Ek Deewana Tha 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom’s madness is reaching its peak

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Rajan picks up a piece of bangle. How did it break? Sharanya repeats her lie which does not convince Rajan. How did the pieces fall on the table when you fell on the floor? It does not seem like they broke when by falling. Look at these. Vyom says she is hurt and you are asking stupid questions! Rajan tells him to lower his volume. Vyom repeats his words in a normal tone. She is in pain and you are asking her about bangles. Rajan keeps the bangle down. Freddy comes in the room and looks at Vyom tending to Sharanya’s wound. He says murderer! Sharanya asks him if he remembered something. Vyom too asks him what he wants to tell. Freddy points finger in front of him and again shouts the word murderer. Sharanya asks him if he wants to say that Vyom is the killer. Vyom asks the same question about

Sharanya as Freddy moves his finger in her direction. Freddy runs out of the room shouting everyone is murderer. Sharanya is concerned for Freddy but Vyom calls him mad.

Rati tells Chandni Sharanya cannot lie. She is very nice. Chandni refuses to understand how Rati can still say so. Rati says so much has happened with her. Why would she lie to anyone? I don’t think anyone made any mistake in choosing. Chandni is irked. She shouts at her to go and pray to Rajan then. You think of everyone as God! He is a devil. Don’t know how many secrets he is hiding. Only Vyom is important for him. We are all his pawns. He uses them as needed and then throws them out of his life. He did the same with Vidyut! We wont get anything from this property. Avni too wont get her share! It will all go to Vyom and Sharanya. Rajan Bedi is too smart. He got the DIL of his choice who will take his legacy forward. Rati immediately picks her phone. There is only one person who can help us if what you are saying is true.

Rajan says Sharanya was out of the house when Madhvi fell from the stairs. The bangles dint break like Sharanya is saying. She is trying to find out the truth by acting smart. Hope she wont become a problem for us. We must find a solution. You know what we have to do if she reaches near truth? Vyom bangs his fist on the glass table thereby breaking it. Rajan asks him if he has gone mad. Some shards of glass are stuck in his hand. Vyom asks him about what he said. What will we do? You said we will kill Sharanya? How can you think so? She does not lie. We are liars! I am liar and so are you! We are murderers! She is innocent. How can you say so about her? Rajan tells him to calm down but Vyom says I breathe because of her. You speak of stopping me from breathing? Vyom Bedi is the lover who will die for his love but wont let any harm come to Sharanya! Rajan is concerned for him but Vyom says you only gave me this pain. Don’t even talk about tending to my wound now. Rajan requests him allow him to apply medicine but Vyom pushes him out of the room.

Vyom refuses to believe it that Sharanya is lying! I lied to Dad that Sharanya is lying or he will! She wont lie now. I will speak to her. I will explain to her. I love her very much. I cannot live without her. How did she get hurt? I was not there or I would have saved her. I love her a lot. I wont let anything happen to her. I will speak to her.

Sharanya cannot find the car anywhere. Shiv says someone might have moved it. The guy asks her about it. Sharanya assures him she will find it and inform him. You will come again right? The guy nods. Shiv has done so many favours on me and for the kdis of my organisation. He used to donate a part of his earnings to them. I will do anything for them even if

Rajan is sitting next to Madhvi. He thinks of what Vyom did for Sharanya today. I know it is wrong to be wrong in someone’s eyes. I agree I made a mistake in supporting Vyom in his madness to get Sharanya. His madness is increasing day by day. Madness in love is dangerous. Sharanya overhears him from outside. Vyom suddenly pats at her shoulder starting her. He asks her if she was listing to mom and dad’s conversation. She denies. He smiles. I was joking. I know you came to check on mom. Why are you so stressed out? She notices his wound and is shocked. He says you got hurt and so did I. It proves that our hearts and pain are united. The lines of our hands will someday also join like this. Wound becomes unbearable if it is left like this for too long. Please apply medicine. She asks him to come.

