Ek Deewana Tha 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom accepts having killed Shiv before Sadhvi

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Shiv and Sharanya are on their way to Devprayag. She wonders if her parents got her letter. He reasons that no one would like to make relation with an orphan. She reminds him she is with him. my family will be yours after wedding. Thank you for these flowers. He says I give them to you daily. Is today special? She says these flowers are really special for you. if I die before you then please place these flowers on my dead body. It will even give peace to my soul. He stops the car. Don’t even think about this ever again. You know I wont be able to spend even a second without you. she cups his face. Why do you get so emotional? You become all red when you get emotional. My parents will not let me marry a red faced monkey. She bites his nose. He vows not to spare her. She says I wont even let

you leave me. Come outside fast Rockstar. I am waiting. She gets down from the car and heads towards the Kapali Hills temple. She shouts I love you and blows a kiss at him. He says I love you too to her. A truck suddenly hits the car from behind. Sharanya runs but falls down. She gets a head injury. Shiv’s words echo in her head as she loses conscious. The blood has fallen over stargazers. Flashback ends.

Sharanya confirms about the accident with Shiv. You died in the accident right? He tells her that it was no accident. It was a well planned thing. I was murdered! Flashback of the same is shown where Shiv is being beaten by the goons and is later stabbed by someone. Shiv adds that he was murdered just like her father was murdered.

Vyom asks Sadhvi ji about Sharanya. She fakes to be ignorant but he knows she has gone to Kapali Hills. She stops in her tracks. Vyom says this story started in Kapali Hills only. Let’s talk here till the time my madam is there. Come. He twists Sadhvi ji’s hand and pulls her inside a store room. Sharanya believes more in you than her God. She shares all her problems and happiness with you. She believes in you more than she believes in me. Did you ever thought why Sharanya never introduced you to her husband? Did you never think of it? Sadhvi ji says I dint know it earlier but I know it now. You dint come before me intentionally as I would understand that. He completes the rest of the sentence – that I am not her love.

Sharanya asks Shiv about his death. Shiv tells Sharanya that once she left (flashback is shown), Shiv somehow got back up on the bridge. A car is shown there. Shiv was running towards Sharanya but some goons surround him and beat him. He asks them who they are, why they are doing this. The goons continue to beat him brutally. He warns them not to even go near Sharanya. He fights with them and manages to even beat them this time. He is almost near her when someone suddenly stabs him from behind.

Vyom says she tried taking me inside once but I acted to be possessed. Flashback shows him showing all his tricks. Vyom removes the holy thread off his hand. I passed in my acting. Sadhvi ji says you cheated her so much. You lied to her. He justifies that everything is fair in love and war. I love her madly. Her love died but my love is alive. What’s the harm if a lie can make both of them happy? Sadhvi ji says her love dint die. You killed her love!

Shiv falls near Sharanya. He has a knife stabbed on his back. He keeps his hand over hers. She opens her eyes a little. He tries holding her when the goons pull him away her but in vain. Sharanya seems to have seen it too. A guy lifts his trousers a little. A birthmark can be seen on his leg when he does so. Sharanya’s last memory before passing out is of seeing bloodied Shiv being dragged away by the goons. Shiv keeps looking at Sharanya when the goons beat him. They finally throw him down the hill.

Sharanya is stunned. Who were they? Shiv says I don’t know. They were wearing black coats and the faces were covered with masks. I couldn’t see my murdered. She wonders why someone would kill him. You had no enmity with anyone. Why would someone do so? Shiv too is clueless about it.

Vyom asks Sadhvi ji who told her this. Sadhvi ji points at the birthmark on his leg. He looks at his leg and then at her. Sadhvi ji says I told Sharanya (in flashback). The lines are joined. You both should marry asap before the approaching solar eclipse. His life is in danger by a man who has a mark on his leg. Flashback ends. Sadhvi ji says you married the same time 2 days later before solar eclipse.

Sharanya says you are my Shiv, Sharanya’s Shiv yet I couldn’t recognize you. I am sorry Shiv. He says I should be the one saying sorry. I never wanted to scare you but I dint know of anything else. I told you I will never leave your side. that cold, that ice, the smell of stargazers were just my way to remind you of me. I wanted to protect you from every danger. She asks him what he is speaking about. Shiv says I feel my killer is from Vyom’s family. Vyom’s car had a special number during college. She nods. It had unique number – 8888. Shiv says I saw that car on the same road before I died. Flashback shows Shiv being thrown down the hill. Just before that, he saw Vyom’s car. Sharanya asks him if he means Vyom killed him.

Vyom tells Sadhvi ji she is right. I killed Shiv! Flashback of Vyom stabbing Shiv is shown.

