Ek Deewana Tha 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya and Shiv do karvachauth puja

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Vyom tells Sharanya to freshen up. I will come. He goes.

Shiv tells Sharanya not to miss the chance. Everyone is in the garden. Just pack your stuff and leave the house. She heads to her room without uttering another word. Shiv tells her to hurry up. She takes out a dress shocking Shiv. Why are you packing? She refuses to go anywhere. He says they aren’t nice people. The more you stay away from them the better. She says I wont go anywhere till I gets the culprits punished. Shiv looks at her in shock. Why don’t you understand me? Your life is in danger here. Listen to me damn it. She says what about my love. You lose your life because of me. He says I don’t distrust your love but your life will be in danger if you will stay here any longer. She smiles. You wont change your habit

if shouting on me. He asks her if she wont change her habit of not listening to me. She asks him if he thinks her to be this weak. You fought with death and came back with me and I will be afraid for my life? I am not that selfish. You passed every test of love. I wont let your murderers roam freely. I have decided I wont back down now. I will get your murderers punished! I know they are right in this house. I have to find out who they are. The question is if you will support me or not. He looks away. She says fine. You have anyways left me alone. I will fight alone too but the steps that have been taken forward will neither get tired nor will they back down. He gives in. The killer has a mark on his leg. Flashback of the same scene is shown.

Sharanya recalls Sadhvi ji telling her that her husband’s life can be in danger from a man who has a birthmark on his left leg. Why dint you tell me before? He says if I would have told you then you would have began your search. She says that would happen now too. Help me instead of hiding things from me. I will get the culprit punished. He separated me from my love. I don’t care if it is Vyom! She goes to change.

Sharanya looks at Vyom and thinks of her conversation with Shiv. Madhvi is happily doing her puja. Rati breaks down. Everyone goes to her. Vyom tells Sharanya to wait and goes to Rati. Madhvi tells Rati to control herself. Everything will be fine. Rati shakes her head. I cannot bear it anymore. Madhvi says I know what you are going through.

Sharanya says it is possible that it is Vyom who killed you Shiv. Shiv steps forward.

Madhvi tells Rati to have faith. Vidyut will come home safely. Chandni seconds her. Open your fast by looking at his picture tonight.

Shiv says they are giving her false assurance. Tell Rati that Vidyut will never return home now. Sharanya asks him what happened to Vidyut. Shiv tells her everything in mute. Someone killed him in warehouse. Vyom looks at Sharanya and notices her looking attentively in a direction.

Shiv says I think it is the same guy who killed me as Vidyut was going to give you a letter which contained a lot many things about our past. Sharanya asks him if he saw his face. Shiv denies. I just saw his body. Just tell Rati he will never return. Vyom is watching Sharanya carefully.

Madhvi asks Vyom to bring water for Rati. Vyom picks a glass but still notices Sharanya speaking to no one.

Rati refuses to drink water. Sharanya walks up to her. Rati says how to pray for Vidyut’s long life. I don’t even know where and how he is. Sharanya walks up to Rati. Nothing has happened to Vidyut Chachu. You should break your fast by looking at his photo. Rati cries. Sharanya mentally apologizes for giving false hopes to Rati. I cannot see you break tonight. If I tell this now then it will alert Shiv’s killer. Sharanya assures Rati Vidyut will return. Rati hugs her and cries. Vyom looks at them. No baby. That bastard will never return. I snatched the life of the one who looked at you cheaply; who tried to snatch you from me! Flashback shows Vyom pouring some chemical in the bathtub in which Vidyut is. It will leave no clue of your body. You will die the death of a filthy insect! Flashback ends. Vyom thinks this is how my love is. It is a bit mad and a bit naughty.

Sharanya refuses to break her fast from Vyom’s hands. Shiv says I cannot break your fast. I got one relation in life but I lost you because of death. Madhvi asks Sharanya to do puja. Vyom and Sharanya stand together. Madhvi does her puja. Sharanya looks at the moon through the sieve and then at Shiv.