Sharanya bandages Vyom’s hand. He says I understand everything. Shiv is sitting on the sofa kept behind him. Vyom says I know you are worried and so am I. Don’t think too much. Papa says we lose our focus if we are thinking of something else. This is why you fell right? You can share your problems with me. She says there is nothing. I am fine. He says you are not fine. Problem is in our family since forever. You remain stressed out since you came in this house. Can I take you out on a date? She declines citing Madhvi’s condition. Vyom says someone will take care of her. You also know mom does not like you. Please say yes. Shiv tells her to say yes. She looks at him which puzzles Vyom. He again requests her to come. Shiv tells her to trust him. I have a plan. Just say yes. Vyom adds that if you wish to understand pain then you must fall in love and lose everything. I fell in love with you and lost my heart. Shiv thinks he is stealing his lines only. Say yes. Vyom asks Sharanya to say yes. This time she agrees. Vyom promises her that this will be the best moment of our life. He hugs her. Shiv looks away. Sharanya notices this and feels bad.

Sharanya says you turn angry young man when he even comes near me and now you are sending me out on a date with him! You know what will happen there? He will take me out on a date, try to get romantic with me. You will not like it! She turns but her saree’s pallu gets stuck in the drawer. He covers his eyes as he pulls it out for her. She smiles shyly. Thank you. You did not tell me what you will do when he will come near me so he can know you are around. Shiv says he will do something else before becoming romantic. Think what he does when he becomes even a little romantic. Get ready to make him speak out his truth.

Precap: Sharanya and Vyom drink champagne. She says you used to speak a lot earlier only by drinking 2 pegs but you are not saying anything today! Vyom asks her how she knows it. Shiv gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Why shiv is always behind saranya.. Why he himself doing nothing to find out the truth.. He is a ghost now..he can go anywhere and no one can see him. Why he can’t over hear what is going in bedi’s house. He is just discussing with saranya.. And seems like he is not at all interested to know who killed him. Only saranya shows the mind to find the truth. If he wished he can know the truth very easily. And it was shown that vyom and Rajan killed ram bisht. And why shiv didn’t see it.. He also following ram bisht? Isn’t it.. In fb scenes shiv was brilliant.. But now..? The ghost avtar of shiv is too much cold. He did a job only when vidyut molested saranya.. All other times.. He is just a shadow ..still has powers.. What kind of ghost is shiv? Being different or unique doesn’t mean being stupid…

  2. The hero of the story is Namik.. But the hero of the show is Vikram 🙂 🙂

  3. Nothing is going to happen in near future.. The hide and seek will continue for months.. The CVS revealed the name of the ghost after 2 months.. So when will vyom and rajan get exposed.. ?? Even CVS can’t say it..

  4. Koi shiv ko yad dilao ki wo ek ghost he..wo kahi bhi kisi k bhi room me ja sakta he or unki baten sun sakta he…rajan or vyom ki conversation hi sun leta…yar itna weak or helpless bhoot kyun ho tum shiv..bhoot k name pe kalank he bus byGod..☺️☺️kyun kheench rahe ho itna serial ko ki hum dekhna hi chod de…

    1. Damnn… The way you wrote ???

  5. Nothing interested lost the charm of the show

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Shiv is a ghost and ghost also have some supernatural powers then why shiv don’t follows vyom to findout the truth! He can also hear Rajan and vyom conversation! According to precap why sharanya acts too foolishly!

  7. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I really don’t wants to see Shiva’s last rites done by vyom. I hope sharanya will do Shiva’s last rites because it’s Shiva’s last wish.

  8. Yeah shiv is a ghost but usko uske murderer ko dhond ne me koi interest nhi hai.. WO mar kr wapas murderer ko saza dilwane nhi aaya WO sirf sharanya k liye wapas aaya.. Shiv ko sirf sharanya ki fikar hai or kuch nhi..

  9. Shiv is a ghost and wandering around saranya because his last rites not done..isn’t it? As shiv himself once told saranya to do his last rites so that he will go from her life.. So what is the meaning of telling shiv come from death to fulfill his love..or he is back for saranya only.. Because if shiv’s last rites have done earlier..just after his death.. Will he be there for saranya now?? Will saranya ever remember shiv?? If he will leave saranya if someone did his last rites..then shiv returned from death only because his last rites are not done..then what is that unique love of Shiv .. “…Dastan ek aisi mohabbat ki jissey maut ko haraana tha…”

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