Precap: Vyom asks Sharanya why she came to Kapali Hills alone. Sharanya says I came to know my past. What bothered me always will not bother me anymore. Vyom turns and looks in the direction where Shiv is standing.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. No doubt namik is handsome

    1. Ya i agree with it , namik is namik n awesome. Well namik u have gone through so much pain dear , a brutual planned murder. Hope u get justice. Love u in fladhbacks tooo n as ghost too. Love u namik but like the way vyim acts too. Realy vyom also has given justice ti his role n shranya too. Cant wait too see namik n her lovestory 🙂

  2. Omg amazing. The cat is out of the bag. I love love love shivanya. And today vyom blow us away with his acting. We knew he killed shiv. Amazing episode. ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thank u pooja for the fast update….

  4. So Shiv did not try to rape sharanya, shiv did not throw sharanya in the water tank, It was all Vyom Bedi acting been possessed. I feel the pain sharanya will feel when she out. Hats off to vikram/Vyom for his acting especially the possessed part ???.

    1. I guesed it already…. Aftr mehandi ven saranya applied mehandi on shivs face, vyom got Angry And play a game to seperate them….

  5. Vikrammm u nailed it.. No words to say.. And he was pretenting to be possessed?? OMG! But they have shown the atma freeing from his body( a black shadow).. May be some new technology used by vyom. Anyway everything revealed in a single episode. Now sadhviji will be killed and shivanya left with not knowing about the evil vyom. And now saranya will act on vyom to know who killed shiv.
    I’m really scared by psychopathic Vyom.. The Devil.. OMG only vikram could do it flawlessly.. The way he stabbed shiv..and when he turned the face..too much scary.
    Now the show got momentum. Hero,heroine,villain clearly demarcated. Please keep the momentum throughout. Pls don’t lag it. And the soul of the Show is Vyom’s cruel madness. Prateek sir choose vikram for vyom only because his brilliance in portraying pagalpan. He experienced it already in jndsd.

  6. Had given a small benefit of doubt to Vyom as I thot Sadhviji and Aghoris couldn’t be wrong in identifying possessed spirit,was sure Vyom was negative,but expected some sub plots and an unexpected killer,in that area,makers underestimated us as many of us were sure that Vyom is negative and a probable killer,but coming to making of this show,hats off,made us guess a lot of things,some of those have come out true,if they had assembled our guesses alone,a minimum of another 30 episodes twists n turns were in it,chalo,those are irrelevant thots now,now,one hell of an episode,Shivanya as usual awesome,painful separation of theirs,getting ruined in love……irreplaceable….hope God will work wonders and unite them somehow ,but Vikram Vikram Vikram,the spark of MADNESS in your eyes,some shots ,no words,but expecting more and more and different from you as we have seen grey shaded Adharv and also as Vikram fans we are aware of your capacity,now,it is going to be the cliche revenge track most probably with Sharanya realising only last,disappointed about that but have 100% faith in the acting of leads and the beauty of the making of this show.Take a bow,Vikram, for choosing this and giving us Vyom.

    1. but ek question ye hai ki vyom ko kaise pta tha shranya ke memory loss ke bare me

      1. May be a coincidence. May be vyom to convince saranya about his love after her recovery. But when he got to know about the memory loss he took advantage of it.

    2. yup vin , u r guess was right. Vyom is to be the villian now. N realy superb superb acting by vyom. I love namik but this episode was vyom vyom vyom.

  7. Vyom would be the best character Vikram ever got. But i couldnt compare it with Atharva. Two were equally but differntly good.He gave justice to each and every bit of vyom. And shivanya scenes also good. But nothing new..usual fight. And shiv’s fight was also fantastic. He did it so naturally. But best part of the epi was vyom-sadhviji confrontation. Vikram was flawless. Even I seen shiv’s pain my eyes were stuck to vyom’s eyes..

    1. In ths show eventhough shiv s tall his face s So inocent…. For gud roles for thr wil b les acting…. But in ths show … All leads having equal roles…… Shivvv realy awesime And vyom also awesime….. Ya love story s usual…. But in ths love story everythng s unique including thr height diference….. So awesme …… And t dialogue also shiv ki saranya or saranya ki shiv really fabulous……. So Both roles r looking awesome…..

    2. Ths story does nt look like usual love story And fight….. I thnk u r vikram fan….?

  8. @Vin and all Vanya fans sorry if I hurt u.. I didn’t mean it..

    1. Please don’t say sorry,I just typed what I felt,sorry if it hurt u,after all we are EDTians,since plot is clear,can sit back and enjoy our show from now on.