Flashback shows Sharanya bringing Shiv outside. He asks her about it. She asks him to look at the moon. He suddenly realises she kept karvachauth fast for him. She keeps dupatta over her head. She looks at him from the other end of her dupatta. A song plays in the background as he watches her spellbound. A tear escapes his eyes. She cups his face and kisses him on the cheek tenderly. My fast is complete now. These tears have filled happiness in my life. I will be only yours till I die. Shiv’s Sharanya. He says I will be Sharanya’s Shiv and hugs her. Life is so strange. I got used to live alone but now I am afraid to live without you. I don’t even know if I deserve this love or not. They hug again. Flashback ends.

Vyom asks Sharanya where she is looking at. Your moon is here. She keeps looking at Shiv emotionally. Vyom shifts the sieve towards him but Shiv steps in front of Vyom. Sharanya and Shiv smile at each other emotionally.

Vyom tells Sharanya not to shed her precious tears now. He wipes her tears. You said everything is fine now. Have water now and break your fast. Sharanya picks the pot of water, looks at Shiv again from the sieve and offers water to moon. Chandni is upset to see Madhvi and Rajan happily engrossed in each other. Rajan feeds water to Madhvi. Sharanya does puja. Vyom tells her to drink water. He holds the pot and brings it closer to her mouth. Sharanya and Shiv recall her promise made just now.

Precap: Sharanya says I promise you (Shiv) I will get your culprits punished. Vyom is sleeping. Sharanya tries to check the mark on his leg when he asks her what she is doing. Shiv and Sharanya are taken aback. Vyom asks her what she is trying to find there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh faboluos episode superb acting by namik Paul ,Donal bisht ,vikram Singh chauhan

  2. Superb!! Missed the episode… Eager to watch the shivanya scene!!!!

  3. Actually who is ghost? Shiv or Vyom? Shiv totally changed the definitions of ghost. He is a cool good soul. Returned from death because of his true love. Vyom is a human being have all the powers..he can fly..appears and disappeares within fraction of seconds.. Throwing people by a single hand..much powerful.. Why shiv have no attributes of a ghost… He could have some more powers..
    After all ..Loved today’s episode.. Saranya’s determination is too good. Shiv’s concern for saranya.. Their fb scene.. Karwachauth..simply superb..I think we can have nice shivanya scenes in coming episodes.. Shiv is too much innocent..can’t say it.
    And I think vyom will hide his birthmark on leg some means.. And shivanya’s focus will go from vyom. And finally they may think it was vidyut..because he is dead… But Vyom should suffer..should suffer very badly… I’m waiting for the day when I can see fear in vyom’s face..

    1. Even though shiv haven’t much powers that usually ghosts have..he have the power of love … I think it is enough to fight with devil vyom who lacks it… may be that’s why makers didn’t portrayed shiv as a powerful ghost… Hatsoff u makers for such a unique story and moreover such a unique characterisation of Shiv and Vyom..superb..

  4. As an actor.. Vikram is lucky to do such a role which have lots of shades…good opportunity to show his complete talent..And he gave justice to vyom completely….
    But as a fan ..I don’t want vikram to play such a brutal negative role.. :'( :'(
    missing jndsd..atharva..vitharv..and my fav shivik..too badly..
    Shivik..please come up with a new show..

    1. Ya even I miss JNDSD and SHIVIK very badly

  5. Vyom is a devil but Vikram is superb as Vyom cos I am forced to hate Vyom terribly , I love Vikram’s acting,actually Vyom killed Vidyut, Sadhviji,Ram Bisht ,may be that flower shop owner too as he burnt down that shop seeing Shiv buying stargazers for Sharanya every single day,in that case he should be knowing that her favourite flowers are stargazers,may be he wanted that memory to be away from her as well and so purposely bought roses to hospital,but still,a few more missing links are there,whatever,Vyom should be punished for his deeds,in fact, not just death,physical torture for what he did to Shiv plus he should be made to realise his mistakes and survive with guilt and suffer for the rest of his life,but it would be good if there is a little more mystery left regarding Shiv’s death,like some totally unexpected twist about real killer(shirt with blood in the locker,may be that may lead to Sharanya finding Shiv’s killer even if Vyom does plastic surgery to hide his black mole with Odhni & Freddy’s help),then since body is there in that temple premises,Shiv can come back to life as well,anyways ,Vidharv fans,I saw an Instagram chat of Shivik,actually it was uploaded in Dec but I watched only yesterday,in that they have mentioned that a project is in discussion and if finalised they will work together soon,only some pairs bring that perfect “chemistry” ,and those who have watched jndsd would be knowing the magic of Vikram- Shivani pair,so hopefully Shivik fans,we may get to see them soon,TV or Web series,not sure,fingers crossed.

