Ek Deewana Tha 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sharanya cannot remember Vyom!

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Vyom holds Sharanya. I have gained you after lots of difficulties. I cannot lose you now. You will spend the rest of life with me now. I am because of you. I am nothing if you aren’t there. No third person will come between us after now. The soul says some shayari about love and separation. Sharanya comes to her senses. Vyom asks her what she was doing. She asks him who he is. He is shocked. I am Vyom. She pushes him telling him not to touch her. He falls down and holds onto a ceiling. The soul disappears. Vyom somehow saves himself.

Sharanya comes running downstairs. Vyom is also seen running towards her ward. Sharanya collides with her parents. She continuously asks them if they are fine. Her parents hold her. Sharanya recalls the accident. Her father got hurt in the accident.


is unable to understand anything. Doc explains that because of her accident she has forgotten some years of her life altogether. The accident that happened in 2013 was when you had almost lost your father. It left a lasting impression on your mind. Your second accident happened while you were returning from college 2 years ago. You have lost your memory of 3 years. It is called partial memory loss. Mr. Bisht notices Vyom outside the door.

Mr. Bisht says we lost all hope. We thought we have lost you when we were removing the life support system. You are back with us now. This is no less than a miracle. She wonders why she does not remember anything. Vyom overhears them. I have fought with God for you till now. Now I will fight to make my place in your life. I will fight with everyone to get you back!

Vyom requests Sharanya’s father to allow him to meet her. How can she forget me? Mr. Bisht replies that she has forgotten everything. Mrs. Bisht tells him not to lose hope. We are Sharanya’s strength but you are our strength.

A dog is in Sharanya’s ward. Windows open on their own. The dog (Nawab) begins to bark. She pats on his head but he does not calm down. She feels cold. There is a shadow on the window at which Nawab is continuously barking. She turns to look but sees nothing. Sharanya’s family comes to check on her. Sharanya’s brother takes Nawab out for a walk. Mr. Bisht tells Sharanya she has forgotten 3 years of her college life. You were in coma for the past 2 years. Mrs. Bisht adds that even they don’t know well as to what happened during those years. They are all blank pages now. Mr. Bisht agrees. Only Vyom can fill colours in them. Vyom comes in. Mr. Bisht says he is the only one who knows what happened in all those years. Talk to him once. She agrees. Her parents leave the room.

Vyom takes a seat near Sharanya’s bed. She isn’t even looking in his direction. Vyom gives his introduction. I am feeling strange meeting you like this. He greets her in his usual cheery style like he had when they met for the first time in college. Flashback of the same is shown. Vyom says we both studied in the same college and became good friend over time. Flashbacks of their college life are shown. Music was my passion while writing was yours. It was my music and the words were yours. Another flashback is shown where Sharanya is reading the poem written by her while Vyom plays drums. Your words completed my music and you completed whatever was incomplete in me. We became friends, then good friends and finally fell in love.

Flashback shows Vyom proposing Sharanya. Vyom says we both proposed each other. Sharanya keeps wondering about the wind. Lights begin to flicker while Vyom continues talking. He is looking out of the window and does not notice anything. We decided to speak to your parents. We left from Mussorie together to see your parents in Devprayag. Sharanya is confused noticing her surroundings. It becomes normal when Vyom turns. We met with an accident on the way. Feeble images of the accident flash before her eyes. Vyom asks her if she could recall anything. You woke up after 2 long years! I am waiting for you to remember your love. You cannot forget your Vyom. She pushes his hand away. What rubbish are you talking? You think I will believe you? You are trying to take advantage of my situation. You can fool my parents but not me. He tries to explain her but in vain. She pushes him out of her ward. Love is connected from heart. Mind can forget but not heart. I don’t believe you. Leave! She closes the door on his face.

It is night time. Vyom thinks of Sharanya’s words and how she had pushed him out of the room. Mr. Bisht apologizes to him. Don’t know why God is testing you. We got Sharanya back but maybe she has forgotten your love for forever. Mrs. Bisht asks him till when he will wait for her to regain her memory. He says till the last breath. Now either she will gain her memory back or she will fall in love again. We will start from the beginning. We don’t have to remind her that what she does not remember. We will make new memories. Only our relation and love is what is old. You should be happy as you got your daughter back. I am no spirit that she will forget just like that. I am someone who she wont be able to forget once she begins to know me. Don’t feel bad when that happens. Sharanya’s parents smile. They advise him to go home and rest but he insists upon staying with Sharanya. You both haven’t eaten well and have also taken any of your medicines since last 3 days. They tell him to take care.

Vyom goes quiet again the moment they leave. Sharanya looks at him from his room. Who is he? Going by everyone’s words it seems like he loves me. I too should remember something then. What kind of relation is this which has no feelings or memories? She notices something on the window and keeps staring at it. She caresses the window and shouts seeing a hand appear on the window. She shouts in shock.

Precap: Sharanya calls out to her parents. Lights begin to flicker. She begins to run sensing danger and falls down. Someone comes closer. Sharanya screams.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi kittu n pretty preeti .missed u all so much
    Aur kittu madam ate hi panga le lia tumne to simran se …..well I know this is our kittu ….and EDT rocks…lives everything about the show….and luv u gals bye tc

    1. Niharikamalhotra

      @rt…. Hi didiiiiii…. Missed uuu…. U know what… I have seen yr fb account….. Wowww…. Nd went to twitter 4 sometime and talked to Alina, Nazis, Beas nd sonai…. Nd now u r…. Wowww… Nd remember 4444… David bahai… He is also here nd yes our pretty priti too…
      Ha ha…. Yesssss, panga le lia… What to do…. When someone stand against of namik….. I feel like to ******… ?????
      Anyways…. Love uba loadddds…. Misssed u… Nd yeah…. EDT rocks…..
      #rudaaligirls are back !!!!
      Di aaaj shabd kam pad gaye hai… Thnx 4 coming Di… Nd aap mujhe ni bhooooli….. Ohhhoooooioo?????