  9. Hi,
    I am posting for the first time on this thread. Loved today’s episode though what was revealed was a little obvious. But I just love Vikram and am not liking him to be in negative role. But again he is a brilliant actor and pulled it off so so well. Just saw a video where it’s clearly showing that Vikram is suffering from multiple personality disorder. Let’s see what happens ahead in the show.

  10. Omg i jst cnt c vyom in a negatv avathaar. He z nailn it bt i wnt vanya pair badly. Evn if its nt vanya lt vyom be a good swt one sided lovr nt d z evil charactet. Finally whtevr character u play support nd love to vikram?

  11. Monster vyom!!! Pretending to be possessed.. But I couldn’t understand one thing if vyom was acting then why shiv silently stood. He could have hold him in neck and raise him.as he done once. And he done it also for vidyut. I don’t know why shiv is good for nothing.. Why he only protecting saranya. Why he didn’t considered others life.like ram bisht. I didn’t like it .here devil vyom is more powerful than shiv. Shiv should have shown helping or saving other good people also.
    And who informed freddy as Rajan Bedi doing something wrong in kapali hills. Here we couldn’t see Rajan Bedi. Lets see what all are in store.

  12. Omg. Pls dnt wanna c vyom negativ. Suprb actr and vyom z nailn evry scene. Luv nd suprt to vikram

  13. Shivanya is best…

  14. I wonder if Shiv is Chandni & Rajan’s son. They were a couple before they got married or maybe Chandni & Rajan’s elder brother’s son? Either way, Vyom & Shiv are related.

  15. Awesome episode…i am enjoying this serial a lot….wow dis is the one serial which is very interesting day by day can’t wait for week days…

  16. Great show but the revelation feels too obvious now several weeks into the show. I feel like the writers could have come up with something more unexpected. If Vyom was not possessed then how was he flying in the air? Wonder who the other maksed culrpits were: Rajan, Vidyut…

  17. A small doubt. Whose shrt ws dt wch madhvi hd kept in d locker. D white blood staind 1. Nd wt ws d vision madvi saw abt vyom being stabbd. I hv a crazy guess dt vyom hd a twin bro. Nd rajan killd hm. I jst dnt knw a stupid guessn?

  18. Just curious , show makers please show a grand n big valentines day of shiv and sharanya :), Will live to watch it on vakentines day which is just few days away :).

    1. may be instead of red Roses they can use stargazers.

      1. Yes it would be great.

  19. 15 jan episode ends with sharanya asking who is her papas killer n that is the end of the episode yesterday’s episode starts with shivs killing…

  20. Vyom.. VikamSC.. No parallels.. Much to come ..eagerly waiting .. Proud to be ur fan.

  21. Vickram you r awesome??your acting was superb ❤❤love you a lot??I want more vanya scenes because I love vanya a lot then shivanya is also good but I love vickram madly??I can see his love for sharanya so I want they both to be together but if vyom has killed shiv then I don’t think that sharanya would live with vyom anymore….somehow happy for vickram coz of his wonderful acting and feeling sad if he could not get his love….?????

  22. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Episode! All actors perform with brilliance! Vyom killed shiv and he is not possessed! Vyom about to kill sadhvi ji! Vyom just prented to be possessed! Poor shiv, brutally killed by vyom! Anyways fb when shiv holds Saharany’s hands before death is really heartbreaking. In last episode of Diya aur Bari when sooraj and sandhya died together, we thought it was the best last episode any show can ever had! But yesterday shiv really touch our hearts. Well done makers! Must say great job! Well-crafted episode! Amazing screen play. All the three leads are well-potrayed! I think this show will witness great success!

  23. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very unique concept and storyline. I also think shiv maybe vyom’s step-brother or chandhi’s son.

  24. I don’t have words to appreciate both leads Namik and Vikram slaying as Shiv and vyom. Namik again left me in tears and Vyom really scared me with his performance. Something fishy in the story.. I think there’s more to the story and actual twist is something else…let’s see…

  25. Was a great fan of vyom but now feeling bad for shiv

  26. Hi , OMG really loved vikram today ….. What an actor!!! He was like a Pakka psychopath ..
    Actually I am vikram fan who love shivanya….

    Guys , I really love the bgm awesome….
    Pls give shivani a role…. Badly want to see SHIVIK

  27. Hi , OMG really loved vikram today ….. What an actor!!! He was like a Pakka psychopath ..
    Actually I am vikram fan who love shivanya….

    Guys , I really love the bgm awesome….
    Pls give shivani a role…. Badly want to see SHIVIK

  28. Hi , OMG really loved vikram today ….. What an actor!!! He was like a Pakka psychopath ..
    Actually I am vikram fan who love shivanya….

    Guys , I really love the bgm awesome….
    Pls give shivani a role…. Badly want to see SHIVIK

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