    1. Really? I’m praying let it be come true.. missing ShiVik so badly.

      1. Discussions are on,hope it will come true soon.

  6. Fabulous episode.. And karvachauth scene was too good.. Emotional and lovely… Shivanya is best…

  7. So vyom was able to fake being possessed but how on Earth was he able to turn his eyes black..I am so confused is vyom dead too but just came back with powers or something…

    1. I was thinking that same thing. He can’t be a ghost though because Sharanya can touch him etc. unlike Shiv. Maybe Vyom deals with black magic or something. Then the rest of the family also act weird. I doubt they know that Vyom killed Shiv. There must something else. Lots of questions which suggest that there are lots and lots of secrets hidden in Vyom’s family

    2. I think while he was hanging upside down,a scene was shown,where he took a whole black lens from lens case.I think I noticed that scene.

      1. Yeah Vyom already had a feeling that Sharanya will take him to the temple…. he knew that if he goes in temple then Sadhvi will remember him and tell Sharanya so he acted to be possessed…. In jungle when he was sure that everyone is near him so he wear those black lenses which he bought in his pocket…. it is shown in day before yesterday’s flashback

    3. Pooja

      He wore lenses that time when no one was really looking at him.

  8. Omg! Shiv and Sharanya were so cute today, especially with the Karvachauth scenes. I’m so glad I stuck it out and waited for the reveal. The show is much better now.

  9. From starting I accepted vyom as cute,calm,romantic lover boy. He was so gud in tht role. Now unable to accept him as villain. Even now there are chances where rajan can also be the main villain.hoping still vyom not to be villain. I became a fan of him nd I want to see him in positive role…lets wait for good.

  10. great episode, all shiv, saranya, vyom superb acting, but vyom brings chills on skin with his scary eyes, one of best roles vikarm has played. innocence on namiks face n love for him in saranyas eyes awesome, sometimes tears roll automaticaly from eyes while watching them. and thats the success of this show, it makes viewer so much involed in it , feel that its realy happening in front of eyes. thumbs up.

  11. Love you vyom❤❤❤
    Superb and awesome acting??

  12. I thought there will be flashback full story of namik as lover boy

  13. Your Comment
    super duper Karvachauth scene!!
    shiv n sharanya compliment each other…their flashback Karvachauth was Soo cute they both looked adorable,
    ya even I feel many more mysteries will unfold in future episodes,
    some mystery if chandani s husband too.

    in d previous epi, it was v hurting when shiv said bury me now n then do d last rites to free me….o I really do not want that…wish sharanya prays intensely to Devi maa n Mata Rani does some miracle to mk shiv alive or probably shiv himself may get alive seeing sharanya is in trouble when vyom shk torture her.

  14. Your Comment
    one more confusion: sharanya recalls sadhvijii saying ur HUSBAND s life is in danger from a person with birthmark on leg…whereas sharanya n shiv we’re not married…then how can that forecast hold true? were they secretly married?

    1. That’s bcz Sadhvi ji was thinking that Shiv is alive and he’s only her husband that’s why she said that…. Vyom knew that Sadhvi ji saw Shiv so if he goes in Mandir then she’ll tell this to Sharanya after watching Vyom…. when Sharanya was taking Vyom in Mandir before marriage then Vyom acted to be possessed so that he won’t go in temple

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Finally shiv and sharanya completed karvachaut together! Love is so immortal! Shiv come to safeguard sharanya even after death. Even death can’t separate them. Even shiv don’t want to take revenge only want sharanya safety! Vyom is awesome in grey shade!

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Vyom’s grey shade add thrill in the show! Vyom’s eyes even talks! He is really scared and terrifying us! Nice acting vikram!

  17. Mona146

    namik’s performance is too cute and adorable.

  18. Shivavanya scene was so damn Adorable. They don’t deserve such an ending for their love story.. When Shiv was alive she was only one he had and even after his death she is the only person who knows him.. Pure loveeeee.

  19. I love shivanya….
    Whenever I see Namik I get reminded of edkv…..
    Oh I really miss the show….
    I want season 2 of edkv start….

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