doctor shouts for the guard (Sundar). Why dint you open lock till now? Sundar apologizes citing some emergency. Doc says Bedi will finish us if we don’t finish his work. Sundar is unable to find the key. Doc asks him to break the lock but Odhni says it isn’t needed. She shows the key and opens lock. He recognizes her to be the same new mad patient. She slaps him for not doing his work correctly. They go inside. She advises doc to rest till she makes preps for shock treatment. He goes to wait in his cabin.

Odhni shakes Freddy. Please wake up. I have come to take you with me. She calls him Teddy. Tell me I am taking wrong name. Shout at me like you do. She thinks to take him with her before doc or anyone else comes. She notices wheelchair there.

Vyom sings a lullaby sadly. Madhvi is in pain. She requests him to help her. He says you can only see your pain and not your son’s. You cannot even hug me back once. Please hug me mom. You always do this. You are neither with me today nor were you yesterday! Flashback shows Madhvi asking Vyom what he is doing. He is hitting at his hand. She tells him she has just met Shiv. I tried to explain to him, tried giving him money, scared him but he isn’t ready. He loves Sharanya very much. Think that he is all alone in this world except Sharanya. He does not even know that we are the reason behind him being alone! He lost everyone because of us only! Try to understand that Shiv and Sharanya are meant to be together! Don’t do this madness. It isn’t right. Vyom turns to look at her. Shiv and Sharanya are meant to live together? Am I meant to die? I will die right away. he is about to force his tongue in the table fan but she stops him. What were you doing? This isn’t right. He tells her that it isn’t right that Sharanya will love someone else. It isn’t right that Shiv loves Sharanya. It isn’t right that someone should come in between Vyom and Sharanya. Whoever will come between them will die! Trust me on that! If you cannot do anything then please stay out of it. He takes her hand closer to the fan. She protests against it but he keeps pushing it towards the fan. She ends up falling down while trying to save her. He complains that she spoiled his watch. Flashback ends. Vyom tells his mom that whoever will come between him and Sharanya will die!

Odhni manages to take Freddy out of the ward. Everyone starts looking for them. Odhni decides to escape before getting caught.

Madhvi again asks Vyom to help. He lifts her head when he gets a call. He very carelessly keeps her head back on the floor. She shouts in pain. Vyom speaks to the caller and finds out that Freddy escaped from the asylum with a woman. Madhvi passes out. Vyom again complains to her that this is what she always does. You never help me. I am alone as usual. I am always alone. He shouts for his dad and acts to be concerned for her.

Sharanya gets Vyom’s call. She panics thinking what she will tell him. What if he finds out where I am? He might get doubtful if I wont pick his phone. She picks his call and hurriedly closes the door of the car. A piece of a woman’s clothing is by the car’s door. She misses noticing it. Flashback shows that a woman was seated in the car when Vyom had stabbed Shiv.

Odhni supports Freddy as they walk out safely. She asks him who did this to him. He recalls how Vyom stabbed him. She asks him to say something. We don’t have much time. We must meet Sharanya asap and tell her everything. She notices an auto rickshaw there. The driver is attending nature’s call. A truck full of goons is after Freddy and Odhni. Odhni puts him safely in the back seat and begins to drive the rickshaw.

Sharanya is shocked to see Madhvi’s condition. He asks Vyom what happened. He shares that she fell from the stairs. She got hurt so badly. Such incidents happen when you lose your way. She never listens to anyone. She was coming downstairs in inebriated state and fell down. He asks his mom why she does so. I know people cannot change habits but atleast take the medicines that I bring for you. He empties a vase thereby spilling medicines. He shows them to Sharanya. Don’t know who she was going to meet today and was not telling us! Do you know who she was going to meet? Sharanya recalls Madhvi’s message on the breads.

Precap: Sharanya gets Odhni’s call. Odhni tells her that Freddy knows everything about Kapali Hills. I asked him to go to your house. Meet him once. He knows everything about Shiv’s murderer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. All the mysteries are getting revealed.Curiously waiting for next episode

  2. What a madness from vyom.. i think shiv told sharanya whenever she want to see i will infront of her that’s why she noticed he is not in front of her when she called love is so strong between them… Makers should bring vyom evilness to sharanya as soon as eagerly waiting for that one

  3. Hands down shivanya rocks !!! ❤️❤️❤️But this time I felt vyom’s emotions …like how many times he said he’s always alone …. that really pinched my heart deep …. I had listened a lot from the fans abt vyom’s deewangi and ofcourse I even felt that today. Just one word seeing him “kaash…” !
    Vyom is the dream guy !!
    Secondly , don’t know why shiv just vanished today ?? Missed him so much !!