  2. Antara


    1. Hi Antara , i am a silent reader . I guess the story will be , sharanya love shiv ( Namik ) and he was dead on that accident and she goes in coma after accident. Vyom may be the obsessive lover of her and takes the advantage of that . I mean see today’s episode, sharanya says I don’t have any feelings for vyom . Vyom also said to her family that “ i am someone who she wont be able to forget once she begins to know me.“

    2. Niharikamalhotra

      Same question…

  3. miss you shivani…after all vikram and Donal are doing well…..hey edt family memb good morning…

  4. I think Donal aur namik clg time me couple rhe honge…aur accident me namik Mar gya Hoga..saranya ki memory loss k bad vyom apne ektarfa pyar ko pura krne k liye ye story kah Ra h

    1. Nav

      Same thinking

      1. Niharikamalhotra

        @Nav nd Avk…. As per my thinking…
        Shiv nd sharanya both would b part time shayar in clg or simply an old acquaintance…… Nd then Mr. Bedi (dad of vyom)… Had killed shiv nd must have buried him in snow…. Nd it’s just a revenge of shiv…. He just only want his sharanya…… Its my prediction…. Wellll

  5. Hi Bull shit serial…copycats….aacha hua vyom sharanya (ur love)forgotten u…just bcoz u copied Maya…lol…go to hell serial…copycats

    1. Leave us peace fully write our comments. Please do not use abusive language. Now onward none of Namiks fans will reply you.

      @kittu please ignore Ms.Simran who knows everything. Let us be a dumpos OK Let she write whatever she like.
      Waiting for Haasil, Entry of Aanchal Srivastava too.

      1. Niharikamalhotra

        Hi bhaiya….. Yup…. Aanchal….. Niknak fans r gonna rockzzzzz… ?…. Okay bro…. Let’s leave the abusive cmmt…. Nd aaaapko mai yaaad hoo???? ??

  6. Wow yaar sudharoge nahi…2nd episode me starting me hi…vyom Maharaja Bill pade …that to Maya ka dialogue…great yaar copycats…make something of your own…kitna copykaroge….

  7. Vyom ji…aakhir me bhi maya ka dailogue….kuch to sharam kar….bhad me ja kutte kamine….beyhadh ka background music bhi use karte ho…nam bhi beyhadh 2 rak lo na…but ha u cant match maya at all….bachhe dihkhoge….just go to hell.. edt….plz improve…dont copy…copycats….especially vyom…

  8. Don’t he have photos or any Facebook instagram or snap chat account to prove they were in a rel

  9. Day by day it’s getting interesting….I can’t guess abt Vyom character whether positive r negative.. But now i felt for him…. Vikram acting was gud….Come on Namik we r waiting for u….

  10. Because of Namik only I am watching this show. Already they have made him a BHOOT. Now his entry also delayed.

    Waiting for Haasil – entry of Sumo

  11. Niharikamalhotra

    @simran… Hi Simmi… Well u can post yr cmmt here.. Whether good OR Bad…. I don’t mind… This is cmt pg… So as u r also a viewer or may b a reader of this pg…. Anyways.. U can telll yr feeling here but remember not on Namik… Okay…. Nd abt vkram…. So listen.. As u r not my dude… But as m a jolly gal… So I’d cal u simmi… Listen yaar… Vikky is just a fab actor not any copycat or thief of jenny’s dialogue…. I too loved Jennifer as kumud.. Nd like her still ri8 now… As I’ve not seen any of the Epi of beyhadh…. So can’t say anything… But I swear…. I like her…. As she is a multitalented gal…
    So listen simmi…. Gussa chad na yaar…. Nd be a viewer…. Nd do enjoy nd let us enjoy…. OK..
    Bye simmi….. If I said anything wrong….. So u can tell me…. OK…. But it’s just my uncontrollable , unconditional love ❤️ 4 Namik nd not any personal fi8…. Okay…. Bbbb bye.. Do Take good care of your self

    1. I am too big fan of namik and Nikita… Since ekdv… I wont oppose him… I just love him… But my view was only about bgm and dialogue of beyhadh… Let’s all be friends?? If u agree

  12. If Vyom is cooking story then what about saranya’s parents. Why they are supporting him and try to convince saranya?? And Vyom get shocked when saranya said ‘who are you’.. And in the very first episode in temple flash back it shown like they are in love…

    Anyway interesting story.. a suspense package..
    Love edt:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. All story are fake…. I thnk shiv played tunes and she s a writer… I love shivvvvvvvvv and saranyaaaa

  13. @kittu Sissy Yes I remember you well. Bhaiya Meri Rakhi ka bandhan nibhana wali.

    Ok glad to have you here. HOpe to meet you in Haasil FB

    Now, initially Beyhad was good. They they twisted and twisted the story and broke all the limps of the story line. Both Kushal and Jennifer are fabulous in their rolls. But too many twists made show flop.

    We do not have any grudge against Beyhad, KRPAB. Let people write whatever they want. She may even write about Haasil. Whgo bothers.

    I am in Twitter @MohanDavid. What about other friends of EDKV? Ask them to join EDT & Haasil Fan Page too. We will have a wonderful time

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