Ek Deewana Tha 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajan and Vyom hear Sharanya talking to Shiv

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Madhvi wonders what would happen when he would know. Vyom said Shiv is around us. I am afraid. Rajan gets Vyom’s message telling him not to say anything further. Shiv is around you and listening to your conversation. He looks at Madhvi. Madhvi asks Rajan if he is listening to her. Rajan tells her to let it be. We will talk about it later. You are already in so much stress. He gets up. Shiv wonders why he got up suddenly and dropped the convo. Rajan looks around carefully. Shiv notices the phone in his pocket and understands the reason.

Sharanya tells Vyom he is not at fault. Vyom says it is my fault. Shiv would have been with us if I had not loved you. I should be punished for my mistake. My parents got away from you. Don’t worry about me. SHiv asks Sharanya how much will he act. Sharanya

looks in his direction. Vyom follows her gaze. Shiv must hate me. he would think I am acting. If someone had done this to me then I would have felt the same way. Sharanya tells Vyom that both of them trust him. Vyom asks her why she leid earlier. Shiv wasn’t here. Let it be. I have understood I cannot gain your trust anymore. I pomise to get Shiv’s cuprit punished even if it means it is my mom. I feel SHiv is here. Be honest. Sharanya nods. Vyom agrees to not come between them. There is an offer from a music company. Dad cannot go so I am going.

Sharanya asks SHiv if he is happy now. Shiv asks her if she cannot see how big a dramebaaz he is. I told you not to let him know about my absence. I went to jail when Rajan got a message.
Sharanya says he was right in front of me. he has done so much to prove himself. Should he kill himself now? A message beeps. Shiv realsies it is Vyom’s phone. Check his messages. She isn’t interested but he requests her to check it. Shiv says I am sure he sent a message to Rajan. Read it for me. She reads the message which turns out to be all random messages. You were right Shiv. Vyom is planning a lot against us which is why he saved these messages. Shiv calls it Vyom’s plan. Sharanya says yes, you would say that Vyom left this phone here intentionally. You would say that he also deleted the message that he sent to dad. Shiv nods but she insists that Vyom is their friend. He isn’t some serial killer or psychopath. Vyom hears them from outside. Sharanya knows me so well. This is called true love. True love overcomes all obstacles. Vyom comes back inside to take his phone. Sharanya asks him why he isn’t looking her in the eye. He lies to her but she makes him look at her. His eyes are red (as he rubbed them hard outside just before entering). Vyom lies that he wasn’t crying. I have you and Shiv. Why would I cry? Sharanya hugs him and apologizes to him. You are in so much pain because of me. I am really sorry. Shiv stands there upset. Vyom tells her not to repeat this ever again. I only got happiness because of you. the changes in me are all because of you. Don’t say it again. Sharanya looks pointedly at Shiv. Vyom tells her to stop fighting with Shiv. I can see it on your face. He talks to Shiv. I am missing you. Let’s have a group hug like we used to do in college.

Vyom invites everyone for a party. Shiv has topped like every time and Sharanya too has passed. Shiv and Sharanya check Vyom’s result. He has passed by margin. Sharanya says what should I do about him. He just passed somehow. Vyom asks her to give a hug instead and Shiv, Sharanya and Vyom do a group hug.

Vyom asks Sharanya if Shiv is here. She nods. Vyom thinks Sharanya cannot see his pain while I cannot see Shiv near you.

Vyom comes to Rajan’s room. When did you come? Is everything ok? Rajan nods. I went to meet your mother in jail. Vyom makes a drink for him. Don’t worry. You can talk openly to me. Shiv’s spirit isn’t here. Rajan asks him how he knows. There are no CCTV cameras anymore. Vyom says I have fitted a chip in her watch. I hear all the audios. He plays it.

Sharanya tells Shiv that Vyom’s eyes weren’t lying. Shiv calls Vyom crocodile which puzzles Sharanya. Since when did you become so insensitive? Rajan is shocked to hear her talking to Shiv.

Sharanya asks Shiv if he thought what their friendship gave to Vyom. He cannot even share his pain before us so as to avoid
His mother is in jail because of us. He is suffering because of us and not vice versa. Trust me if not him. Shiv refuses to trust Vyom. I don’t feel like trusting him.

Vyom tells Rajan to relax. Rajan throws the glass away. I had to admit Madhvi in hospital when you were inside her womb. She was in lot many problems. Doc told her to abort the baby but she insisted that the baby should be born. I wish we had an abortion. It would have been better to have no kid! Vyom says I am not the only one who is bad. Everyone’s past is bad. You too have a past. There is a woman in the cabin near the lake called Suvarna.

Suvarna cries seeing her son’s photo.

Vyom asks Rajan what his relation with Suvarna is. Rajan gets angry which only makes Vyom more curious. Rajan tells him to mind his business. She is the only woman who can save you. Stay out of it. Vyom agrees. How you will keep Shiv away from that cabin? He sits there since his childhood!

Shiv asks Sharanya what he got in return. You see what Vyom has lost but what about me? I lost you and life. I came back in this life for your sake but it isn’t a big thing right? Sharanya feels bad for hurting him. She asks him if he got upset. Shiv declines. I care for you. I don’t want you to meet the same fate. She assures him nothing can go wrong with her as her love and friend are with him. Shiv looks away but she hugs him.

Rajan advises Vyom to make arrangements to send Shiv back if he is indeed here or he will create a very big problem for them! Vyom says this is what I was saying. Why should we fight amongst ourselves? We should be on the same side. rajan clearly tells him he isn’t interested in anything. If it does not happen then I will bring out the proof that I am hiding just to keep you safe. Vyom gets thinking.

Precap: Vyom tells Odhni to do it. She refuses but he insists upon her to do it. I cannot let you go. I am doing it all for Shiv and Sharanya. I have understood that they both love each other a lot and I have to separate them at any cost! Sharanya and Shiv have heard it all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sharanya bilkul idiot hai. Koi itna bevkoof kaise ho sakta hai?

  2. Typical blonde or rather brunette bimbo .I hardly see this serial now .She gets me on my nerves .Total flop serial .

    1. totally agree. they writers make sharanya’s character look stupid. can’t figure out for the life of me why?? but guess they have to make her stupid to drag the show if not it will end soon. if there is a whole rebirth thing before the truth comes out, and vyom gets away.I am not watching no more

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