    1. Mona146

      i dont advise you to hate vyom for being criminal but please don’t oversympathise with his role as that madness cant b called love. it is just destroys humanity and relations.

  4. EDT is unique show but not a good one..I felt. It is filled with negativity. Nothing good is happening.. I suggest not watch it as it will damage ur brain. It is my personal opinion only.. Those who wish can watch.. But it is scientifically proven that the series (not films/short films) which is mostly dominated by negative thoughts and images can seriously affect our brain function and may tuned towards such expressions.. Becoz films will end by ≈3 hrs will not affect as the hangover will last at most a night. But series are continuing without a preplanned deadline. So as a suspense thriller we will eagerly waiting for the suspense to unfold..but actually they are showing at least one negative thinking each day inspite of the suspense.. And spoiling each and every night..which in turn lead to a dull morning and less functioning day and can lead to serious problems..
    I know there is brilliant acting by every actors need to be encouraged. But the problem is it is a daily soap. The health more specifically the mental health is very much important. And I know most of the viewers are taking it in a sports man spirit and just a story mentality and not taking to head and heart..such viewers are not the matter of concern. If any one who is sensitive to serials and the expressions please avoid such serials. You may not know how ur personality gets changing over a period. It may be feel like silly.. But don’t avoid completely.

    1. Mona146

      true almost all serials are like that nowadays. What u see, hear, feel do have an impact on your life which is most important. enduring such pain for something that is fabricated or untrue and not leading our life which already some struggles for every person is not really recommended. That’s y tv is called idiot box.

  5. Where has shiv gone???

  6. Don’t know why Sony has to show so many murders and obsessive love stories.. story can be a thriller without so many murders blood and gore along the way.. why doesn’t odhni simply tell Sharanya it’s vyom.. Freddy will definitely get killed this time round

  7. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! But shiv is vanished! We miss shiv throughout the episode! Episode looks incomplete without shiv.

  8. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! But where is shiv! Why shiv get vanished! I love the bonding and love between shiv and sharanya. Episode looks incomplete without shiv.

  9. From starting it was shiv ‘ek deewana tha’.. But now I felt it is vyom really the title.. Because Shiv is not past here..he is past,present and future for saranya.. Definitely the title refers to vyom only.. It is vyom ki deewangi.. But have to say..it is over negativity now..

    1. Mona146

      read the title ek deewaana tha…………past tense
      so its about shiv who’s dead and not vyom who’s alive.

      1. It is not about the person who is past…it is the ‘deewana’. Vyom’s deewana is the past.. Shiv and saranya love is eternal.. We can’t say shiv’s love as ‘deewana tha’..because shiv is there..and saranya still loves and lives with shiv only.. And shiv also..So I felt the title refers to vyom’s love because it is a unique love..so can make title. But shivanya love is usual true love which most of the serials..films portrays.. Here vyom’s obsessive madness is something different..and surely it is a psychological imbalance because of love.. a type of love not pure in sense.. If he became a normal person..he may not have that love.. So the title mostly suites for vyom’s love.. This is what I felt.

      2. And also…the word ‘deewana’ mostly refers to a ‘crazy/mad man’.. Here obviously the pagal is vyom…..

      3. Naina,I understood what you are saying,every time that title track came for shiv I had no doubts that “ek deewana tha ” was Shiv,but since this show is proceeding this way,I won’t be surprised if we will be convinced that this ” ek deewana tha ” was Vyom ,cos there should be some more missing links which we are truly missing, may be one of that would be,that viewers are mistaken about Shiv and that deewana was Vyom almost like Shah Rukh’s character in Darr movie,that kind of a mad deewana,well this is my opinion after watching till last week and reading updates this week.

  10. Title is “ek diwana tha”.. It’s about shiv who is dead and not about vyom… Agar vyom k liye hota to title “Ek diwana hai” aisa hota..

  11. This serial is leading somewhat same as beyhadh. Please do not kill more people. And show entire love story of shiv and sharanya.

  12. Where is 26th January 2018 written update?

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